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snowy lazy day

February 26th 2010 2:10 pm
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today lucy isn't much for the snow and cold weather,she cuddled up in her blanket and wishes for warmer sunny days to come.she is looking forward to her walks in the sun in her stroller. many meows....


making new friends !!

March 3rd 2010 3:33 pm
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today the sun was shinning bright and lucy is feel a hint of spring in the air, and excited!! we then begain making new friends today on catster and we had fun,now its time to eat and nap...many meows lucy



March 7th 2010 2:56 pm
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Today lucy went out for her first spring car ride, she so much love to ride and its been a long cold snowy winter here in indiana, but today it was 50 and lots of sun so we went out, she was rubber necking everything in sight. we had a wonderful kitty filled day many meows...



April 27th 2010 1:26 pm
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Today I thought I would share Lucys adventure she had , she was sitting in the window watching the birds eat out of the bird feeder, than all of the sudden a bird flys twords the window she was watching out of she, looks at me as if to say DUCK AND ROLL MOMMA here they come.... it was so cute !!


Good Day

May 4th 2010 5:14 pm
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today Lucy won Diary of the day, so momma made it an extra special day for me. I got lots of extra kisses and hugs, got to go outside to feel the grass between my paws,that was great!!! then momma gave me extra treats today, last but not least momma took me for a long ride in my stroller I got to see all the neighbors and those little birdies that tease me. but I had the best day my momma made it extra special for me. I have been purring all day......I Love My Momma.......Lucy


Vacation Time

June 30th 2010 8:04 am
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Today momma and me are getting ready for our trip to Pigeon Forge Tenn. I have been helping momma pack my things for the trip,(has a favorite toy in mouth to put in bag) So Cute.. momma got me a new stroller this week a pretty Pink one, we will post new pictures when we return home next week, I'm so excited I keep rubbing my new stroller and my travel bag with all my good stuff in it, my food (LUVS my food), treats, toys, my blankies, ect. I'm sitting at the door looking at momma thinking is it time to go yet?? come on mom I'm ready!! ( Paws in the air like to wave to the door) I had a Bath this morning to be all pretty (YUK YUK !!) Lucy loves to travel and knows she gets to go in the car and ride she so very much loves it. Lucy will be meeting new friends this week and will share her story with everyone. We hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July Will write about Lucy's vacation adventures next week. LOTS OF KITTY KISSES PURRS...LUCY


Were Back !!

July 13th 2010 11:03 am
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Hello to everyone !! We got back home a couple days ago from vacation, momma posted a couple pics today, But we have more to do yet and momma will sit down later today or tomorrow and post the diary entry to tell all about our vacation adventures.However we had a Great Time and many things to share. Until tomorrow... Love & Purrs to all Lucy


Cat Of the Day !!!

July 14th 2010 4:28 pm
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When Lucy and I got up this morning we thought it was going to be just a regular ole day, BUT we sat down at the computer to check our e-mails and WOW Lucy was COTD what a great honor for her. I showered her with lots of love,kisses and kitty hugs she got to go for a ride with mom today to run some arrends which she loved, she got treats also Plus she got a nice tiny bowl of Ice Cream ( she drolles for that!!! MOL) Lucy loved her day in the spot light and would like to send many thanks to all of her kitty furriends for all the love, gifts and kitty mail we enjoyed them all so very much. Lucy meowed Paws up to my friends. Momma was going to write about our vacation trip today but we had alot to do today hopefully tomorrow. i did get a few more pictures posted today everyone will have to check out the catster plus book on her page I will update more this week.However many thanks for all the kind words today its great!!Well lucy is about to nap she's had an exciting day. Many Purrs,meows,and headbuts to all.. LOVE LUCY



July 15th 2010 7:24 am
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Hi Every Kitty, we finally got a chance to sit down to share our trip with you.we went to Pigeon forge and Gatlinburg tenn the trip went great except for the heat it was very hot!! Our first day out Lucy and I went to a huge flea market she was so excited to go out in her new stroller she had a wonderful time in it, while we were shopping we were stopped numerous times " is that a cat?" they would ask of cat yes it is I would say she is a sphynx "can I touch her?" they would ask so I let them pet her oh she is so soft and loving " she loves any kind of attention" we were stopped by so many people i couldn't tell you how many. These girls came up to her stroller, they were on vacation also '5 girls" wanted to see Lucy as they were petting her she just rolled over and was trying to give them a couple kitty kicks she was so excited they wanted to buy her from me I said I wouldn't take all the money in the world for my baby, they ask me if I would breed her and they would buy a kitten i said no Lucy will be 9 years old her baby days are over. However we had meet alot of differant and interesting people.Lucy enjoyed her day. Our room was very nice it was like a log cabin we had a king size bed which Lucy still took up all the room!! MOL The next day we decited to walk down to the creek that was behind the hotel (really pretty) well it didnt go so good...Me and momma were walking to the creek it was down a hill( momma was carring me) we lost our footing and all the sudden me and momma was rolling down the hill, Lucy didnt get hurt" momma protected me in her arms" but momma hurt her foot and brused her knee pretty bad "but it's ok now, mom just didn't want me to get hurt". So later that evening we wanted to go down to the pool (outside pool) The reaction I got out of Lucy i did not expect...She tried to take off running HISSING at want she must of thought was a big bath tub she was over whelmed by the site of it i guess so I took her back to the room and she chilled out she does not like big bodys of water.I wanted to take some pictures of her by the pool but she was not going to have it.i took Lucy out in the stroller everywhere i could so she would have a good time to she would be rubber necking everything in site checking out everything she could as if she was a child it was so cute. She is so very spoiled. we went to this little shop in gatlinburg and thats where she got her big toy its a cat that rolls back and forth and just laughs its really cute she jumps on it and kicks it she enjoys it alot. we then went to this shop calles "The Cat House" its a really cool shop all kinds of cat stuff I got Lucy this ceramic tile of a sphynx I posted a picture of it in her catser plus photos the shop had 3 kittys in it that stayed in there so Lucy made 3 new kitty friends in tenn, it was a really nice place for cat stuff, momma got her a t-shirt that said "CAT MOM" cool huh? we will be going back in October for mommas b-day and to meet grandpa (mommas daddy) he lives in Flordia so we decided to meet there for a couple days its been over a year since momma seen her daddy so we are looking forward to seeing him in oct. Yea another car ride purred Lucy plus i get to see grandpa how cool will that be!!!! We invite you all to check out lucy's pictures i will be putting more on daily. And to top it all off Lucy got COTD yesterday what an honor for her so she has had an exciting 2-weeks and she will have many more. thanks for letting us share our trip hope you all enjoy......Purrs Lucy




July 27th 2010 8:02 am
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I've bee tagged by Faith, Felix and Maurica. I answered this five questions and then tag some friends to play if they want to.

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Yes I do I like to paw my momma's head at night and somtimes I like to kick her in the head with my back feet to wake her.

2.Do you ever tear up things?

Yes I love paper if I can get a hold of some it will be tore up everywhere.

3.Whats your favorite treat?

My favorite treat is Party Mix (any flavor) i drool for them. i also like tuna and ice Cream !

4.Can you fetch something when ask to do so?

Yes and no it just depends on my mood I will bring back my toys to mom when I want to!

5.Have you ever lived any place other than where you live ?

Yes I came from a cattery in Hendersonville Tenn. then came to my for-ever home with momma.

Now I'm tagging these Kitteis

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Morticia 602981
Annie 1144376

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