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Gotcha Day Anniversary October 31, 2014

October 31st 2014 11:37 pm
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I made it to my 18th Gotcha Day anniversary; being with my dad since 1996 has been wonderful for me!

Thank you my friends for your gifts; and Lynzee, I love the photo you made; I will try to post that soon!

I'm thinner than I used to be; still a big kitty though, but thinness comes with being an old lady kitty; my back legs have had wobbly days too. Dad just keeps giving me lots of attention and I like that!

Thanks again for visiting my page with your really nice gifts!

Love Tabatha xo


Many Birthdays, 18 of Them!

May 12th 2014 1:36 pm
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I turned 18 years old today, May 12, 2014! I was born on Mother’s Day, May 12, 1996 – a good day for my mother kitty! And this year, Mother’s Day was just yesterday.

Just a few days ago I was playing with a string dangled in front of me. Things are still of interest to me regarding playtime. I’m thinner now and more fragile but I move pretty good when it’s eating time; I'm always ready in the kitchen when it's time to eat!

About a month ago I went to get groomed, shampooed and brushed out. My sister Elsa is more used to me nowadays than she used to be; she must be learning who is the wise one in the house!

For awhile Dad tried a different canned cat food for us, but it wasn’t good for me so he went back to just feeding Fancy Feast; we don’t mind! We still eat dry food too.

I found new sleeping places that I never regularly liked to nap in; such as upstairs sometimes. When the sun comes in the window up there, it’s nice to be warm and sleep in the sun.

To my Catster friends, thanks for your gifts and best wishes for my birthday today. You are making my Birthday #18 a great celebration.

Thank you Lynzee, Manytoes (who has a birthday today too!), Tundra & Rory for making me a Birthday photo!

Love Tabatha xo


Gotcha Day, 17 Years Ago - October 31 on Hallowe'en!

October 31st 2013 3:25 pm
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I can't believe I haven't written much lately now that my Gotcha Day Anniversary is here and I'm checking out what I've written!

Thanks for the Candy Corn, Gunnarr T, Miss Muppet Forever Loved, and Peekaboo! It's a good thing I had my bad teeth pulled out a couple of years ago so that I can eat this candy!

Thanks for the Pumpkin, Smiley Cassanova! It's just in time for me to make the jack-o-lantern for tonight!

Thanks for the mail, Jezebel and Travis!

My dad came home from a vacation a few days ago, and he found me upstairs where the bedrooms are which is a place, at my age, I don't go up to very often. But I just wanted to be sure he was staying home and checking out that his suitcases were going to stay here, so that he doesn't go away on a vacation away from us again!

Being 17 years old now I've become a bit thinner and more fragile; since I'm a pretty big kitty there is more of me to hold up for a cat at my age. But I go down to the basement to the litter box just fine; I'm just taking things easy.

My fur coat needs to be taken care of more often now too. I loved to be brushed and it makes me PURR! And I've always loved to lie down near the warm furnace vents in the kitchen and I still do as it feels so good there!

Thanks to all of you again!! I'll go and see what I can do with the jack-o-lantern. Maybe later I can make a pumpkin pie too!

Love Tabatha


Birthday on Mother's Day, and So Was the Day I Was Born!

May 12th 2013 3:02 pm
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Wow today I turned 17 years old; May 12, 2013! And on Mother's Day too.

The day I was born was Mother's Day too, May 12, 1996. What a sweet day to be born. We all often think of my Mommy kitty, a grey long hair pretty cat.

I must have absorbed long life genes from living with Felix and Serena. She lived as long as a couple of weeks short of turning 17. Felix lived until age 18 3/4.

My dad is thinking of getting me a very strong smelling catnip toy. I love catnip toys and real catnip too that sometimes grows in the back yard!

Today he took pictures and home movies of us and gave us a can of Friskies food which is larger than the Fancy Feast cans; yummy more food than usual! Of course, later on we'll all want to eat again!

Thank you all for your nice gifties and every word you've sent to me!

Love Tabatha xo


Shampoo and Brushing

April 1st 2013 2:56 pm
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Today I went to the Vet to be shampooed and brushed. I had a few mats in my fur plus my fur is always fairly oily. It was cheaper to go to the Vet than to the groomer, like we did last time.

And I'm more fragile and my dad worried whether a groomer might not realize this too well. So he spoke to the Vet and the Vet said her own technicians would be really careful; but the Vet said groomers would likely take good care of me too. But the groomers is always noisy with dryers going on other animals, so it was more quiet to do it at the Vet.

I meowed all the way to the Vet, and on the way home. When I got home I growled at Ginger, Tyson and Elsa and even at my Dad! But the lady at the Vet said I was really good with my shampoo and hardly meowed at all. But she said I would be feeling more soreness than usual, tonight, because of the brushing.

So I guess I'm growling at everyone because I don't want anyone to bother me anymore today! But my Dad fed all of us as soon as I got home, and I liked that; it was delicious!

Love Tabatha xo


GOTCHA DAY, Oct. 31, 1996!

October 31st 2012 4:22 pm
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Thank you my friends for your congratulations on the anniversary of my Gotcha Day today!

I love the pictures made for me by Lynzee and also by We Bees Siamese for this special day. They are PURRFECT because both of them show me at the Gotcha Day age!

Since it’s Hallowe’en right now, I hope you’re all safe and scaring away all those spirits!

My Dad got me Hallowe’en night in 1996 after all the children around town had gone out trick or treating. I was his treat; it was no trick – and he was glad he got me!

The newest thing for us is those flea drops. In August, Elsa and Ginger had their Vet checkups and the Vet found fleas! We’ve never had those things in the house since about 1994! So all 4 of us have gotten those flea drops put on the back of our necks in Aug., Sept. and Oct. The Vet said three treatments is enough.

We hope so!

Happy ‘BOO!’ Night to all.

Love Tabatha xo


May 12, 2012 I’m Sweet 16 Today!

May 12th 2012 7:56 pm
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I’m a little upset that Ginger’s Birthday party left me with not much Fancy Feast anymore! Her birthday was only May 9 and she has not replenished the Fancy Feast piles for us yet! For my Sixteen birthday today there is not much left to celebrate with – enough to get by though!

But dad did give me a catnip toy. I was tired when I got it and smelled it but Elsa meowed so she could investigate what it was, so dad let her have it for awhile. She cleaned the catnip toy! I fell back to sleep; I love to sleep! I know I’ll clean that catnip toy myself pretty soon; I’ve done it before!

To my Catster friends, thanks for your best wishes for my birthday today. You are making my special day a great celebration.

Thank you for the special paw mails from We Bees Siamese and Da Tabbies O Trout Towne.

Thank you Lynzee, Manytoes (who has a birthday today too!), Tundra & Rory and also We Bees Siamese for making me photos!

Thanks for your comment in my pictures Platelicker!

For the special stars and rosettes, thanks goes to:

Lynzee, Manytoes, Tundra, and Rory
Milo, Smokey Joe Angel, Timmy, Ziggy, Sam and Mallee
Big Harry, Patches, Angel Lumi, Silvio Angel, Tabatha, and Jameson
Cody, Pumpkin, Ginger, Jingles, and Buffy
Mac, Ivy, and Legolas
Alfie Angel, Dave, Ollie, Buzz and Boo
Smiley Cassanova
Midnight, Popeye, Samantha will be Missed and Peanut
Hartley, Darian "Little Man", Jenny, and Tiny Fey
To all your doggies in your families too!

I’ve even added pictures taken of me TODAY on my birthday! I’m looking quite perplexed in them, because I’m sitting wondering where Ginger put all that Fancy Feast from her party!

Thanks to you all, again!

Love Tabatha xo


VOTE to HELP the ANIMALS for 3 MORE Days

April 13th 2012 5:08 pm
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Would you like to help the very worthy Woods Humane Society (where Julie’s kitties were taken) save more lives, and win $100,000? Once a day, up until this coming Monday APRIL 16 you can vote.

Easily, you can go to

This is the ASPCA’s $100K Challenge. Please help Woods Humane, & save more animals, by voting!

The background info about Julie is further down if you have not read about Julie. Also Felix, Elsa and Ginger previously wrote more about Julie’s loss in their diaries.

Unfortunately the Woods Humane Society is about #54 on the list so as many votes as you can by you, your family and friends, (if you have several email addresses that might work too) can help push Woods Humane closer to #1. Especially since they’ve been such a help to Julie, particularly in that they don’t euthanize, thank goodness.

We sent a ‘Happy Spring’ card to Julie, with your names in it if you sent us a paw mail to include your names. We’re soon going to send her a “Welcome to your New Home” card with your names in it (and anyone new who’d like to be added, just Paw mail me and we’ll add your names to the card and we will all be listed as “Your Catster Friends”).

Julie had to give up six of her ten kitties when she was forced to move because of her landlord. Five of her kitties went to WOODS Humane Society.

One of her kitties, Beijo, was recently adopted!
Two of Julie’s kitties are still at Woods Humane, waiting to be adopted, and they are pictured there: Marilia and Jules-Verne.

Anyone here in Catster can adopt them too!

You should go see how beautiful they are:

Graciela is now safely at a no-kill shelter called “Befriended Felines”. They will provide medication and sanctuary for Graciela for life.
Chief Red Cloud was quickly adopted (he’s so cute!)
Chief Joseph was adopted right before Julie’s eyes, at the time she was bringing in a couple of her kitties.

Julie now has only 4 kitties: Fuzz (16 yr. old), Autumn, Tiny Dancer and Squint.
Here is Squint’s Catster page. She is disabled and adorable:

We’re all hoping you can vote for Woods Humane Society to help move them up to #1!

Feel free to post this in your diary too so more votes can be given!

Thank you so much!
Love, Tabatha,



February 22nd 2012 4:50 pm
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Last night I was just innocently sitting at the front door, away from the other 3 kitties, and the heavy door was open a little so I could look out beyond the glass of the screened door. Elsa and I like to irritate each other. So Elsa walks by the door, not knowing I was behind the door, and I meowed loud to her and reached out to slap her. She jumped and ran down the hall.

Now meanwhile, Ginger was catnapping on a box in the hall. This box was on top of another box. When Elsa jumped and ran, this caused Ginger to jump up and woosh! She sailed off the box, but went so fast she pushed the box she was lying on onto the floor! This noise now scared both Ginger and Elsa and they ran into the water bowls and spilled them all over the kitchen.

Tyson, in the kitchen, hearing all of this noise, and facing a couple of kitties running toward him like they're in a marathon race, runs out of the kitchen and into the dining room.

As the elderly lady in the house, I remained calmly at the door watching this whole mess. Then I decided to get up and walk into the kitchen to observe the chaos around me and find out what the commotion is about. I tiptoe around the spilled water, Elsa has likely run down to the basement, Tyson is in the dining room and I see that Ginger, in the kitchen, has the bushiest tail I've ever seen!

Was I so wrong to voice my opinion as Elsa went by me? Or is there no more freedom of speech!

Love Tabatha xo


Diary Pick - Twice; That's a Christmas Present!

December 24th 2011 1:23 am
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Thank you kitties for your gifties, pawmails and comments when I was Diary Pick on Dec. 20! Thanks too, to We Bees Siamese for the beautiful Christmas photo to commemorate the day.

Now today on Dec. 24 I'm Diary Pick again and it's Christmas Eve; and for the same Dec. 18 diary. I had not written anything new and it'll be old news now if you've read it!

I've seen this happen to others, and now to me, where the Diary Gal picks the same lucky kitties often during a short period of time; maybe we are chosen by a Diary Santa!

We have an awful slow internet at home, or too-old computer processor, and we (me and the 7 other kitties in the family) can never catch up to sending good wishes to our friends. We catch a few of them but never all of them and it makes us sad when we have to miss some friends' special days. We write their Catster number down and hope one day to send belated wishes.

Thanks for the cute Christmas gifties coming today too; we might get to send ours out later, but please don't be mad if we can't because Dad is going on a vacation in a few days, and his family will get together and celebrate on Christmas Eve.

A few days ago he donated to the Humane Society. If any kitties like doing something special for Christmas, it would be to do something for all those very sweet but unwanted kitties. You know how loving kitties are, yet many don't even have a home. Maybe it's time to adopt one into your family, or donate to a Shelter.

Or do something like this: A kitty named Macy was in the Humane Society here, for a year and never adopted. Nice people would buy her a comfy bed, and a diamond collar, but were unable to take her home (no room for another, or allergy etc), but they did at least buy those nice little things for Macy. Another person even donated half the price of Macy's adoption if only someone would pay the other half. And someone finally did, and she's adopted!

I'm dreaming of warm homes for all stray kitties, and dreaming the lost ones, such as Sieben (Mr. Z), Catster #1004344, will be found!

Right now I'm catnapping and dreaming in a box too small for me; why do we do that!

Merry Christmas to all Catster kitties and their Families! One of my Christmas wishes: Come Home Mr. Z.

Love Tabatha xo

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