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I am feeling lost without my brother home

Cops Came because of me!

April 27th 2010 7:42 am
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Well as usual, i spend the nite in the condo.. on the top shelf that i prefer... in morning..well its feeding time, of course, and what do i do? I plop my big body ( around 11 lbs or so) and stretch.. then jump off the condo and wait for food. Well today i managed to set the alarm off and the police came! mom didnt think they would because the alarm company call didnt come through, so she thought she shut it off in time.. but somehow the alarm company call cant get through when the alarm is going off ( mom needs to call alarm guy about this becuase when the alarm goes off, she is not getting the call) anyway, so she was getting ready this morning and the police came to the door and mom blamed me! its true i did it.. he laughed though a little and just wanted to make sure everyone was ok. Mom told me after that the cops came because i was a bad girl picking on Mussey all the time..! i dont believe her though.. mol!!!!!


Locked in with Mussey for awhile

April 24th 2010 10:39 am
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Mom decided to force our introduction since informal introductions have not been working. I was not very nice to Mussey initially and i admit i do chase him from time to time.. but he is very much afraid of me and growls when i get near him. I am no longer as aggressive, but he is still is just as afraid. So mom decided to put us in the master bathroom with a litter box, food... and windows open for nice fresh air.. and hopefully allow us to get introduced better... So mom is monitoring the situation today.. checking in on us to see how its going. No noise no fighting.. but eventually one of us will need to use kitty box or eat or have water, so mom is hoping we just gravitate closer. She doesnt know what to do other than this. She tried some tricks that her friend here on catster told her to do but mussey was too afraid to approach his food ( putting treats and food out ).. so mom is hoping something works because she cant keep us separated like this forever.


Still trying to deal with my new brofur!

April 17th 2010 9:16 am
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I have calmed down somewhat.. not sure if the diffusers are working or i am just getting tired of being so aggressive..! but i have stopped running after Mussey.. but he is still afraid to come out, he hides under the desk in moms room. I hope he comes out and we can just make peace once and for all! mom doesnt want to keep us separate anymore, she wants us all to be together. Mom's main focus right now is on my sister Gracie.. she was recently diagnosed with nasal lymphoma.. so mom has an appointment with oncologist on tuesday and she will be getting her first treatment then, but mom is not sure what that treatment is will be some kind of chemo but not sure all the details yet.. so she is focused on that. She is glad to see me behaving though.. i am not fighting,.. so i hope Mussey knows i am ready to make peace!


Felliway..........hope it works!

April 9th 2010 8:09 am
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Mom has 2 felliway diffusers plugged in.. hopefully will calm me down! i have not been the kindest to my new brofur, Mussey. He is very handsome and sweet and playful, but i am not accepting him too well.. so mom separated us again. She will introduce us again this weekend . We have to get integrated. It may take a long long time for everyone to be comfortable, but we need to start sometime!! so mom plans on closing the doors to the bedrooms upstairs so we cant run and hide under the beds. So we will be forced to be in the same space ( mom will be there to keep an eye on things). She just wants us to all be able to share the same space and not argue too much. Mussey is a sweet boy and once i see that, we will get along fine.. i am just competitive i guess!


New addition

March 10th 2010 5:06 pm
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Meowmy was offered a new addition to the family for us.... after loosing Mr. Snowflake, mom has been grieving and misses him so much.. someone in salt lake city has a kitty , he is 7 years old, a lialic siamese boy who used to be a breeder boy now needs a permanent home so mom wants to be able to do that for him.. she thinks having him will help brighten up the home and make us happier too.. see, we all miss Snowflake so much. our lives have not been the same since nor do we ever expect them to be like they were before. He was such a special brother and he was the leader of our whole gang here. He is very sadly missed and this friday will be one month since he left us... actually we have not seen him for 6 weeks because his last 2 weeks were in the ICU at the hospital.. so we have been lonely. yes, we have eachother.. but we have been lonely without him... so mom found out about this kitty and she thought that it would be a good time now as any other to offer a home to an adult kitty who deserves a nice happy life.. so mom is flying allllllllll the way out to Salt Lake City, Utah.. and she is going to spend 2 days there and then bring him back home here! then my auntie is coming over and mom is going to pick up some sandwiches for my aunt and herself ( we may steal some too when no one is looking..). .. so we are looking forward to having someone join our family. We know no one can ever take the place of Snowflake, that can and never will happen........ but we think Snowflake would like it that we were happier and mom had another little being to shower with love and attention.. So we are all looking forward to him coming home. His name is "Musse", it is a sweedish name. Its not a name mom would have thought of for a kitty but since he is 7 she cant really change it.. one of mom's friends here on catster suggested maybe calling him something simliar to his name Musse.. so thats an idea too! anyway, we will post pictures once he comes home...and he will start his own page after he has time to rest after his flight!

have a nice night everyone!


Really miss my brother , i want him to come home soon!

February 10th 2010 10:31 am
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I really am misisng my big brother, Snowflake. He is in the hospital now. He just had surgery last week so I know he cant come home yet until he gets better. But in the meantime, I really miss him! so I am extra needy these days.. I sleep upstairs in bed every night now whereas before I didnt really.. and I am very needy toward mommy.... I have been following her around more than usual. I usually am near my brother, Snowflake and hanging out with him, but he is not here right now.. so I am just acting extra needy... So its snowing out a lot right now. Its a blizzard out there. Mommy wants to try to get video of the blizzard like my auntie did last storm, but mommy really doesnt want to go out in that.. she wants to stay inside with us and watch tv. Mommy took a nap today with my sister Gracie and brother Petey. Well i am about to take a nap, i just ate my lunch and now its nap time , so i am on my way upstairs now , my sister and brother are up there now... so i may join them in a nap..


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