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Goodbye Furiends

July 10th 2016 8:34 am
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Thank you all fur being our furiends here on Catster. We love you all.

We will be at the Here Kitty site.

Take care and be blessed.

Laura, Dixon, and Ace


Better and hoping I stay that way

January 1st 2016 11:43 am
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It was a rough year. My pancreatitis flared up a lot, and I was very sick. Mom thought she was going to lose me a couple of times. I was on a special diet, received hydration therapy, anti acid medications, antibiotics, and who- knows- what, and it kept coming back. :( A couple of months ago, Mom read something about dry food ingredients could cause issues ( I was eating dry and wet foods) so she tried putting me on a wet only diet. So far it is working! It was a whole month before I felt sick, and I have only been sick a few times, and only a little! I am probably hyperthyroid, we will get some test results back soon, but we hope that I will stay healthy, and that this year will be better. :)


The Plot Thickens

September 30th 2014 10:25 am
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I was diagnosed with kidney disease a couple of months ago. I had been vomiting frequently, and tests showed some elevated indicators for kidney issues. I was put on a special diet. Unfortunately, I became sick again. We returned to the vet, yesterday, where they re-checked the kidney levels, but they had not elevated further, so x-rays were taken. What appears to be a gallstone was on the film, and perhaps, a kidney stone, as well. An ultrasound will be taken on 10/1 to discover more info. We are hoping that a non-invasive way to help me will present itself, but obstruction may be a concern. If surgery is needed, the nearest facility is Purdue University, Lafayette, about 1.5 hrs away. This could be very expensive, but we will deal with it, as my quality of life is good--I'm not moping around, sleeping 24/7, or in alot of pain. We just want me to be as healthy as possible. Keep paws crossed for me. I try to be a good kitty, active, and very affectionate. I would rather be napping in the sun, than doing all these tests. Yuk.


Feeling better

July 29th 2014 5:05 pm
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Mom took me on another, *pffft* car ride to my kitty doctor. They poked me, and some blood came out. Ugh. After sitting with mom for awhile, the doctor and her assistant friend came back and said that while one of my readings had not changed, it was not bad to start with, and another reading actually got better (whatever all that meant). Mommy seemed very happy. They talked about my diet, and that it seems to be helping me to feel well. I do feel well. I was tired before, and didn't feel like playing as much. I didn't want to hang out with my furry mom, or my human mom. I kept getting sick. Yuk. Now I'm playing more, and hanging out more with my furamily. I haven't been sick in more than 2 weeks! Mom got me some special canned food, and she mixed some with my dry food. Yum! The dry food is ok, but kind of boring. This other stuff tastes like chicken! Really! MOL! If I continue to feel well, I don't have to visit my doctor for 6 months. I hope that's a long time, beclaws I don't like sitting in that container and riding in the car. Mom brushed my coat, and now I'm ready to relax in a sunbeam that's shining in the window.


Not as healthy as we hoped

July 17th 2014 7:47 pm
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I was still getting sick, even after taking the Pepcid for my tummy. Mom took me back to the vet, where they checked my blood, and found something that was not right. The doctor said I am in the early stages of kidney disease. They put water under my fur (boy, did that feel funny!) to "hydrate" me (whatever that is) and I had to take some medicine, and I am on a special diet now. The food is ok, but I like my old food better. Mom has me on dry food, but is going to let me try the wet, too, and see if I like that, and how it works. I have not been ill in several days. We are hoping that the medicine and diet are helping. I want to get better, so mom doesn't worry too much about me. She is always looking for me to see what I am doing. I wish I could tell her that everything will be ok. I am not feeling bad. I still want to play, and eat, and hang out, and do everything I was doing before.


A little under the weather

June 28th 2014 9:44 am
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Mom took me to the kitty doctor, cuz I've been throwing up a lot more than usual. Otherwise, I feel ok. I'm eating and drinking, and using the potty. I will play, and hang out with everyfur. The doctor looked at me, poked me, put a cold round thing on my chest and belly, and stuck a sharp thing in my rump. She told mom that I am a healthy kitty, and being sick may just be because of my age (12) and my tummy not tolerating foods as well. I will take a small crumb of something called Pepcid, with dinner each day, which everyone hopes will help. If it does, I won't have to go back to the doctor until it's time for my next check up. Keeping the paws crossed for that. The car ride inside that crate thing is brutal! My furry mom, Laura, came along too, and got her check up, and the doctor said she is doing very well. She doesn't get as worked up about being inside that crate thing as I do. Mom left the crates out overnight to "air out" as she says, and when she got up in the middle of the night to check on me, she found me inside mine, which made her laugh. I quickly jumped out--wouldn't want her to think I like it in there, MOL. :)


From Mom of Dixon

February 10th 2014 9:03 pm
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As Catster's time draws to a close, I want to thank everyone who has displayed affection for my cats, Laura, and Dixon, and Ace, who belongs to my son. I have really appreciated the little gifts and notes left by member kitties of Catster. I wish I was able to have Laura attend more dances at the "Movin' and Groovin' " club, but I'm glad we were able to get to one of them, recently. The kitties have made a lot of friends, here, and we have enjoyed all of you. Thank you.

For now, we are on Facebook: For Furriends of Catster and Dogster, and Catster Buddies. We also plan to join Here Kitty at the link:

If we don't hear from some of you, know that you have been in our thoughts. Be blessed, and thank you, again, for the friendships.

Cat (yes, really)
Northwest Indiana


Lots of fur!

March 6th 2012 11:42 am
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My winter coat is so heavy and thick. It has not been very cold and now the weather is warming up. Human Mom is going to have a lot of fur to brush very soon, I think!

I love waking her up when it's time to be fed. I don't think she likes it very much, especially when I am hungry during the night.

My furry mom and I are in Morris' 2012 calendar. Here is a link: r/morris-friends-2012/11751660

click on preview and scroll to the month of April. We are in the upper left corner.

Now it's time for me to continue my afternoon nap. Yawn, and purr.


Another year

June 21st 2011 8:08 am
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I get to celebrate my birthday today. I am 9 years old. A special dinner treat is planned for me, but it is a surprise, so I don't know what it is. I'm planning on spending part of the day in my latest favorite napping spot--the livingroom chair.


I was sick

April 19th 2011 9:14 pm
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I could not meow, and my meow is usually LOUD. HM took me to the place that I don't really like. They touched and squeezed me, and they poked my butt too! Then they stuck a needle in my leg and forced me to eat some fishy tasting stuff. The whole experience was degrading and unfit for kitties.

Hm made me eat the tuna stuff for many days, but I am better, because my meow is loud again. I do have an itchy sore from where they stuck that needle, but it's going away. HM seems happy. She loves to cuddle with me. I like it too.

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