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Sam I Am

I hear I am leaving. What my Daddy Said

May 20th 2010 4:13 am
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Ever since I was borned I lived in one place , and I LOVED my humans and my brothers and Daddycat Sun Tse and Mamacat Midori (but lately Mama was very busy with my 7 littler brothers and sisters. There were 7 of us when I was born too! We were our parents first kittens. ).
Here is a link with pictures of Daddy & Mama (and my grandparents but I never met them) : Do you think i look like them? I'm the same color as my Dad so maybe I look like him? except he has big cheeks because he is a Daddycat and they get those funny jowls. But some people think I look more like Mama except for she is a seal point.
And on this page you can see some of my brothers and sisters. if you scroll down you can see me! and keep looking because, under that are my brothers BeeBee and Hershey. I really love them and we had so much fun playing.

Anyway I thought I would always be there for ever and ever and ever. Then my mwom said How would I like to go to a place called Chicago .
I said DO NOT WANT. Do they even have bacon there?

My Daddy (who is the Smartest DaddyCat in the Whole World and I love him SOOO much even though he sometimes gets mad because he does not want us boys coming in HIS Room, and one time he got mad and he jumped on my brother but I runned away) told me how when HE was younger than me, both he and Mama came a long long way from the places they were born. He told me about the Big Planes they rode in (akshwawy he has told me that story a lot of times before but I let him tell it again )
And reminded me that 4 of my brothers and sisters went on planes when THEY were just little kittens not big boys like me. I did a little grooming and pretended i was not listening. And that even my baby brothers and sisters would be going to their new homes pretty soon. and said I should be brave because our mwom would not let me go to anywhere bad.
he said they probably do have bacon because he heard someone had called it Hog Butcher of the World.
Hmmmm. I was scared but I didn't want to act like a little Kitten and if they had Bacon....

Then my daddy said I had to go win some Pwizes for him. he doesnt really care about going himself because then he would want to spway on evwyting and fight with other Daddycats . He said he would a lot rather make Childrenses and send the Childrenses to go win the Pwizes.
(btw I know if he wanted he really could beat up all the other cats' Daddys and even the Savannahs great granddads. )

So I said OK. I really want to make my Daddy proud.

but then I sorta forgot about it because i was so busy playing and tearing open the dog food.


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