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November 8th 2016 12:04 pm
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Thank you SO much, dear friends, for the gifts and remembrances for my Bridge Day. Mama hasn't been to Catster for a week or so, and it was a surprise for her to see my page so beautifully decorated.

Know what the best part of checkin out my page today is? My music which hasn't played for months and months is now playing. Maybe magic?

Once again, thank you from the bottom of mama's and my hearts!


Another Year Gone By...

November 11th 2015 4:32 pm
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Eight years...It seems like more to mama. For me, time stands still. I am young and strong and well again. I am with my grammie and great grammie, both of whom loved me so very, very much. Things at the bridge are always perfect. Nobody gets sick. What was considered misbehaving on earth is fine behavior here at the bridge. There are always parties and games like chase the mousie or catch the butterfly.

I do miss my mama, and she misses me too, but she pretty much has her hands full now with Gunnarr T and Peekie. I picked both of them to take care of mama. They are both so very, very different, but both help mama to look forward and not back.

OK, she does think about me often, but now it isn't with tears but with a smile and fond memories. Mama could never forget me as she never forgot those kitties who came before me. All were loved with every ounce of love mama had. When they had to leave, she found another baby kitty who needed love and a good home, and she loved that kitty with all her heart. We all have our turn, and then it is time to say goodbye and let another kitten have his or her turn. I was proud to have my mama belong to me, and me to her. Love never dies, and pain of loss fades to beautiful memories. May it ever be so.


Thank You, My Friends

November 6th 2014 1:41 pm
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Many, many thanks to the lovely kitties and their families who sent me Bridge Day remembrances. We haven't been at Catster much since all the problems started, but it's good to see old friends when we visit.

I had a lovely day at the Bridge. Well, OK, ALL days here at the Bridge are lovely, but this one was especially sweet because I spied on my mama and was happy to see her busily working away on some greeting cards. Crafting makes her very happy, and she always said it keeps her out of trouble because she's not out shopping. Except when she's shopping for more craft supplies...

And now it's time to stroll through the catnip fields and chase a few mousies, who will, by the way, not be harmed.


Smiley is an Angel

May 7th 2014 11:38 am
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I don't write in my diary much, but I just wanted everyone to know all the angels were there to welcome Smiley when he crossed the bridge. Smiley was the sunshine of Catster. While we are happy to have him with us, we know how much everyone else will miss him, especially his mama who took such good care of him and loved him so. If you look up into the night sky, I am sure you will see Smiley shining brightly.

Welcome, dear friend.


A Kissmouse Wish

December 23rd 2013 1:58 pm
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As I look down from the Bridge, I see all the humans rushing around, buying so many things, and feeling so pressured. Maybe people should be more like cats. We don't ask for much, just a warm, soft bed, enough food to eat, a toy or two, and somebody to love us. I wish that was enough for humans, just to be comfortable and love and be loved.

My wish for all kitties this Kissmouse is that they find forever homes where they will be safe and cared for and loved. Is that too much to wish for? I hope not.

A blessing as well on all the humans who work so hard to take care of their beloved kitties and help those kitties who need it.

Merry Kissmouse, all dear kitties and your humans. I will wish on a star every evening that my wish will come true.


Reflections on My Fourth Bridge Day

November 6th 2013 6:24 pm
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It has been four years since I flew from mama's arms and across the Rainbow Bridge. Mama did not want me to go, but I told her it was time, and she trusted me. It was hard for us both, but I knew it was best.

I knew mama and daddy couldn't be without a kitty, so I found Gunnarr for them. Mama picked him out, but I made sure she got a "he man" kitty who would rough house with daddy. Both mama and daddy loved Gunnie SO much, but I knew mama was missing a fluffy girl. That's when I found Peekie. Her name was Petunia, and she and her five kitty sisters and brothers were unwanted. Can you even imagine? Six beautiful little kittens, and nobody wanted them. I made sure mama saw Peekie's gorgeous little face on the Pet Paw-See website. As a kitten, Peekie looked so much like me, I knew mama wouldn't be able to resist. Mama tried hard to resist, but in the end Peekie won her heart just as I had done.

Now mama has her tough guy kitty and her fluffy princess. Gunnie healed her heart, but Peekie stole it. Mama and daddy have kitties to love, and all is right with the world.


Welcome Charlie

June 3rd 2013 2:51 pm
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Today our dear little friend, Charlie, journeyed to live with the angels. We were all there to meet and welcome him. See, Charlie was just so tired and sick, he was too tired to fight anymore. His mama unselfishly let him fly off on angel wings. Now Charlie is young and well again, and he will be that way forever. We'll let Charlie rest up, and all the angels will begin teaching him the secrets of being a kitty angel.


Birthday at the Bridge

April 2nd 2013 9:52 am
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Today I would have turned 14. Mama still remembers the beautiful spring when I was just a kitten. She liked to take me out in the back yard and let me toddle around on my short little legs. I was only seven weeks old when I went to live in my furever home.

Mama always thought I was a very wise kitty. One day when I was still tiny, I walked right over to Uncle Trampas' grave and laid down right in the middle! I was just telling mama I knew he was there, and I was honoring him in my own way. Many times I went straight to his grave and laid down. Mama said I always looked so at ease and peaceful relaxing there with Uncle Trampas.

Daddy didn't become my daddy until I was grown up. We didn't have enough time together, but the time we had was wonderful. I got to sit out on the deck with mama and daddy without even a harness or leash. I always stayed in my own chair unless a bug or birdy flew too close. If I jumped down, mama would tell me no and put me back in my chair. If I jumped down again, I had to go inside for the evening. Then mama and daddy would hear me whooshing on the door asking to come back out. Mama even left the deck sometimes when we were outside and changed the sprinkler. She would use a hand signal and tell me to stay. She never left me alone for more than a few minutes, but I was always still in my chair when she came back.

As a kitten I was very afraid of loud noises, so you can imagine mama's surprise when I sat out on the deck on Independence Day with all the fireworks going off near and far. It was loud but very beautiful, and I wasn't scared at all.

I was very lucky that mama and daddy began letting me travel with them. The first time I went I was healthy, but after that I wasn't very well, and mama and daddy wanted me with them so they could take care of me, spend quality time with me, and make sure I got my medicine. I didn't mind at all riding in daddy's big noisy truck. Mama would sit in the middle and strap my carrier in on the passenger side, and away we would go. I mostly slept while we were on the road. When we made camp, I became queen of the camper.

I even got to go to Virgelle in the fall with mama and daddy and stay in a cabin. The cabin was called the Little Mosier, and it was very small. The bed was big and high with a patchwork quilt on it. From the bed I could see out all the windows and the screen door.

One fall it was very hot during our stay. Mama and daddy went out to do their photo shoot in costume. When they came back, they were very hot and tired, and they could see I was too hot too. I had a huge basket that mama called my "baskette." Mama and daddy put me in the basket and took me out onto the porch in the shade, and mama wet a washcloth and stroked it over my fur. It felt wonderful, and the breeze cooled me right off. Within minutes we all felt better.

That evening a storm came up. As it got dark, mama and daddy and I sat out on the porch and watched the clouds gather. The lightning in the distance looked like fireworks. Then the thunder began to rumble, and mama and daddy and I went inside where we continued to watch the storm. It got closer and closer, and the wind came up. The thunder began to crack, and lightning split the black sky. Finally, mama and daddy had to shut the door. Inside the cabin we were snug and safe, and we could still watch the magic of the lightning from the windows. Slowly the storm blew over us and then moved on to the southeast, and all was quiet again.

Every year on my birthday, I spend part of the day thinking about my life with mama and daddy. All in all, I was one of the luckiest kitty girls in the world.

When I had to leave, I knew mama and daddy needed kitty company, so I used my angel powers and sent Gunnarr to them. Then later when I saw a little girl kitty who looked a lot like me, I knew she needed mama and daddy, so I sent her too.

Birthday celebrations at the bridge are heavenly, so I'm off to enjoy my day.


Big Sky Country Spring

April 1st 2013 12:25 pm
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Even though it's still early, spring is springing in Big Sky Country. The birds are singing and fighting for mates, mama's flowers including my little rosy pussytoe plant are beginning to poke through the cold ground, the grass is greening, and the sunshine is warm again.

Gunnarr and Peekie are so excited to see the new camper. I always loved traveling with mama and daddy, and Gunnarr and Peekie are following in my paw prints. At first Peekie wasn't too sure about riding in daddy's big noisy truck, but she gets more confident with each trip.

I wish I had had a pet stroller. Mama and daddy both agree I would have loved going for rides around the neighborhood. That said, I am happy that Gunnarr and Peekie have the opportunity to be traveling cats just like me and even happier they can go for strolls around the campgrounds in their stroller.

I enjoy watching from the bridge as the two kits discover new things and become more worldly. I chose Gunnarr for mama and daddy because I knew he would be a good traveling companion. Peekie was a bit of a wild card, but I was pretty sure she could learn to be worldly too, and she has proved to be a brave little girl.

What mama and daddy don't know is that on every trip, I'm along for the ride, watching and making sure everyone stays safe. They can't see me, but I'm always there.

The new camper is beautiful, and mama has been doing a great job decorating except...what's up with the jackalope in the bedroom?


Catnip Chocolates

February 15th 2013 12:06 pm
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Oh, my, thanks to everyone who gave me boxes of candy for Valentine's Day. Here at the bridge, we can eat as many chocolates as we want and never gain an ounce. My favorites are the catnip filled dark chocolates. I'm sharing with all the wonderful angels at the bridge, and we are getting nipped out.

Thanks again for thinking of me. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day at the bridge.

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