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A day in the Life of Milo

Thank U oh thank U so mush Purrfect Furiend'z~!!!

May 3rd 2014 8:52 am
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Hi ya'll'z~! How be'z efuryone? I hope dis find'z U all happy 'n doin' good 'n 'spawcially healthy~!!
My Catretary, well dat be'z me meowmy; haza been away 'n Paw 'n her yeah, dey did, went outta town 'n were gone fur few day'z! Imagine dat? 'n ona me Gotcha Gotted Day too~! Did no get'z back til late last nite, well acshually it wuz early dis mornin', soooo nope dey weren't home ona me 5th Gotcha Spawcial gotted day~! Hmmmmph~! Anyfur, we gonna pawty today 'n enjoy life 'n yeah, 'bout 2 AM I did getted me spawcial Fancy Feast supper fulla tonza GRAVIE'Z~ I love'z gravy~!! Iz me furvurite stuff'z~! Lickin' dat bowl clean iz me job~!!! MOL~! 'n yeah, me 'n Mallee really missed me mom 'n paw so mush, BUT we were treated really good 'n enjoyed purrlayin' wif me hooman sisfur whofur live'z behind me mom 'n paw (ina our BACK yard~~! yeah~!) dem came ofur 'n gived us foodage'z 'n treat'z 'n we efen returned da favour wif bonks 'n nudge'z~! YEPPER'z we were gooodest kitfur'z whilst mom 'n paw were gone~!

*Milo smiles beeeg~!!!*

Mallee 'n me really had "bee'z" last nite, well acshually early dis mornin' 'n when meowm finally came to bed 'n yeah her wuz beat tired 'n restless from dat drive, well me 'n Mallee were NOT ready to sleep yet~! Hehehee, 'n we gotted 'bee'z' 'n dat iz whut Paw sez we getted when we streak thru da house 'n run 'n jump 'n purrlay 'n actin' all silly too~! 'n yeah, Mallee get'z bee'z mush more den me, but when I GET 'em bee'z, well meowmy really think'z iz sooo funny 'n laugh'z 'n enjoy it soo mush, coz well, I slowed down a bit 'n well yeah, coz I will be'z 6 yrs old dis month~! Mallee her jus' still a lil gurly gurl 'n but her is really funny too 'n sometime'z I jus' watch her 'n think'z to meself...yeah, whut a dummy~! MOL~ Interstin' stuff tho 'n her iz a mush better jumper den me, 'n get'z tonz more vertical den me, well I iz a profeshonal soccer purrlayer 'n mush more horizontal. 'n Mallee, well her iz more Catrobatic 'n jump'z high 'n twirl'z 'n stuff, 'n yeah iz a gurly gurl calico thangie~! MOL~ Mom 'n Paw sez we r two furry furry entertainin' furs~! 'n yeah we enjoy purrrformin' fur 'em~! Heheheeee~!

I also want'z to sez thank U so mush to Rory 'n furmilies 'n also to WeBee'z da Pipo 'n Minko fur awesome pawsome piccies fur me Gotcha Gotted day yesterday~ Since we did no catebrate yesterday 'n me Catretary wuz GONE to 'nother Casino once 'gain, I wuz not able to pawty~! Hmmmmph 'gain~! So we pawty today. 'n We thank U all fur da wonnerfur giftie'z 'n prezzie'z brought to me page; it look'z soooo pawsome~!! Thank U~! Me furiend'z all o' U r sooo furry spawcial 'n do not efur furget'z it, 'k??

Now 'nother ona mush more sad note, our grand 'n purrfect furiend, SMILEY DIARY POST iz sick 'n not feelin' good 'n him furtastic meowm iz sooo worried 'bout him 'n wud ya go on ofur to him page, read him diary 'n send him bestest healin' wishe'z?? Smiley iz one o' da kewlest 'n most sweetest kittie'z here in Catster Communitie'z 'n so furry spawcial to tonza Catster furiend'z~!!!

Now mom iz halpin' me write dis diary 'n so we not been here mush 'n her jus' halped me a bit early dis mornin' to come look see, 'n we not been 'round to wish all our pawsome furiend'z happy day'z 'n spawcial event'z 'n stuff 'n we sorry too~!

Now on to lettin' ya know how da TRIP 'n travel went fur mom 'n paw~! Dey did get'z to go up to da Ft Worth/Dallas area 'n visit 'n stayed Tues, Weds 'n Thurs nite'z ina really nice suite at da La Quinta in Euless 'n yeah dat'z whar mom 'n us lived fur many yrs. 'n mom gotted to visit wif a couple furiend'z from da ol' 'partment 'n also dey went to visit mom's brother 'n furmilies. Twuz a nice 'n pawsome adventure~! Dey were 'n I mean WERE plannin' on comin' home on Friday~! Well den.. 'n get'z dis~! Den dey decided to make a trip up to dat Winstar Casino cross da Okla border~ R dey gettin' Casino addicted or whut? First Kickapoo Lucky Eagle 'n now dis? 'n yeah dey had a blast~ 'n purrlayed dem furvurite games too~! Nice purrlace~! Next time dey gonna stay in dat kewl hotel at dat Casino~ Whut? 'nother trip? Hope iz not tooo soon~! Anyfur glad dey enjoy it but wuz efen happier when dey got home~! Mallee wuz a trip herself'z 'n really really loved ona me Paw~! Yeah if ya hazn't guessed it by now, Mallee iz a Paw'z lil gurly gurl~! MOL~ 'n yeah, me Milo iz mom'z blue eyed baby boy~ I not a BABY, but I guess her can call me dat~! MOL~!!! 'n I love'z her, soooo it'z not all dat bad, rite?

Purrs on me furiend'z 'n we r happy to be back 'n hopin' we can venture purrlayin' here more in da furry near future~

'GAIN THANK U me wonnerfur Communitie'z Furiend'z fur da kin'ness U shown 'n bein' so sooper spawcial to us 'n to efuryfur in Catsterville.

Oh 'n we're also really excited to see Catster workin' good 'gain~!! YAY~!

Purrs on 'n be good~! Yeah rite~ MOL~

Love Yall'z,


'n Mallee wave'z here frum San Antonio 'n blow'z kissies XOXOX

Purred by: Platelicker ♥ DB#69 (Catster Member)

May 3rd 2014 at 8:58 am

mmm... gravy... *haz a momint of silence... makes beeskits...*

Glad they had fun! Are their ears still ringin'! MOL!

Golly must check on our dear Smiley...

Purred by: WeBeesSiameezers (Catster Member)

May 3rd 2014 at 2:17 pm

Wow, Lots going on...kitty and not-kitty...

Glad you are pawrtying your Gotcha Day today...better late than nevfur!

We, too are purring and pawyering fur SmileyC...
Purred by: Benson - DB #178 (Catster Member)

May 3rd 2014 at 5:53 pm

Your furmily has sure been busy, Milo! I'm glad you are all doing well.

We are sure worried about Smiley too.





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