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Peppery Musings

August 10th 2010 2:11 pm
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1. you know some people call us moody, stubborn, capricious or not willing to learn. what is your opinion about such cat prejudices?

Cats have great intelligence and independence - and it's the combination of the two that gives them a bad rap. They are smart enough and independent enough to know what they want, rather than accepting whatever is offered to them. Moody? Being moody is a sign of having a personality and a mind! But yes, P Cat, you are moody.

2. tell me: how do you remember our first day together in our home?

I just remember that it was very rainy and your dad playing with you in the doorway. He asked to let you come inside since it was so wet -- and, forgive me, Miss P, I said no at first! But I felt bad after saying that and we did let you come inside. We put a box in the bath tub for you and kept you in there for your first night (after you chewed your daddy's hands to bits). We gave you a dish of water, some milk and some tuna fish -- the exact wrong things to feed a cat! You ate some of the tuna and milk. You didn't even have a litter box your first night..

It was the next day that we went to Petsmart and got you some food, a crate, a litter box and other things that a kitten needs. We told the lady at the cash register that we found a kitten but didn't intend to keep her. We asked for names of local no-kill shelters. Brian was supposed to call them the next day, but I don't ever remember asking him about it. It didn't seem to matter after the first day we had you...

We went back to Petsmart on Saturday after your first vet appointment with you in your crate (everyone ooo'd and aww'd over the cute kitten!). The same cashier was there and noticed we had the kitten and were buying some toys, a collar, etc. We explained that we had decided to keep you!

3. you have taught me so much – but what did you learn from me?

Well, I learned that cats are wonderful pets! I always used to make fun of people who liked cats, professing that "I am a dog person, not a cat person!". I also learned the value of a good purr, kneading and a relaxing nap in the middle of the day.

4. have you ever wished – even for a second – that i was someone else?

If you were someone else, you wouldn't be my P Cat!

5. what if we'd change bodies for a day?

I suspect you would love getting to eat people food and seeing the world outside! I would probably be bored :D

6. could you name those of my habits you would not want to miss?

The way you roll over on your back and stretch out your paws to ask for a belly rub. The way you head-butt my hand and the can of food when I am feeding you. Ninja kitty paws and attacks! My Miss P purrs and kneading...

7. let's imagine we could go back in time – how would you estimate the probability that you would adopt me again?

I wouldn't need a probability since it would be a definite. Sometimes I don't think we adopted you -- you adopted us. And hopefully you would pick us again! I bet you would, since you are incredibly spoiled and adored!

8. just one last question: which big cats do you like best?

Leopards! Or Cheetahs. I like that you look like you have a bit of jungle cat to you :D


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