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My lose Jounal from account108606

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thank you

July 3rd 2013 9:54 pm
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my birthday was a very peaceful day. mom give me my favor soup chicken noodle.and that was the best part of the day.

I am sorry for not being around the past few days,but things got busy around here being the frist of the month.Check writting and bill paying,shopping,go to the vet for birthday boy Fredryckelee to have his tooth the infection does not get any more bad than it all readly is in his mouth from the bad tooth.But now thing will be slowing down for at less a week before it time to run back and forward to doctors apointment all over milwaukee and bown deer..West Milwaukee,wisconsin.all the babies are count for and in the house and in they beds for the night.if only the five kittens would learn light out means bed time and not play time.

our plans for the 4th are to stay home in the day time and let harry get caught up on his house work and than after dinner go for cruster and watch the fireworks from the cruster stand as we been doing since michelle was 3 years old.That is all we have planed this year.maybe a speacil dinner but that is it,money is still very tight here or I would have drive harry daown to vist with his sister Ej. in Ill's.but its just not in the book this year.well happy fourth of July to everyone here.God bless and kept you safe.


Duke Big Mack Willliam Schaubel

June 8th 2013 8:13 pm
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Mack lose his fight with cancer on June 3,2013 at 12:45 am,His whole family was with him as was his human family.he had all the love could ask for when he past over.He will be well missed.God Bless


Mack's Dx

May 15th 2013 10:45 pm
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three weeks ago today I was dx with a tumor in my tummie that is mom and dad are very sad with this news so soon after muchie's passing.To know that they will be loseing me as well.I spend all my time now with mom and dad.They loveme so much that i know when it does happen its going them and Michelle very much.I have a new doctor now as well,his name is Doctor Wright and just as good as Doctor Philp Sower is.that because he work under Doctor Philp wing whe nhe frist start out.hope you all have awene week and weekend ahead of you.I will have mom kept you all update on my well being and how I am doing.I have been eating a lot and try to drink water as much as I can.I refused to eat the kat food any more or the baby food they were give me,but I am eatingthe can chicken they are give to me like any.its good. I just love.


It's hot around here.

July 18th 2008 7:14 pm
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Dad's brithday and Tygerlee and Fredryckelee all went so great this year.Michelle going to day camp still the start of summer vacation and is that great for us kittie's .She came home at night all wear out eat dinner and go right to bed.So Mom and Dad do not have to be shouting at her for an thing.The weekend go good too.Their sem to go real fast around here lately.Well time to go get my snack with the other's so good night..



Doing great.

May 14th 2008 5:33 pm
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Raymond doing so great since he's on the meds for his thyroid .He'seven talking to mom and dad and He has starting to purr for them.Which mom and dad both just love to hear from Us.They both say that we all purr them to sleep at night.We had a great day and Michele was in good mood again tonight and was off to bed before 7pm tonight.Michelle has been doing great the past few days here.The rest of the family and I had kat nip today to cebl Kristopforobins brithday.That was the great part of the whole day.Off to watch tv with dad and to check on michelle for mom.So good night ad God bless.
Love, Raymond and Mack


we all had a wonderfull brithday on Monday.

March 18th 2008 7:03 pm
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Mom said it was the best brithday in years.Dad took her out to lunch at the Red Robin.And after they had order they food Dad really that he had left his money and ID at home in his other coat.So MOm was luckie to have her debt card on her...And Michelle bring home all 10's and 12 and 15 on her point sheet from school and today it was all tens again.It's been a week today that Grandma was layed to rest and mom is missing her so much as is Dorenda and Michelle.It's going to take time to belive she is gone.Well good night and God bless.
Mack and Raymond and Mom


Weather is so cold..

February 20th 2008 6:40 pm
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Its been real cold here once again.It stop snowing at last this morning but their are say there is more snow in the weather for us in the next few days.Michelle was home sick from school once again today.And Mom and Dad are getting better slowly.THanks to God that nun of us kittie's got what mom and Dad and Michele and Ryan ,Joe and Dorenda have caught...Its nice to be able to care for mom and dad and Michele for achange...The doctor is thinking that mom and Michelle have either mycoplasma pneumonia or a bacteria kind..because they symton are so close for them both....I am going to go and chek on Dad and see is if the vopor viser need to be refulled with salt water and checkon Michele and off to bed for you all take care of each other.
love,Big Mack


Yes he's home.

February 14th 2008 7:35 pm
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Dad has been home a whole day and would you belive instead resting like he was told by his doctor Mom caughte dad doing the dish and some other housework today instead of getting the sleep he needs.So mom and Michelle went after the meds and some more oj and the mail around 4pm and Dad stay home and mom told him to nap which he did do until Mom and Michelle walked thur the door with chilie for him from Wendys.Which made his Valtines day.All anyone here is doing is sleeping a lot laterly.Mom doing some what better.But still very much in pian from her fall.....I am hope that dad is up to doing the litter boxs in the morning or some time on Friday..It's started to snow here againat 4pm and mom said that theroadswere getting real bad once again....I just thought I stop by andlet you all know we are doing fine and that dad is home and doing good.So good night and God Bless.

Love, Mack


Hello again..

January 16th 2008 6:41 pm
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It's been a good week so far.Mom and dad have been gone all week to do something that need to be done.Michelle is off on Friday and on Monday and Mom already has her whole day plan out for her..Tell you this much she will not be going over to her mom's,but at the same tme she will not be at home the whole driveing mom up the wall.Mom got her new glassses today but is getting headach's from them so she not wesring all the time like she should be doing..Mom is thinking of going back and telling the eye doctor about the headachs and see what he would like for mom to do.Outside of that dad is doing great and Michele had a rought night again.But was mostly bad because she was not getting her way with mom any more.Mom went to therapy today and it has help mom to feel loads better tonight.I do wish mom would be a happy person once again.She seem to never went to smile any more unless we do something funnie and it make her laugh and smile..She alway say it warms her heart when we are so silly..Michele was in bed before 7pm tonight.I am thinking of going in and cuddleingup with Michele until mom came in to watch the news..Well good night and God bless you all.
love, Mack


Just a few word's.

January 2nd 2008 5:52 pm
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mom decide to let michelle go and spend more time with her mom and than Mom pland on picking her up on Fridday afternoon just before Michelle brithday party...So that Michele get to be with her mom on the morning of her brithday this year...So for us Kittie's that mean that we are gong to get the free run of the house again with Michelle alway cutting into our fun.Mom and dad are getting closer to finding that right Van and plan on spending time peacefull together ....I know for afact now that Michelle is not going to be home until Friday night we with get some more cat nip treat....So we can party why mom and dad are gone in the morning.Yes it banking day here for Dad and pay the rent day too....So mom is going to real busy driveing dad around all day on Thusday....But they will made it up after they are home for the night with us..Phil calle tonigt to check on us and so mom set up appointment for Raymond and Grandpa Tomir for they thydor testng...Which wil be next Tuesday morning...when Michelle is back into school once again.I think being the bedroom tv is free I will go and wacth something I like for a change..So good night and God,Mack.

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