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I am beating the boy's agan mom.!

mom feeling sad

June 24th 2013 10:15 pm
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Angela,Michelle was doing her own up until the tranmisson went out on the washer and we have had to take it out to do it.the why I told her to go outand but me a new washerand dryer,so she could do it herself are so right they went us to wait on them handand foot at that age,

will the last set of new borns are now working they way around the whole it wacth where you walk or sat agian.and can tabthai climb anything..So now Harry has to watch it when he rocks in his chair at night.I just love to wacth them walk and wiggie their small butt's as they walk.It make me laugh everytime.I decdie to at last to go out and get the three week laundry wish I had one here at home,so I would not have to go out and do it and have Harry do all the lifting.but now Michelle is going with to help do it and the lifting.and unloading the van.I will be very happy once we can just go back to doing it every other day,instead of once every two or theree weeks.the cost alone to do it add up as does the gasoline to get there and home. That I would be saveing if I was able to again do it back at home.Things are starting to get to me once again it seem.but I have to not let it get me down or I will be no good for anyone else not even myself.its just that there is so darn much going on around this house and I am not getting any where with same of it that I feel down and out of it.Like with this moveoing and finding a bigger palce for us three and the 16 kats is pulling me down the most.Because I know its not health or safe to live here any more,but I just can not find the place we need in the time we are in need of it.because it cost to much or its just out of where we like to live that we know is safe for us all to live at.It's just as if someone is whole us back from the move or finding something in which to move to asp.I like to get move before the airport went to buy the land our moblie home is seating.Because we were told that they will not have to paid us for our home's because they are moblie and on rented land.That they would only paid for the land they went.I could just sat here tonight and just cry my eye's out.The program around with help with a reg house on reapairs,but when it came to a moblie home they refuse to touch it at I losee both ways.I am not asking to much for a side by side all on one floor with three bedrooms,twoo and half bathrooms,laundry room with a washer and dryer in it a dish washer and a very big kicthen and panty,that I am able to move around in my wheelchair better than I am able to do now.I would be able to do more and take a lot off of Harry's shoulder's.but I can not do t hat unless I get moved frist.It be less on us about Michelle because she have her very own place to call home.tthat she would still need to pay rent and ect.When I have to worrie about my daughter came back here from fl to live here again,when thing have been going great since she left for fl a month ago.She just can not make up her darn mind and she is 42 years old and should be settle down by now.but no.She has been that way all of her life that she been back in my life anyway.I just feel like I should pack up my se;f amd my six kats anddjust disapp and not let anyone know my where about a gain and start over fresh again.but I know that would not help matter's that it would make matters what do I do? I went to move so darn bad I can feel it.My card is over full for me to much going now here and have no place in which to turn any more as there was when I was much seem that no went to help you out once you are this age,that they went you to drop of the ends of the earth.I just wish to God thing would change around soon.thak you for listin to me talk helps kind of to do this instead of letting it sat on my shoulder' you all much..God bless


Queen,mommie..Sabyna Star


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