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I am beating the boy's agan mom.!

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Helloe everyone..!

June 19th 2005 5:17 pm
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Yes,it's been one of then month's where I just can not make up my mind on whom want to sleep with at night,I have been going back and forward to from Mom to Dad and seem night just stay with Mom all night long and when other nigt with Dad all night..!I just wish Mom and dad would move out of this mobile home in to something bigger and nicer .Because there are to many spider's here and I just hate spider's..!As does Shellie,in fact she run and sceam every time she see one.!So dad has to came and kill them.Well there not much for me to write so I gues I will just let the next in line use the computre to write in their jounal...Have a wondefull week..


takeing it easy tonigh..!

May 4th 2005 7:52 pm
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I just pop in to say hi and let you know I okand life is great to me and my kid's.We have two brithday's this month so that mean a cake will be getting bake real soon around here.Which is a lot of fun to watch mom do.Well I beeter head back out for my snack before mom think I do not went one tonight,mom hasa new rule about snack's now and I think it's a great rule,because some one does not get more than they should get.oh the new rule is that you get asnack every other night.and if you went you have to be ther on time.well must go my daughter is waiting to use the computer as well,so have a great week.
Lady Sabrynalinn Star


Get over it Baby Girl..!

February 15th 2005 5:21 pm
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Well ,I guess I take it to far when I get mad around .And mom told me just that today.So I better ship up.And get over it.!I stop beating up my late sister son's and the fight have stop with my son Andielee,so I gues I can get over it.But I do miss not being able to seat with dad at night when their are so busy at the start of the month....!
I am so happy that I have the People mom and Dad I have,or I would not of be able to kept my five kid's together like I was able to with this family.THeir great people....!


That time of the month again Sabrynalinn Star!

January 31st 2005 9:03 pm
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Well tonight I was madbecause Dad do not put down alot food for our 10pm snack,so I started to beat up on the twin boy's Mac k and Raymond than I started om sister other son Tygerlee but he fight back than I was going to start on Fredryckelee ,but mom caught me a give talking about I was doing to hit anyone else or else and I do not the or else from mom.because she means bussine when she say or else to us.So I turn around and stop die in my tracks.I think tho Fredryckelee would hit me back like his bother Tygerlee did to me when I hit him tonight.but now I have claim down and think I will go to bed being that Shellie sound to sleep at last.Just maybe Dad will come back out to his big old chair and I can lay with him.Which one thing I love to do with him at night,but being their all went somewhere's tonight I was also mad that I could not seat with dad and wacth TV with him,instead I had to watch it with all the boy's.well anyway's their home now and I can hopefull sleep with him tonight,because I knew for a fact the next few days their are going to very busy around here,with court on wednesday and shopping on tuesday and doing the wash ect ,their will so busy their we may not see them until about %pm at night.Well any way's hope you all or had a great day and that your new month is better..!
love,Sabrynalinn Star

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