Harry Potter

American Shorthair
Picture of Harry Potter , a female American Shorthair

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Home:Tacoma, a  
Age: 7 Years   Sex: Female

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baby girl harry potter rusher

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:

Gotcha Date:
December 9th 2010

December 5th 2009


look at my bettas


Favorite Toy:

Favorite Nap Spot:

Favorite Food:
wet food



Arrival Story:
she came from a firend of ours and her brother taylor

she a doll :)

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

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Shiny Sky Blue Star

I've Been On Catster Since:
February 7th 2010 More than 7 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

Catster Id:

Meet my family
kimbery jharleyblack bear mime
pretty preittyCim
EdgerCody A firend
Happy A firend
bob 5/31/07-
9/12/07 we
OreoRIP Ben
rip ben2 nov 1
2000 -Jan 16
Shapria A
firend dog
rip Sabrina
-9/12/07 we
miss norrsRip sally
Shaloh my
neahbor dog
SmokeynormanCarrie our
neghbor cat
Tessa our
neghbor dog
Daisymay my
neghbor dog
rooster A
firend dog
Orange boyPrincessDelmar
RosiedigbeeRebaOliver Casper
lilly boogleOrlando Taylor
spookeyTimmy JoySally
SlickLouie a firend
missyspot Daisyjoey

Meet my Feline Friends
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See all my Feline Friends