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Lymphoma treatment update

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Gracie made her journey to the bridge tonight... she is an- angel girl

November 7th 2012 4:12 am
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Over the last few weeks, since about mid october, Gracie was suddenly not doing as well. she started loosing weight and was not eating or active over this time.. and seemed to get a little bit worse as time went on, so she was brought to her oncologist right away.. various tests were done which Gracie wrote about before ( ultrasound, echocardiogram, blood work,etc), th doctors were not sure what was happening, but figured it was probably lymphoma returning but they did not want to administer chemo until they were sure but she couldnt undergo any CT scans so they could not image her nasal area... so they treated her for upper resp infection for about a week, that didnt work, then gave her a long lasting antibotic, that didnt work. Finally they decided to start her on chemo but not the strong vincristine... since they said that could make any conditions she had worse.. and make her anorexia worse.. so they started her on elspar.. and then decided to start her on cytoxin ( but they had to make a smaller pill because she had lost so mugh weight)... so she was given the pill last night.. but all along , especially this week, her decline was rapid. she was brought into emergeny and almost passed on her own. her temp was so low it failed to even register... she was glassy eyed, tired.. i talked to her and told her i loved her and she was so and will always be so special and a good girl.. and i had to let her go because she couldnt fight anymore.. i love her and miss her and am in very bad shape right now.. i have to be strong for my others but i miss her terribly and will never be the same again.. thank you for your prayers and concern... i appreciate it so much,


Suddenly feeling under the weather..

October 19th 2012 9:00 pm
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Hi everyone,
sorry i havent checked in lately, I havent been feeling too great...I went for my visit to the doctors this past monday and i lost a pound which is a lot for me. Momma knew i was looking like i was loosing, so she started giving me appetite stimulants more frequently. My doctor visits are pretty frequent ( every 4 weeks). so when i went to the oncologist they were concerned and did some blood work. Everything was ok except my gloublin level was very high, 7.2. this could be due to infection but at the same time, they were not sure because another protein level was not in line with an infection.. but they just did not know. So they did a chem screen and a T4 as well as an ultrasound. THey did not find any abnormalities on my ultrasound. My bloodwork was ok except for the gloublin protein level. So they decided to treat me for an upper resp. infection with clavimox, hoping that that is reason i am not feeling well and they want to see me after the clavimox is done. The only problem is i am not eating , i am very picky more and more each day. My mom brought me to my local vet a day later and i was given sub q fluids. Momma asked that i get them. The vet then showed mom how to administer them and she brought home a bag of lactated ringers and needles so i can get fluids at home. So mom gave me some this morning and i seemed ok but when she came home she noticed i didnt eat my food. So she is getting really worried about me... she gave me some pureed fancy feast today, a little on her finger and force fed me a bit, i didnt want it but she made me eat some... She is really worried about me. The doctors didnt think it was my lymphoma though. THey said it would be odd that suddenly i would have these symptoms and no other ones ( they did not see any issues near my eyes or hear anything in my lungs). So they are not sure.. Mom is going to see how i am tomorrow...
this all happened suddenly... Mom is very concerned. I ask for your purrrs and prayers please to get me through this bump in the road.. i am a strong little girl and have been so long and just hope this is some infection that i can beat soon..
Well time for bed.. thank you for your prayers and purrrs...
Love, Gracie girl


hello everyone!

August 28th 2012 6:00 pm
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hi everyone,
just wanted to say hello, i hope everyone is doing ok.. i just wanted to check in.. and let everyone know whats going on. I went to my oncologist last week and i gained back the weight i lost.. i lost a little bit.. My infection is gone too! I am so glad ( ihad a UTI infection, was put on clavimox and it went away, good bye infection and dont come back, meow)! . My oncologist also told mom ihave been in remission for a year i am such a good girl, momma tells me that a lot.. i just pray i keep doing well, i take my medicine, i go for doctor visits and momma looks after me very carefully, always making sure i am ok..thank ou for all of ur purrs and prayers, i am a strong little girl even though i am just 6.5 lbs and very petite, i am a fighter girl! i am a guard girl too, i guard the house, ! yep, if anyone tries to break in, they gotta get past me first! mol!! meow!!!!!
have a nice night everyone an thank u again for your purrs and thoughts, they mean the worl to me and my momma...


Just checking in to say hello!

July 12th 2012 4:38 pm
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Hi everyone,
sorry i havent been on here to write lately, mom has been so busy and doesnt let me use her computer too much! i need to get my own! meow !! i wanted to just let everyone know i am still doing fine.. Mom takes me to the oncologist every 6-8 weeks or sooner as recommended by the doctor. I was at the Oncologist 3 weeks ago and again today, so i returned sooner than normal. The reason being last visit a culture was taken that showed a yeast infection on a urinanalysis. The doctors were puzzled by this.. so they wanted to take a new culture, so asked that mom bring me back, so she did.. and they did another culture which we are waiting results. In todays analysis they noticed a lot of bacteria, not sure what it is, or why but they prescribed clavimox for me. I will start it tomorrow. Mom things i have been through enough today to give me more meds, so i will get my clavimox tomorrow. Tonight i will just rest and relax! i was at the oncoloigsts from 7:30 until 3:00! mom had to go to work and after she got word i was done, she left early to pick me up. And you know what she did? he stopped at the deli and picked me up some turkey! for the ride home, wasnt that nice, i made mommy very happy by eating my turkey on the way home. Mom got caught in rush hour traffic, but i didnt mind, i was pigging out on turkey in my carrier..! boy that was yummy!. So i am home now, relaxing.. so happy to be home with Mussey and the gang and in my own home.. Mom should hear my test results on monday hopefully. anyway, i am sorry it took so long to write, but just wanted to check in and say hi... i am not sure when i have to go back, depends on the results to see if they want to re test me again.. mom will see what doctors say.
well have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Hi everybody!

May 3rd 2012 5:19 pm
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Hiya everyone,
sorry havent checked in lately, moms been really busy with the computer and she wont let me on it as much! meow! well i went for a checkup about two weeks ago and my oncologist said i looked very good, my blood counts were good ( sometimes on pred certain blood counts can change the doc said, but mine were all good)!. I do have some congestion and sniffles but doctor doesnt believe its lymphoma related. I was originally diagnosed with nasal lymphoma in April 2010.. I am still on pred but no chemotherapy since i am in remission ( paws crossed i stay that way). Mom takes me for a checkup every 6 weeks.. always on a tuesday even though i dont get chemo anymore so i dont need to go on a tuesday, somehow my appointments are always on a tuesday! anyway, wanted to check in and say hello.. hope everyone has a nice night and weekend coming up!
Gracie girl!


Merry Christmas!! and a little update

December 24th 2011 11:28 pm
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Hi Everyone,
First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all of my catster friends. I havent had a chance to get on much as mom has been busy with the holidays and work and all, time just seems to escape!!! I hope everyone is having a great holiday! I also wanted to update everyone on my lymphoma( remission). So far so good, I am a strong gal.. I went for my 6 week update on Dec 20. The only thing they noticed which i have had for awhile is some sniffles and congestion and mom noticed a little discharge from my affected eye, so she got concerned and called my oncologist.. The doctors said keep a close watch but they believe it could be rhinitis or an upper respitory and if continues put me on antibotic, but they dont want to put me on anything unless its needed because they can impact my ability to fight off infections. The oncologist said that if mom sees this again to call her and then perhaps antibotic would be prescribed. But thankfully mom has not seen anything since ( mom is always watching my eye and pays attention to my breathing, any discharge from eye or nose). The doctor asked if i were eating well and mom said yes ( because i do have a hearty appetite)!, so mom will just watch me closely. the doctor said she could always fit me in their full schedule if that ever became necessary which hopefully it wont but its good to know i could always get in. My doctors care so much for me and i really like them all so much. They are trying really hard to keep me well... So tonight after mom visited our aunt ( angel picasso's mommy and family), mom brought turkey home and i had some! along with my brofurs and sisters. I have a feeling i will be eating more turkey tomorrow.. yummy!
well i just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and update everyone and thank you again for keeping me in your thoughts!
Ms Gracie girl!


Wanted to check in and say meow!

November 1st 2011 11:20 am
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Hi everyone, sorry its been awhile since i posted, mom's been keeping me busy eating all of the time.. my next visit to oncologist is Nov 8, i will be going for an exam. Mom noticed i threw up a few times, but that may be because i ate so much so appetite is good and i do enjoy my food and treats, but i do eat slow, always have, so that means sometimes mom has to separate me when i eat .. but then sometimes that doesnt work because i like being with my brofurs and sister when i eat! most of the time it works though because when mom comes upstairs to let me out of the bedroom , my dish is empty....
So Nov 8 is a followup visit. Last time i was there was October 4...the doctors check my nasal passages, my weight, they look me over for any signs of lymphoma in the areas where i was treated. they are all very familiar with my case so they know what to look for ( every oncologist there has seen me at this point). So mom is hoping i kept my weight stable and that i continue to fight and stay in remission... I am still feisty and i love to play and chase things, so mom knows i feel well... and i am talkative... so those are all good signs, i am my old self..... i want to send out a special condolence to Willow Fisher, a facebook friend ( not sure if willow is here on catster or not, probably is, i need to ask )... she lost her battle with cancer... she fought so very hard... she really was a brave girl...
well everyone i will let you know how i do next tuesday. i hope everyone else is feeling well, andhad a nice halloween!


just wanted to say hi!

September 8th 2011 10:35 am
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Just wanted to say hi to all of my catster friends! just resting and relaxing today with my family.its raining and humid and we are just slugging around... I have been doing well so far after my chemo has stopped. mom noticed some sneezing but that can be just kitty alergy. Mom inspects my eye and nose for any discharge, that is what she was told to look for, so so far mom has not seen that. I am on 1/2 predisolone a day now.. i used to be on one pill a day.. so mom will give me that later on today. for now, mom doesnt want to disturb me because i am resting with Mussey. I go back to my oncologist in early October for a followup checkup.
I hope all of my catster friends are doing well and hope that the flooding is not too bad where you are. we had flooding here in this area, but mom is on vaca this week, so she doesnt have to drive anywhere.. we are really enjoying mom being home with us all day!
have a nice afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i did it!!! No more chemo for me!!!!! yipee!!!!!!!

August 23rd 2011 1:39 pm
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I went for my normal chemo today but today was a special day in that they did extra testing to "restage" my disease. They did not feel an ultrasound or radiographs would produce much value. Mom was nervous about these tests because they would require sedation. The sedation would not be general anesthesia though so i probably woulda been ok, but mom was still nervous, but would have done these tests if the doctor said so, but Dr. Salah who is my main oncologist there discussed this with mom before and told the resident who looked after me today that it would not produce much value in my case since my initial tests showed no spreading of my disease and i was put on chemo immediately after the discover of my disease ( within 2 days of my diagnosis, i was getting chemo). So they feel that the chemotherapy killed the disease early on and since i have been getting it so long and have no clinical signs, in their opinion, they do not feel it spread and therefore decided against these tests.
So today, although it was chemo day, i was not given chemotherapy today. They stopped my chemo, no more chemo for me. We now have to pray that i stay in remission. They said results are varied by patient as far as how long remission lasts. THank you for your continued purrrsss and encouragement, i feel like all of you have been with me the whole time, when i was at the hospital, that everyone was right there with me..your purrs mean a lot and thank you for thinking of me......! i am so happy to be done with my chemo, i go back in 6 weeks for a general oncology exam just to keep a close watch on my progress.
Thanks again everyone!
Gracie girl


Tomorroz big day fur me!

August 22nd 2011 10:32 am
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Hi everyone! well tomorrow is maybe my last chemo treatment.. mom will find out tomorrow when i go for chemo. The oncologists will be doing a very thorough exam on me tomorrow to determine if my remission is still there and if i can eliminate chemo. Mom is hoping because these medicines are strong, really hopes ( and i hope) my chemo can stop and i can stop all this medicine. But of course, i would still come in for exams from these same oncolgists, that would not change
( and mom does not want that to change. They are most familiar with my case since they have been treating me for the last year and a half), so mom would still bring me for exams there. I have been such a good girl, so brave and good and patient with all of my treatments. They love me at the hospital too, everyone knows me from the veterinary staff to the business office staff because i am such a fixture there! and i am very talkative.. i love when everyone ooooohhhs and ahhhhhs at me, how cute I am! anyway, will keep everyone posted. Thanks for your wishes and encouragement everyone!

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