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A day in the Life of Milo

A Pretty Good Sunday 2-14-10

February 14th 2010 6:29 pm
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Oh it was a great morning as I woke up Mommy like I always do after we've snuggled together all night and kept each other warm. I really like sleeping and I purr a lot when I lay beside her under her arm with my long paws reaching across her chest. But it was daylight out, for heavens sake, time for everyone to get up! Birds were out there, yep, I could hear and see them. I sit in my bedroom window and watch, make my 'hunting' sounds, mommy thinks it's so cool. No sun came out today and it got much colder as the day went on, so mommy was turning on the heat off and on all day. Weather has been really confusing here in Texas this year. And then Mommy's boyfriend was up here for the weekend, I think he lives somewhere in another city down south of us. I like him but when him and mom get together she is much crazier than normal!!!I still sleep right next to her even when he is here all night, which isn't my favorite thing-to share my mommy! All goes well and he went back home, so it's just me and my mom now. It's bedtime now and time to snuggle and keep my mommy warm. I did promise her boyfriend I would do that much. High Five and take care all. OH and Happy Valentines Day everyone~! Hope that Cupid did his job or whatever it is he does.




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