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Elsa Patty, A Pretty Glamour

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Gotcha Day July 21, 2015 Anniversary - Thank You!

July 21st 2015 9:00 pm
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Thank you kitty furriends for your gifts today!

And thank you Lynzee for the photo you made; I think it's very sweet!

Since I last wrote, my dad has taken me to the Vet for a checkup and blood work because my poo was still runny. Now I'm getting a B-12 shot once a week given to me by my dad. He feels like a doctor! This injection is to give me nutrients since I'm so thin.

I also get Tylosin syringed in my mouth once a day. It's supposed to be twice a day but I hate it so much, that I sometimes get suspicious if my dad comes near me. He does not like that, so he only catches me by surprise once a day rather than twice. The syringing into my mouth only takes a second - I should get used to it shouldn't I? He also then gives Tyson a pill and a syringe of Lasix both of which are for his heart disease; my poor little brother. But I let Tyson clean me and then chase me and then I growl back at him so he'll stop. I try to be accommodating!

Thanks to all of you again!

Love Elsa, xo


Thanks for my Birthday Gifts Feb. 27, 2015!

March 1st 2015 2:04 pm
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Thanks for all your gifties on my Birthday and thanks to Tundra and to We Bees Siameezers for the photos they sent me; and I gladly posted on my page.

I'm not taking the Prednisolone that the Vet gave a few months ago, to make my poops less runny because I'm so thin and I did not eat much when the Prednisolone was mixed in my food. My dad feels I better gain weight and he lets me eat food without medicine in it.

Later he might give me the medicine if I gain more weight. My dad watches me eat and makes sure that when I walk away, he will bring my dish to me again and again to be sure I've eaten as much as I really can eat without forcing me.

Thank you all again!

Love Elsa, xo


Gotcha Day Anniversary, July 21, 2014

July 21st 2014 2:15 pm
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Thanks for all your gifties on my Gotcha Day Anniversary and I got a cute picture from We Bees Siameezers! I'll try to put it on my page. Ginger and I have been with our dad now, since July 21, 2007.

At that time the family was Felix, Serena, and Tabatha. Later on, Felix and then Serena, flew up to the Rainbow Bridge.

Today the family is Tabatha, Ginger and me, and Tyson who came to the family in 2009.

I've gained a little weight on the Prednisolone that the Vet gave and my poops are not always runny; sometimes they are but that is likely because I don't always eat the food when the Prednisolone is in it. But my dad watches me eat and makes sure that when I walk away, he will bring my dish to me again and again to be sure I've ate as much as I really can eat without forcing me. I'm so picky and fussy sometimes and yet I'm begging for food usually before the others are!

Thank you all again!

Love Elsa, xo


Beautiful Birthday Wishes, Feb. 27, 2014

February 27th 2014 9:15 pm
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Thank you all for the wishes on my birthday today!

I love the photos from Lynzee, We Bees Siamese and the Kasian Family. I'll post those next. Thanks too for the mail, and pretty gifties on my page!!

At my last Vet visit the Vet said I was too thin and my Dad said my poo was always a puddle; because he'd see me going, sometimes. Plus I would make a loud meow out of nowhere once or twice a day.

The Vet tested me with blood tests and found I have a bowel infection. She gave me Metronidazole (drops to put in my mouth). It was so bitter I would run every time my Dad came near me because I thought he would give me that bitter medicine. This is not good when a thin kitty needs to eat more often. Plus, so much medicine leaked out of my mouth that I hardly got any of it anyway. It was so sticky that the fur under my chin matted!

So the Vet changed the medicine to Prednisolone that has a chicken flavor. My dad mixes it in my wet food twice a day. Since I usually don't finish all the food in a bowl, Dad still does not know if I get enough medicine. But the loud meows don't seem to happen as often, so maybe the medicine helps a little.

I have, in the past few months, developed a bad habit of 'sometimes' not always, pooping in the living room. Most of the time it's still usually small, soft puddles but sometimes it's elongated but narrow stool. Maybe the medicine is helping a little bit.

I do use the litter box too. One problem is, when I do the pooping in the living room, it's while Dad is at work, and he's not sure it's me, but it's a pretty good guess it's me doing that.

Time will tell. Time also makes Dad clean up after me often in the living room. I'm almost done the Prednisolone so once I see the Vet again we'll find out if we need to do anything more.

I look and act and run around totally normally though as if nothing's wrong.

Meanwhile I'll run around happy thinking of all your birthday wishes; thank you all again!

Love Elsa, xo



November 7th 2013 8:53 am
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Thank you to all my Catster friends for the skeleton's dancing on my page! They are doing a dance that I know I cannot imitate!

I hope you all had fun on Hallowe'en and that it was not too spooky because you might have had some strange looking visitors coming to your doors!

Love Elsa,


A Diary Pick on July 30, 2013

July 30th 2013 4:11 pm
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My goodness now I'm chosen as Daily Diary Pick today!

After my Gotcha Day anniversary I had plans for grooming but changed my grooming appointment and chose Tuesday, July 23 to get my cleansing bath, brushing, and nails done at the Vet (and a sanitary clip too!).

My fur is matting in spots again already but it's that time of year when that can happen.

I still like to follow my Dad to the kitchen when he goes there because I eat so little that I get hungry more often, like my late brother Felix used to do. Tabatha is like that too, wanting more food. We like our dry food but not as much as canned cat food. But then we can't overfeed the heavier kitties like Ginger and Tyson can we! Maybe my Dad will sneak food quietly to me and Tabatha!

My favorite things are sitting in my box on the desk when my Dad uses his computer and being the first to go sleep beside him when he goes to bed.

Thank you all for your comments, and paw mails and the photos made for me by Tundra and by We Bees Siamese. I will get them on my page soon!

Thanks for your congratulations and the Ice Cream Cone: from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe! I think I'll see if I can bake a catnip cake because the best part is having cake with - Ice Cream!

Thank you all!

Love Elsa, xo


My Gotcha Day Anniversary, July 21, 2013

July 21st 2013 4:42 pm
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I've just been fed again today but it's a special day! My Dad got me July 21, 2007.

As soon as he saw a white long haired kitty advertised at the Humane Society that month in 2007, he had to go have a look at me. He wanted a kitty that was similar to Samantha who went to the Bridge the previous October.

I was calm even though I recently was ready for adoption. He visited me a couple more times and took me home July 21/07! And I've been fed and given attention and love ever since!

Thanks to all my friends at Catster for your love too, for the gifties, comments, mail, and photos! I hope to acknowledge all of you soon!

Love Elsa xo


Birthday Thanks, February 27, 2013!

February 27th 2013 5:22 pm
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My Birthday is here today and now I’m eight years old. I’m going to list my thanks to all of you, below! I have not written a diary much lately so I’ll try and think what’s been going on lately.

What have I done in the past year? At this age I try and show my brother Tyson who’s boss. When he chases me down the stairs, I jump onto the desk and slap at him through the railing. He stays on the stairs staring at me.

Sometimes he’ll get onto the desk too but by then he’s run out of steam and goes past me and leaves me alone. But there are scratch marks on the wall. Maybe I’ve really left my mark! Or did Tyson do the scratching?

I better not tattle-TAIL!

Other times we don’t seem to bother each other at all.

Last May, I became Dream Girl #31; one of many beautiful Dream Girls! I wonder how long I will reign? Is it just a year?

Thanks to my Catster friends for these pretty gifts with sweet messages:

Beating Gold Heart from Chico, Sampson, Lil’ Muppet, Nakita and Krikit.
Beating Gold Heart from Rufus, Sydney, Lucy Angel, Pandora Angel.

A rose from Pipo & Minko along with a ‘Birthday photo’ of me!
A snowman and ‘photo of a cake with my name’ on it! From Sleeper, Samhain, Fearless, The Ferals, Socks and Maya (Angel).
Two roses from Tony, Anna, Greystone, Sammy, Stormy, Cleo and Ashe.
A red heart from Milo, Smokey Joe Angel, Timmy Angel, Zig, Sam, Mallee, and Rhett.
A pink ribbon from Big Harry Orange Angel, Patches, Angel Lumi, Silvio Angel, Zeus, Tabatha, Jameson, and a boy named Lucy.
A pink ribbon from Smiley Cassanova.
A pink ribbon from Beepers.
A pink ribbon from Gunnarr T, Miss Muppet Forever Loved, Peekaboo.
A red heart from Peanut, Popeye, Midnight and Samantha You Will Be missed.

Cupcakes from:
Lynzee with a kitty ‘Birthday Card’.
Hartley, Darian, Jenny, Tiny Fey and Psy.
Skylar, Mrs. Murphy, Roni, Rusty, Skittles, Ivan, Daisy, Percy, Porter and Maedia.
Sonny Bono Angel, Presley, Paris.
Kiki, Jack, Kosuteh.
Art Blakey.

Pawmails from:
Lynzee, Tundra, Rory & Manytoes along with a ‘Birthday photo’ of me!
Jezebel and Charlie.
Queen Missy.
Queen Tallulah.

Comments from:
Smiley Cassanova.
We Bees Siamese.

Thanks to all of you, and to any stopping by, for your Furriendship! You’ve all made this a beautiful and special Birthday!

When Dad gets home, I hope he does not find out I’ve been typing this on the computer ^:plunk: = =& woops, by leaving behind a lost whisker, or nail; piece of fur or a long hair or two!

Love Elsa, xo


Marilia, the Last of the 6 Kitties

June 21st 2012 10:24 pm
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We have good news from Art Blakey's Mom, Heather - Marilia is now adopted!

This follows up my last diary where Julie had to give up 6 kitties due to a neglecting landlord and now all 6 are adopted - Marilia was the last one adopted!

Julie's 10 kitties are still Catster kitties but 6 of them are now in new homes: Chief Joseph is one of those adopted out and today's his Birthday too! It's nice that his sister Marilia got a new home on his birthday!

It's too bad Marilia's little friend, Xavier, at the Woods Humane Society did not get adopted too. One of Marilia's pictures on the Woods Humane website had shown her cuddling with her new friend Xavier who had been at the Woods Humane Society before she got there. We hope one day Xavier will be adopted too!

Now Julie and her 4 remaining kitties in her home can rejoice that the 6 kitties she had to give up are all adopted!

Love Elsa, xo


Your Catster LOVE Gets SHINING Thanks!

June 2nd 2012 10:47 pm
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You’ve ALL made Julie so happy!

Many of you wrote to me last March/April allowing us to write your names in a "Happy Spring" card and "Welcome to Your New Home Card" which we sent to Julie, when she had to give up 6 of her kitties. My diaries last March/April tells what had happened to her.

After Julie received the "Happy Spring Card" you can see how happy she is where she posted in the Catster Forum on April 4/12:


You Guys Are Amazing!! (Tiny, Squint, Autumn & Fuzz) -

What I love about Catster is that there are true, blue people here that really, truly and authentically care about others in distress about their cats.

I want to thank all those who have offered support, gave donations to the shelter in the name of my cats... that's a big one - they are still awaiting adoption - and my gratefulness and thankfulness, joy and comfort from Catster people is none that I ever remember experiencing in my life.

Thank you deeply,

Tiny Dancer, Fuzz Black-Toe, Squint-Delicious, and Autumn Sits-With-Tiny-Paws (and Julie O')

p.s. I'll be offline starting tomorrow afternoon for maybe a week because of my move into the smaller place.

I love you guys!

See how you've all made Julie feel so wonderful & cared for! Here is the link to that: ster/thread/741176

After Julie received the "New Home" card with your names written in, she posted in this Catster Forum on May 7/12:

FROM Julie:

How can a group of people be so authentically caring and nice? -

Thank you soooo much for my "Happy New Home" card, what a special card and it's the only one I got, too! so, so much, we all love you here, myself, Tiny Dancer, Squint Delicious, Autumn Sits-With-Tiny-Paws and Fuz Black-Toe.

You all make mine and my kitties' lives better.
Much, much thanks again!!


Julie O', and the gang 'o pudsta's

Once again you've made Julie feel so much better! That one is linked at: er/thread/744087

From Me: The update on Julie's kitties today is that of the 6 she had to give away, 5 are now adopted (including Graciela adopted out to a family that wanted a special needs cat)!! So now, only loveable Marilia is waiting to be adopted (if ANYONE is interested...).

She's at
and they now have her biography posted and while reading it you can see she would be a Loving Kitty.

About 2 weeks ago, my Dad got a THANK YOU card in the MAIL from Julie and she wrote LOVINGLY about ALL of you!! Here is what she wrote in the card:


Thank you and everyone SO much for emotionally carrying me through a hard time!

You guys are all amazing, compassionate, caring people which I was of the mind didn't exist anymore, so thank you also for restoring my faith that there really are wonderful people out there.

You are awesome and I feel blessed to know you, Heather, and everybody that's written.

Reading the cards has filled me with such joy and I become touched to tears. THANK YOU!!!!

Much love and warmth to all of you and your families.


Heather is a friend of Julie's and she is Mom to Art Blakey on Catster. She had written in Art's diary about Julie too. Heather especially helped us all to make Julie's unfortunate changes in her life go a little smoother.

Again, “Thanks” my Catster friends for letting me put your names in the cards for Julie. You are all caring Catster Families and I'm clapping my paws together and giving you all a standing ovation for your caring words & thoughts for Julie!

This will greatly help her continue on with just the 4 kitties she has now (Tiny Dancer, Squint, Autumn and Fuzz who are all Catster kitties). You've helped her to not feel so alone in what she's had to endure!

Thank YOU!

Elsa, xo

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