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A day in the Life of Milo

WEEKEND is HERE: Hiho Milo

February 27th 2010 10:50 am
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Yes another purrfect weekend is upon us. OH meowrow look outside, as I sit in my favorite window uttering the 'eh eh's' of feline power, I notice how all the humans are having a great time and laughing. Seems like the sun brings out the best in most humans as well as us felines. I feel really fiesty today as I look out and notice my friend from across the apartment comes wandering by. It's Emo my little doggy friend who is somewhat terrified of ME! Oh purr on, give me a break, he's bigger than me. But meowmy will let him inside and he jumps up on MY love seat where MY fancy towel is layed out for ME. Oh purrfect, I just learned he really loves my meowmy. He licks her and his human is like a father to my meowmy. He won't let me get very close as his human daddy protects him from ME swatting at him. I just want to be friends and give him a once over smelling. YOWZERS he smells like dog! MOL Must be a dog thing. I don't smell like that! Purrs think I need to lick myself while the Emo does his doggy goodness and purr-up to my meowmy. Well can't blame her, she is just a lover of all fur-kind. But when she gives Emo MY lunch meat, he begs and sits and jousts all about making a fool out of himself. Would I ever do that? Nah, but sometimes I will sit and look all cute and stare a lot. That gets meowmy's attention, then she says, HiHo Milo look at them beautiful peepers. Just in case you wondered, she does give me that lunch meat also, especially if she is offering it to neighboring fur friends. Mowrow what a lovely day, oh look, there are more fur friends about! And the birds, mow I think I could reach that one up there, look it's a blue birdie. Too purrty to eat. Meowmy likes the fact that I stick to my main meal plan of Purina Plus Pro. I'm not really big on human food, wow she just ate two peices of fish and three shrimp from Long John Silvers, and did I even hover or mew or bat an eye? Nope am in my favorite spot in the window taking my afternoon nap. Besides fish is not very appealing to me. I'd rather stick to chicken, or beef or a big slab of ribs any style. Its a purrfect day in the world of Milo and my universe is Grand. Many wishes for a Purrfect weekend to all my gorgeous furiends. Peace and love be with you. Purrs deep and long.




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