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Mom's Baby Boy Blue Angel

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Thank you ~

December 23rd 2016 2:27 pm
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Dear Friends,

Mom has been quite ill this week, and seems to get worse, but I told her I need to write my diary. Mom forgot my Gotcha Day. It's been a tough year and with losing Mallee, and she has that croupy crud, getting worse, maybe flu. Her eye, yes the one good one, is much worse. She wasn't pleased with the outcome of the last Retina Specialist, who said it wasn't fixable. Mom has a second opinion in January, hoping for better news.
I know mom loves me, I know she thinks about me, and she knows I am with her always.
Mom says I was so smart. I rode her shoulders around in Lowes for two years, everyone loved me. I love people! Believe it or not, I did and I was a true retriever too!

And it's Christmas time. Mom is happy in their new home. Milo is catcited about it and today, Milo got to see some really heavy snow falling down. We got quite a bit. Mom loves snow and wishes she could see it better. She did a video of the beauty. Despite all her handicaps, she keeps on truckin'.
I didn't want this diary to get too lengthy.

I wanted to thank ALL my friends for coming to my page for my Happy Birthday and my Gotcha Day~ You all are wonderful! I wish mom felt good enough to display all your names..but her site is just too bad right now.
THANK YOU each and every one of you! You are treasured and loved. All of our Angels get together every day and celebrate our special days. We have those pawties every day! And we watch over, we watch from our Earth Window, and we fly delivering gold angel dust to those in need. The healing loves are constant.
Mom needs to rest now. Paw went to the store and is back.
Again, Thank you!~ Oh I better get back 'n see if there is any of the triple layer cake left with Raincloud's cream cheese frosting! Did you also hear that Mallee is a Pastry Chef? Yes we love her baking here!
Just remember, mom's, we are just fine, we are happy, and we will wait for you....

Magical love,
Smokey Joe, Mom's Baby Boy Blue
Cloud # 9


Mom forget about my Happy Birthday!!!!

December 17th 2016 1:39 pm
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Well, my mom, frazzled as she has been, and with all her problems..yes, let my birthday slip, didn't think about it til yesterday. We all know that precious song by Eric Clapton, If I saw you in Heaven...well that is what she sang to me. I know I am loved, and I know I am missed and oh how I miss my mommy~ I watch over her in so many ways. As does Mallee, she is here with me.
I see so many of my loved friends remembered...
Thank you, Gaby, Kristopher, Orange Man 'n furmilies!!!
Thank you, Anna, Tony 'n furmilies!!!
Thank you, my sweet Sadie, my love..forever~!
Thank you, Flicka 'n furmilies
Thank you, Meep 'n Bibi!!!
Thank you, dear Platey 'n my sweet flying buddy, Raincloud I love your cream cheese frosting!!!
Thank you, Tabatha, I loved your cake!!!

You all made me have a funtastic Happy Birthday! I love you all, my friends, all our angel friends and earth friends~!!!

We are. And always will be.

Winged spread love,
Angel Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue
Cloud # 9


Happy Birthday Baby Boy Blue

November 16th 2014 11:14 am
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Hello dear furiends,

Yesterday was a gloomy dreary, cold miserable day for mom. She didn't feel furry good and her eyes don't work right so she see's blurs much of the time, so she didn't come here to write for me on my Happy Birthday, but don't you know all of us Angels got together and party-ed like we always do~! I danced the evening away with my Sadie girl and we shared a fun picnic. Raincloud was there and so many angels furiends. :D

Nov 15 2014 would have been my 11th birthday, but I had to travel to the bridge way before my 6th birthday. FIP bites. So that is why, mom so appreciates the time I did share with her, and making her smile each day and as talented as I was, yeah I was a fetcher 'n retriever and batter! Mom said I would have made the BEST baseball player! But I tell her we do all those sports up here~! Mom love's to remember those good times. I love you mom and now I want to say my thanks for so many wonderful furiends who came to visit my page yesterday and help me celebrate~!

Thanks to MANYTOES 'n furmilies 'n Callie Rose 'n Anna 'n furmilies for the gorgeous piccies that were made for me~!!
We're still having troubles posting pics on our pages and mom had some trouble saving the ones from sweet ANNA 'n CALLIE ROSE, :( we so wanted to share those here.
We thank you so much for remembering me.

THANK YOU PURRFECT FURIENDS for prezzies put upon my page::

Simon 'n Reuben
Angel Patches, Phantom 'n Spice
Smiley 'n Luigi
Mugsy 'n Taffy
Norman 'n sweet furmilies
Gimli, Django, Nikola 'n furmilies
Sonny Bono, Paris 'n Presley
Rebby Angel 'n furmilies
Big Harry 'n furmilies
Kibbles 'n Francis 'n furmilies
Anna 'n furrs
My girl Sadie
Tiger, Tiny 'n Beauty
Serena Honey Angel

and for so many wonderful hugs:
Lady, Baby, Sammie 'n Cesar
Midnight, Poppy 'n Samantha
Laura, Dixon 'n Ace
Luke, Tully, Sammy 'n Natasha
Mac, Angel Ivy, Legaly 'n furrs
WeBeesSiameezers, Pipo 'n Minko

I hope I did not forget anyone, I am doing my best to keep mom focused right now but her eyes are giving into the blurs. THANK YOU my dear Friends 'n thank you for making my Happy Birthday a wonderful time cloud hopping, eating and enjoy catweisers, cigars 'n singing.
Yeah we do love to sing~ YOU ALL ARE PURRFECT~ (") (")

Thank U Manytoes 'n furmilies

I am sorry I cannot post my dear furiend Anna's piccie or Callie Rose from the Birthday and Gotcha Club either, I love them so much~!

I love each of you, and us angels rock and will always ROCK~ Forever~

I have to fly back now, mom. I'll see ya later and visit you tonight~! :)
Always 'n furefur your Baby Boy Blue,
Many Angel Hugs,
Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat # 9
Living 'n Lovin' on Cloud # 9


What an Honor: Russian Blues Lounge Blue of the Month- October 2014

October 2nd 2014 8:46 am
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Thank you so much Spice E, Bugsy 'n Russian Blues Lounge for this incredible honor~ Seems we still can't rearrange piccies or add them so I am going to share my honorable Piccie here that Spice E 'n meowmy made for me. Thank you so much and I love all of my gorgeous blue furiends~!!

October 2014 Blue of the Month


ANGELS Divine Messengers

September 19th 2014 9:28 pm
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Hello furiends~
Smokey Joe here from the bridge tapping on mom's shoulder telling her she really needs to 'write' for me in my diary/journal.

So many friends have traveled beyond 'n up my way, upwards to the skies of heaven. The Rainbow Bridge has been furry busy~!!

Oh my~

Some of our dear beloved furiends have flown just recently, including handsome mancat PAISAN, our dear Diva furiend IVY, our saweet 'n precious furiend SAMPY, 'n pawsome doodman HOBO 'n oh our precious beautiful STORMY ~!!

These 'n many more ARE our beloved furiends. Our lifelong furiends.

Our furmilies purr 'n send many many hugs 'n love to their loved ones back on planet Earth. Our wishes are for you to carry on. To love more kittens and bring them into your hearts, give them a purrfect furefur home filled with all the love you have.

Yes it's the continuing of life. The circle, if you will. For when we travel upwards, there is another special purrlace within your heart, in your home, for that newbie kit to be loved and nurtured 'n be able to have a life of happiness. This is what counts the most. A kit. Or more kits.

The love lives on.

And we continue to be Divine Messengers.
Messengers from heaven.

Always in motion, always flying high 'n always bringing the love to others 'n shining our never ending light on you all.

We are safe. We are loved always. This my mom can say for sure now. I am at peace, as well as all your angels whofur are here with me.
We do live on.
We love on. 'n we are furefur in your hearts.

I love you mom, you know I am always with you,

Smokey Joe Angel Dreamboat # 9
Livin' 'n Lovin' on cloud 9

P.S. Ya know I can't end this journal entry without giving a big shout out to my bestest flying buddy, my dear 'n purrfect gorgeous RAINCLOUD, my spawcial flying buddy for always. Today is her Rainbow Bridge day 'n boy, did we do it up good 'n all the angels spent all day long dropping angels dusties to her mom 'n furmiles. We buzzed by 'n brought in a bunch of butterflies too. We danced the day away 'n ate so much foodage (as Milo would say~ MOL) ! Oh yeah Hooch 'n Sonny Bono 'n Calvin 'n Hazel Lucy 'n Buddie were here~
So MANY awesome angels pawtyin' up in the sky~ Ya know us angels, we got it good~


The For Ever Love of a Catster Angel

August 10th 2014 11:05 am
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Hi my pawsome Furiends~! Long time no speak 'n write here in my Diary/Journal.
I flew down from heaven this morning early to whisper into momcat's ear, Hey MOM~!!! I need to talk to my wonderful Catster furiends 'n furmilies! So here I am. Although mom can't see me, she feels me 'n she knows I am here often with her, showing her the way 'n helping with decisions and keeping my furbro Milo 'n my fursis Mallee in line! I must do that, it's what us Angels do~!

We are furry busy ya know!

Let me tell you what all we do here in heaven helping make it the bright, lovely 'n furtastic purrlace that it is~ :D Yes we play many sports 'n we bowl efury Caturday night, just like last night~! I am not so good, but I purrlay anyway~! MOL~ All our angel furiends gather round 'n we share catweiser's 'n mega nip nachos! Yes it's a blast. We dance, 'n sing 'n oh my yes, we EAT~ It's ALL so good~!

That is not all we do! But we DO pawty a LOT ;D~ Hehehee!

Being an Angel, yes, We always keep watch, we always have some much needed kit whofur needs our love, our golden rainbow dusties to sprinkle down, our purrs 'n our strong undivided purrayers. Those kits, those who are sick, those whose mom's 'n dad's need our spawcial comforting thoughts, our devoted ways, our hugs 'n our For Ever love.
Ya know, all of it is needed here~!

We Understand. We know that feeling. The loss of a pure unconditionally loved fur child.

The comfort is the fact that coming here, coming to OUR purrlace, our Catster purrlace, we all share this ONE characteristic~! The heartfelt memories, those dearest to us. Those forever loved.

So, with mom's help, I come to you all to share my love, my memories, and as you all remember your loved ones, your angels that once roamed the Earth, remember us with love, with fondness and forever keep OUR LOVE alive.

Here is where we come to do just that. These thoughts came to me when mom read my dearest furiend, my angel BFF Flyin' buddy, RAINCLOUD's diary. =^.^=
You my love, said a mouthful~!!

We live on. We love on. For we will never be forgotten.

It's HERE we reign~!!

Smokey Joe sends massive spawcial angel hugs all around.
Share that love. Spread that love.

We are united. (") (")

For Ever.

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue
Livin' 'n Lovin' on Cloud # 9


BelEVEing We Do Go On~!

April 6th 2014 2:18 pm
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Smokey Joe here with mom helping me write in my diary on my 5th year Bridge day~

Dear Diary/Journal,

Mom hesitated come and write in my diary, as it's been such a dreary 'n wet, gloomy day here in San Antonio. We are all so sick and tired of the cloudy mess and fog that has fallen upon us lately. Mom wonders, does the pain of losing a sweet loved one ever go away, but then answered herself; nope, it might get a bit easier, but the pain and tears still come. And on this day, yet another tear fell.

Mom must think about my fur sibs, Milo and Mallee, yes that is what she lives for now; them. Of course I watch over them, but don't we all know that someday they too, will be here with me? Mom frets each day, knowing that I was cut short of my life on Earth. Still she says, those 5 years were the best she'd ever had with me, and I was a good kitty, a soul mate, a best friend. She smiles thinking of Milo and Mallee. And Milo, being her flame point baby boy, yeah, she smiles. I am glad. I have my little furbro to go on with my legacy!!! And yes, being over here at the Rainbow Bridge, I am thought of and loved forever. I know that. All my Angel friends know this. We were/are/and always will be loved. As for our friends here on Earth, well, I love them all. Mom says that a cat isn't just a cat when it is part of a loving family!~ We are children of sorts, don't ya know? Yeah, we here at Catster know that feeling. This is why my family and friends here understand that our lives, our kitten lives, are never long enough on Earth, never. But as the circle and cycle of life turns, as with humans also, we go on. We travel across the bridge so that another life can have a place here on this planet. You all remember that story, "We chose Tears"? Yeah, that little orange boy didn't understand, but he learned. And the Angels helped.

I want to take this time, as mom writes for me through foggy eyes, to say how much I purrpreciate all the prezzie's brought forth on my page by my purrfect friends here at Catster. You all are so spawcial to mom 'n me 'n Milo 'n Mallee. We have a family here. Thank you. Thank you for being here for us. Thank you Catster for sticking around and not shutting down our pawsome hang out. And know we aren't here all the time, for we can not be. Life has ups and downs and much as we'd like to be here more, sometimes mom can not take the stress on her eyes anymore. But, you know we are here, you all know we hang out. Yes.

And together we will always be.

And our Angels are forever.

Dream on and Dream big for life is too short to stop dreaming.

Reach for the skies. We are here.

'n Love will light the way.

We go on and on....

Thank you,

Loving always,

Angel Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue, Living on Cloud # 9


Hi Ya'll 'n Are we United? Yes, We are~ Thank you Catster- for Keeping Us Around~!!!

February 16th 2014 10:04 am
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Hi Efuryone~! I would love to say that we are one happy families knowing our CATSTER COMMUNITY will be sticking around~! Oh, wow, you gotta know mom was in tears reading the fact that Catster was closing and shutting down all the pawsome Communities and forums and diaries, etc.

That just WOULD not work~ We fought, we rallied, we protested~!
We won. I just hope we did.

Catster rocks, we all know this. We have so MANY warm, thoughttful, caring, loving furiends. These furiends have been in our lives a long long time~! WE do not want to LOSE them~! That would really bite, mom says MOL~ Anyfur, we are very thankful that we do have a bit more time here.

I love each and every one of my pawsome, enduring furiends. OUR furiends, one's we've made for years. YOU... make what Catster is. We ALL make it so.

From Heaven and the above, all my love, watching over you all, all our memories, all our antics, our unconditional closeness, all our being together and knowing just knowing, we make our parents happy, this is what counts. This is what rocks.

Keep all the Angels in mind. Keep us in your hearts. Keep us strong. For we were once a part of that vast timeline that MADE your lives happy. Yes.

We love you. I love you.
And Mom, I will continue to watch over Milo 'n Mallee and you also.

Purrs, Love, Angel winged Hugs and Love,

Smokey Joe, Baby Boy Blue
Dreamboat #9, Living & Alive on Cloud 9


Catebrating my Gotcha Day~!

December 18th 2013 4:30 am
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Well efuryone, it's been bittersweet for mom these last few years, knowing I only lived for 5 Earth years with her in my furefur home. Mom remembers that spawcial day well. Me, well I was so small and so cute, I just fit right in her hand. It was a grand day. Mom looks to the skies each night and feels me all around her.
In the beginning I was sick 'n malnourished, but mom came to the rescue and made homemade foodage to make my life complete. How yummy it all was, baked chicken and all!!! She thought I wouldn't survive those first few months, but I DID~!!! I grew and grew to be a really BIG fellow!!! Mom still sheds those tears for me. I know she loved me and still loves me very much. I loved her so much. So on my precious Gotcha Gotted Day, I thank all my friends for coming over and sending pawsome gifties to my page. This makes mom feel so much closer to me and she thanks you too. My spawcial precious furiends on Catster are very very important to me. You all rock. Now me and Sir Sonny Bono and all the pawsome Angels are going to go catebrate down at the Angel Inn and sneak in to the Angel Cafe and get some yummy Heavenly foodage. Thank you, thank you for remembering me.

For LOVE never dies. Never.

Angel hugs galore,
Smokey Joe, Baby Boy Blue
Cloud # 9


Amazing Furiends~!!!

November 16th 2013 3:02 pm
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Hello, well it's been a long time since mom halped me write in my diary/journal. I miss Catster so much and playing in groups. So much fun has been had and memories will forever linger within us all. Mom 'n Paw still have been very busy and lots of things going on in their new country home. Mom is doing so much better and feels better each day. I still watch over Milo 'n Mallee, but they are sooo much happier in the big huge house with so much room to run around. Did you know that Milo is now a lap kitty? How funny. They play chase and wrestle and even sleep together a lot, especially when temps dipped down into the 30's for a couple days. Paw got new heaters and everyone dragged out winter clothes, only to find temps back up in the 70's and 80's this weekend. Mom says that is the pleasures of living in South Texas~!! MOL~!
So, mainly I wanted to write and express my heart felt purrpreciation for all the gifties, notes, and comments, pictures and love shown for my Happy Birthday yesterday. I would have been 10. Only traveling to the bridge before I turned 6 that year in 2009. Mom still remembers everything about me as clear as day. Thank you my pawsome furiends, you are what makes Catster the community that we all love. Mom gets teary eyed when she thinks of all the love that is shown here, always. Our love of our kitties, past, present efen future brings us together as one big happy family. Here we are all the same. That is what mom says. We all know the love and affection and entertainment we kitties show our pawrents. Wow, that Mallee is really a big laugh~!! She is so smart!!! Still food oriented, she is learning tricks now. Milo is a goof ball sometimes. They sleep much of the day, but when early morning rolls around, like 3 or 4 in the morning, Milo will wake up mom with a paw to the face~!! She will get up just to watch them silly willies play hide and seek and chase through ALL the rooms in the house. It's big. Mallee darts across the long kitchen floor and sounds like a group of wild horses running!~ MOL~! Boxes are coming into the house and staying. Hehehee, the boxes the heaters came in are now condo's on top of each other and Milo will venture upstairs and Mallee downstairs and they will really have a blast~!! Paw has started to be the TREAT giver just about everyday. Sometimes they both even gather in the den and sit right next to each other, which mom realized that is when they are asking for treats~! Paw has bought sooo many different kinds of treats, these kits are really super spoiled!!! But ya know, they bring so much happiness to Mom 'n Paw. Paw has always been mainly a dog guy person, but has had many cats too. He loves them all. Mom's eyes tear up when she thinks how good of a man she latched on to. As fate would have it, they dated 4 years, and now get to live and be with each other for the rest of their lives. Paw is sooo good to mom. This makes me happy.
My grand furiends, thank you for being so excellent to all of us. I wanted to say thanks and to give a little update here for sharing.
We angels had a grand time for my birthday in Heaven. As always Raincloud made her astonishing cream cheese frosting, as Timmy Tim baked a very large triple layer cake, then we all settled in at the Angel Inn and partying the night away, dancing and singing. My lovely Sadie dances devine and we had the last dance before ventured some high flying to sprinkle some much needed angel dusties on tonza kitties who are sick, in need and have grieving pawrents. That is what we Angels do. We will always be around.

Thank you for reading my journal. I treasure each of you.

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue, Cloud #9

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