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A day in the Life of Milo

Catebrashon'z 'n Pawty Time'z~!

May 26th 2014 9:33 am
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Hellooooo me fine 'n wonnerfur furiend'z 'n furrmilies~! I hope U all r doin' good 'n happy 'n lovin' ona Ur purrfect meowmy'z 'n dad'z today 'n efuryday~

Sooo, what a purrfect Memorial Day it iz here ina country~! We're gettin' some mush needed RAIN 'n thunderstorm'z today 'n us kits watchin' it 'n da boomer'z came last night all durin' da nite too~ 'n yeah, Mallee wuz a bit skeered when Paw got up to check on us all. He sez her wuz a hidin' unner da end table wif BEEG eye's really wide~! Hehehee, I wuzn't skeered at all 'n coz I sleep ina bed wif meowmy 'n I safe~! 'n yeah it'za boomin' a bit now too. 'n da RAIN iz comin' down really good~ 'n yeah Paw iz watchin' out da front door 'n our small chug hole'z r turnin' into lake'z 'n river'z 'n stream'z! Heheheee~! Da burdie'z r gonna go swimmin'~! MOL~! We REALLY need dis rain fur all da lake'z r sooo low 'n so dis will halp'z LOT'z, yeah~!

'n in more mew'z, Mallee me fine 'n furry SILLY gurly gurl sisfur gotted DIARY PICK honor today~! Whoo hoo 'n we sooo purroud o' her 'n her been dancin' 'n singin' all mornin' long~! I had to slowly go up to her 'n snuzzle her nose 'n her kissied me back~!!! Yeeehaw, 'n I think'z her doe'z love'z me~ We be'z sush happy kitties~! Concats me lovely sisfur 'n know it will be a furry pawtyin' type day coz look at all our wonnerfur furiend'z who ALSO got Diary Pick'z~ Look did ya see our pawsome 'n dear furiend ANGEL SUGAR got DIARY OF THE DAY today? CONCATS also to ANGEL MALLOW 'n also to our purrfect furiend, ANGEL COLETTE~! Oh Mallee sez it'z SOOO mush fun to be ina pawsome spotlight wif ALL dese purrfect furiend'z whofur we love'z soooo mush~!!! 'n CONCATS 'gain~!!

'n yeah, MALLEE want'z to send THANK'Z to dat awesome pawsome Diary gal or dood 'n thank'z to Catster fur pickin' her to be's a Diary Pick honor~! What a delight~!! Mallee sez THANK U~

'n in more mew'z, Friday; May 30th iz me Happy 6th Birfday~! Whooo hooo 'n yeah, U thought'z rite, we gonna PAWTY~! Hehehee, 'n coz we CAN 'n nope we don't need a reason too, coz we jus' da pawtyin' type kits~ Rite on 'n Paw'z on~! So, mom will halp'z me write 'nother Diary, hopefurry, whar'z we can enjoy dancin' 'n singin' 'n gettin' together wif our furtastic Catster furiend'z~! WE hope U will stop by 'n visit fur awhile'z~! 'n thank'z in advance fur bein' sush awesome pawsome furiend'z~

'n so last nite I wuza bein' silly too~ 'n sometime'z it get'z really hot ina bedroom at nite 'n efen tho mom keep'z da fan a blowin' still lil warm. So when her came to bed, well I was gettin' comfortable'z 'n den I pulled a 'Mallee gurly gurl' stunt! I wuz TOP side DOWN 'n wif me paws up ina air~!! 'n yeah it'z a really good way to kewl off me belly~ Don't ya jus' love'z showin' off Ur bellies??? Mom could no resist 'n kissey me belly~! heheheee~! I let her~!

So whatcha'll been up to lately? Dis mornin' wuz really fun 'n Mallee 'n meself already got dem 'BEE's" a goin' 'n dem zoomies too~ Mallee o' course, got extra spawcial treat'z too 'n I got some too. Mom also put tonza mixed up treat'z ina Mallee's toy treat thangie. 'n her love'z to knock 'em round 'n den EAT 'EM~ MOL~ Her really iza a silly furry funny lil gurly gurl~!!

Ok gotta run 'n gotted tired 'n need'z a lunch time nappy 'n coz don't ya know dat sleepin' durin' da rain shower'z iz good fur ya? 'n yeah, mom 'n paw sleeps really really good when it storm'z~! 'n yeah, I doe'z too~ Nap time'z r spawcial 'n really goodest~

Talk later me purrfect furiend'z 'n pals,
Love'z lot'z,

Alway'z mom'z blue eyed baby boy

*Blowin' happy 'n lovin' kissies to me saweet HEN 'n me spawcial JASMINE too~! xox

Purred by: Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ (Catster Member)

May 26th 2014 at 12:21 pm

Purred by: Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ (Catster Member)

May 26th 2014 at 12:21 pm

Purred by: Keisha ~DG4~ (Catster Member)

May 26th 2014 at 4:13 pm

Milo, you're so brave not to worry about the thunderstorms, I like to hide under the bed myself. Don't like those boomer noises! You sounds like you'se all having fun in the country, we used to be too, till we moved closer to the city. It still seems like country though, cuz we have trees all around the house, with lotsa squirrels'n stuff. Mom won't let me run around though, unlest she's rite there beside me.
Lookin' forward to your birthday pawty!

Purrs'n Hugz'n lotsa Whiskerkissies,
Purred by: MILO BLUE EYES DB#73 (Catster Member)

May 28th 2014 at 4:51 pm

Thank U me saweet 'n dear furiend, Miss Kally Kat 'n we love'z U 'n ur pawsome meowmy too furry mush~! Love dat piccie~! xox

'n yeah, gorgeous Keisha 'n thank'z fur da comment~! I wish we haz sum squirrels to look at, we on'y haz road runners 'n burd'z 'n horsies 'n goat'z 'n bunnies~ 'n cheekins too~! I can'tz go outside tho, too many wild animals 'round. Safer INSIDE~ 'n yeah, we gonna rock da pawty 'n I can't wait, it will be'z a dancin' 'n fun time fur shur~!! Purrs on~!!

Whisker kissies,




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