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Sam I Am

Thank you for the new TREATS

February 1st 2013 5:59 am
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I want to say THANKS to my friends and acquaintances and whoever has been giving me MORE TREATS! ( Beepers I know some of them are from you!)
That made me feel much more secure to know i had a fresh supply. I am making sure we get Treats Times every day!

It's funny how the picture on Catster looks like a fishy but then in real life it sometimes magically turns into some OTHER kind! I dont know how that works but I don't care because I like lots of kinds of treats. one of my favorites is freeze dried venison liver.

Mom throws the treat in the air and sometimes I catch it in my mouth. but other times I miss it and have to run for it before Phai-lin gets it first. but Mom makes sure we all get some.

a Happy Sam


Treats not stole after all so Chatri is off the hook

January 29th 2013 7:32 am
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OK I just want to give the update that I got to eat more yummy treats , more than three. so the six hundred something-ty treats must not have been stole after all.

Good thing I found out or I would have suspected that devious lilac point guy Chatri. Those lilac points think their pale, ethereal innocent appearance will let them get away with anything!


Good news: More Diary Pwize !!! Bad news: Treats now- STOLED!

January 28th 2013 9:10 am
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A Pwize, a Pwize! i got anotherDiary Pwize!

When I got the DOTD, my mom had said "Now Sammy you can't expect you will get such honors ALL the time."
But I did! I did! I did! I got a Featured Diary for writing about DOTD Pwize!!! (Am very happy!)
I'm not sure what they are but they are Pwizes! I think it's like DOTD Pwize is like a Supreme Grand Diary Pwize. So maybe being Feature Diary Pwize is like a Grand Diary Pwize? or maybe it is just like a final? Anyway I did SO get an diary honor, Mom !

I was already so proud of my DOTD from Jan 14 that I made my picture from Manytoes my profile and also tried to post my screen shot from Sammie but it won't show up. :( But at least I can see it myself at home.

I SHOULD have also made a screen shot of where it said about 661 treats because now they are GONE! =[ ???!!! There's only 3 there now and OK I admit I lost count but i KNOW I did not eat THAT many yet. Cats must have thought I already had plenty of treats so I only got 3 new ones ... but then SOMEcat came and STOLED my other ones! My six hundred somethingty treats.
(dark glances of suspicion at feline roommates)

Oh wait mom says I should not call the police .... I guess the treats only stay there on the page a little while? (Do they go BAD if you leave them sitting out on Catster too long?) I hope maybe she put them in the fridge? I was suppposed to get all of them but not all at once! I got to make sure that I remind about getting some of them every day.

If only my friend Louis were still here I would ask him to open the fridge to check. Of course if he were still here there would also still be a padlock on the fridge.



Still basking in my DOTD glory

January 23rd 2013 8:18 pm
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I am still living it up from the excitement that when I finally got around to writing a few things on Catster about Cat Shows and getting Pwizes and running up the sisal pole , I got Diary of the Day!

There was MY picture on the Community Page saying I got DOTD. WOW! was that cool or WHAT? It was very fun to win a different kind of Pwize. I think i have a future as a Great Writer. Maybe next I will win the Pulitzer Pwize.

LOTS of people gave me TREATS on Catster! 661 treats! I told my Mom I should get to eat the 661 treats in Real Life. ALL AT ONCE.
She said No. (Grrrr.) She said I would make myself sick if I did that. But I DID get SOME treats. Yum!!

I said "RRRA RHAARW NAAEENNH MRRAEEEW, MAAAAUM?" Translation: "But what about those 661 treats, mom?"

She said I could have 661 treats but not all at once. I would have to just get a few a day.
(grumble grumble, Oh Okay. Unfortunately I already lost count.)

Then Manytoes made me a cool picture, it's MOI in the middle with some wild cats below like I am the KING. Right now it is my Profile Pic. THANKS MANYTOES!

And later Sammie (nice name!) sent me an image that's like the little square from the Community page that said I got DOTD so I can always gaze at it and proudly remember my moment of glory. THANKS SAMMIE! I should put that one up too. I wish we could have more pictures. Hmmm... Maybe I should bug my mom to get Catster Plus.

I admit that an extra reason why getting DOTD was VERY satisfying is because Chatri and Phai-lin have new titles and are going around being conceited about it. Of course I would never be conceited. But now i got my DOTD Pwize that they don't have! Ha!

~ SAM ~


Sam tells about Cat Shows

January 13th 2013 7:55 pm
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Hi this is me SAM .
I have had so much happen to me since I told about the Box and the Plane.
Speaking of the plane, I have been on Planes again but riding in the cabin with my Mom. And I have been on lots of road trips!

Most of the trips were to cat shows. I won lots of Pwizes like I had promised my Daddy Cat. I got a bunch of "rosettes" ( ribbons) like a real big one when I Supremed and a big Regional winner one. and a Plaque that was blue and silver. Do you think they made them that color because of ME being a Blue Point and my paws look like silver?

Being in a cat show can be fun. One reason is sometimes you get taken back again to a ring you were judged in earlier. That means the judge thinks you were one of the best cats in the show in your class. It's called a FINAL. the judge talks about how handsome you are and gives you a Pwize. I always know I am very handsome but I enjoy hearing other people say it. and sometimes they hold you up to show you off to the people watching.

What is even more fun is when you get to play. The judges use toys to get cats to look this way and that way so they can see our heads from different angles, and see what the ear set is like when we're alert. It can even give them a better view of some cats' eyes. Sometimes they have really fun toys and I like to bite them (I mean the toys, not the judges!)

I especially think it is fun if they have big sisal posts. One time I ran all the way up the post to climb on top of this framework thing for a big light over the judges table. OK I admit the judge did stop me right before I climbed on to the very top. But I guess she liked it because she finaled me and gave me Best and got me out to have me do it again for the people watching, while she said " as you can see, the Thais are very alert, active and agile!"


The Box and the Plane

May 20th 2010 4:53 am
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Then one day a Box came. me and my brothers thought it was lots of fun to play in it. A Human took some stuff that was in it and put it together and made another kind of box! Two Box! that was fun too. The Boxes stayed there in the house and we played in them.

Then one day my Mwom put me in the hard Box and took me in the car to the vet and he looked at me and said I was healthy and then he jabbed me! Ouch! but they brought me back home and thought Whew!
Then a few days later they put me in that Box again and this time they took me to a different place and my Mwom and her friend were sad and said Goodbye Sammy and I was scared and I yelled a LOT.

Some people put me in a big Thing, it must be the Plane that my Daddy told me about. I sat in the Box inside the Plane in a place with other kinds of Boxes but i don't think anybody was In them. Then it felt very bumpy and it made a lot of noise. So I made a lot of noise back at it. I must have scared it because it stopped making so much noise. It still made some but not as much. And now I was really glad that my brothers had been rolling around fighting in this Box last night because that made it really smell like them and it helped me not feel so lonesome because I could close my eyes and pretend they were there .

After a long time the Plane again made terrible noises and there was a very weird feeling like it might feel jumping down from the top of the cat tree in slow motion. someone came and got me and took me out of the Plane into some huge house, and set the Box down.

Then a new person came up and they gave her the Box with me in it. She bent down and looked at me and said "Hi Sammy" but I was too scared to answer or even look at her. I thought I better just try to disappear and I scrunched down in the back of the Box. Then she carried the Box a long way to a car and put me in and we drove away! It was sinking in that I was probably not going back to my home and I didn't know where I WAS going.
This new human talked softly to me on the way and sounded nice but I sat there kind of frozen. then she said "Hey Burrito Boy! " and I looked up and stared at her! HEY! How did SHE know my mwom had called me that for trying to steal bites of burritos?
I was glad she said that because maybe that means they have burritos here.
I thought Hmmm, this doesn't seem so bad, I might as well lie down and relax and see what happens.


I hear I am leaving. What my Daddy Said

May 20th 2010 4:13 am
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Ever since I was borned I lived in one place , and I LOVED my humans and my brothers and Daddycat Sun Tse and Mamacat Midori (but lately Mama was very busy with my 7 littler brothers and sisters. There were 7 of us when I was born too! We were our parents first kittens. ).
Here is a link with pictures of Daddy & Mama (and my grandparents but I never met them) : Do you think i look like them? I'm the same color as my Dad so maybe I look like him? except he has big cheeks because he is a Daddycat and they get those funny jowls. But some people think I look more like Mama except for she is a seal point.
And on this page you can see some of my brothers and sisters. if you scroll down you can see me! and keep looking because, under that are my brothers BeeBee and Hershey. I really love them and we had so much fun playing.

Anyway I thought I would always be there for ever and ever and ever. Then my mwom said How would I like to go to a place called Chicago .
I said DO NOT WANT. Do they even have bacon there?

My Daddy (who is the Smartest DaddyCat in the Whole World and I love him SOOO much even though he sometimes gets mad because he does not want us boys coming in HIS Room, and one time he got mad and he jumped on my brother but I runned away) told me how when HE was younger than me, both he and Mama came a long long way from the places they were born. He told me about the Big Planes they rode in (akshwawy he has told me that story a lot of times before but I let him tell it again )
And reminded me that 4 of my brothers and sisters went on planes when THEY were just little kittens not big boys like me. I did a little grooming and pretended i was not listening. And that even my baby brothers and sisters would be going to their new homes pretty soon. and said I should be brave because our mwom would not let me go to anywhere bad.
he said they probably do have bacon because he heard someone had called it Hog Butcher of the World.
Hmmmm. I was scared but I didn't want to act like a little Kitten and if they had Bacon....

Then my daddy said I had to go win some Pwizes for him. he doesnt really care about going himself because then he would want to spway on evwyting and fight with other Daddycats . He said he would a lot rather make Childrenses and send the Childrenses to go win the Pwizes.
(btw I know if he wanted he really could beat up all the other cats' Daddys and even the Savannahs great granddads. )

So I said OK. I really want to make my Daddy proud.

but then I sorta forgot about it because i was so busy playing and tearing open the dog food.

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