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Oh My Cats!

February 16th 2014 3:39 pm
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Thank mew all soo much for making my COTD honor even better. You see I've been home alone for the last 4 days so I get pretty depressed (I don't like to be alone more than 4 hours actually). I moved my bear around but the pawrents still didn't come home.

Then they got home and I was able to access my Catster account and couldn't believe all the pawmails and prezzies I got - currazy! Thank mew all so much for being so thoughtful and making this even more special.



Thank mew, thank mew

February 3rd 2014 5:45 pm
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Thank mew to all my furriends here at Catster for making my furrday so special. Newman got me a tasty hunk o' cheese which was furry yummy. Angel HLucy sent me a sled which I promptly used on our ski slope of a driveway and it was furry fun. I think my furrmily and I brought the snow here to Purrsville. Thank mew to Francis, Kibble, Angel Yoda and group for the yummy cupcake. I tried saving a piece of it but like Tate, that plan just didn't work for some reason MOL.

Again thank mew for your support and thoughts and prezzies you're what makes Catster so special and we are going to miss it.



The Curraziest thing!

October 11th 2013 2:38 pm
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My mama came home with the curraziest story ever! So I've got my mama whipped so she orders my food ahead of time, or else I'd starve cause Papa doesn't even look. (That's why I purrfur mama, she knows the way to my kitty heart.)

She told me she was at the vet in the waiting room, waiting for them to bring my food out. Then she saw it... On the bulletin board was a FURRY familiar face with a knitted cap on her head. Mama was staring at it, and said to herself, OMG I know that fur, I mean cat!

Before she got carried away, she asked the lady, "this is a long shot but do you know who this cat is?" The tech said "oh yeah that's Hazel Lucy. Mmm hmm, Hazel Lucy."

OMCats mama said she jumped out of her skin!! She couldn't believe her furry eyes and that she was somewhere the Famous Angel had been!

That goes to show you that our Angels like Lucy are looking over us all and you never know where they'll pop up in your life.



Just being a cat

June 14th 2013 5:27 pm
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Oh my it's been quite a month! I've been busy being a kitteh and getting even more used to my home. I've been bitier and stuff but that's cause my anxiety treats were running out. Mama ordered me more so I can get the double dose and be nicer MOL. We'll see how that works out.

Otherwise it was super hot here and I was all stretched out on the ground trying to catch a breeze. I got a prezzie in the mail yesterday. A new cat bed that mama had to teach me how to use. I like it and it puts me up high which I like. I got her to put it on the back slider door so I can look out over my dominion. I was just watching a bunny rabbit back there and I see squirrelies and the next door dog who looks as dumb as ever. She's a puppy so she looks extra stupid MOL.




June 6th 2013 6:27 pm
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OMCats so much has happened in the last few weeks! Well I've been settling in nicely and I'm not as jumpy anymore.

I can hear the dog next door but I don't mind her still which is good so I don't get the urinary crystals again. We all know that's a visitor that none of us likes. Well papa was in the office one day and I decided I felt like marking the wall. Papa yelled at me and then picked me up so I would stop.

Mama started freaking out, holding her head saying "why would he do that??? Sparky, why do you do that????" I didn't really answer because, well... I'm a cat... we don't answer to any human... ESPECIALLY when we might get in trouble for it.

So anyway I went on my way but now I'm not allowed in the office by myself anymore. Then the worst happened. I heard mama say the unmagic words "Well Sparky, your little marking just earned you a trip to the V-E-T."


That didn't work. So out came the carrier and away I went to the new V-E-T. When we got there only a little dog was there and I was furry nervous cause the last time to the V-E-T I was furry sick so I hated it more than usual. But this time was ok and the new Doc Doc was so nice to me except for thing very embarrassing thing. He *ahem* checked my manly parts which I did NOT like at all. Other than that he was ok and he did stuff quickly so I liked that so I could get back in my safe carrier.

And then it was done with no big test or big urine needle or anything so I was furry happy. Mama says this is the best vet she's ever been to so I guess that's good.

So now I'm back to causing ruckus at home and I'm trying to convince meowmy to buy me a Sunny Seat Window that the Jackson Galaxy guy has in his store.



Getting settled

May 15th 2013 5:40 pm
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Well it's been a few weeks in my new home and I'm talking to my bear a lot but not so much to Ducky. I'm glad he's here don't get me wrong but I don't need him all the time like bear right now. Plus bear's bigger so he's comfier MOL.

Things are calming down and I'm not as jumpy and still going with mama to work. My new trick is getting on her lap while she's talking to clients (which she HATES). She shoves me off but I keep trying. Then I go to bed cause I'm tired from bird watching so much.

A huge thank mew to Newman again for my birdie and ladybug (was I not supposed to eat the ladybug?), HLH for the pawsome pawmails, and everyfur for the flowers. I'm much happier now cause I have a routine going more and I think I'm even losing weight cause I don't sleep as long. I know, how could I possibly be cuter than I already am? MOL

Have a great week,



The Saga of Ducky Continues

May 13th 2013 6:45 pm
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So after we moved the pawrents had to go back to the old house to get some stuff. Well mama walked in the door and noticed an odd box sitting there that she didn't recognize so she picked it up. In the handle of the box she saw a small piece of yellow and yelled "Ducky, I found Ducky!!!! I'm such a bad pet pawrent."

Well so I didn't have my beloved Ducky in my biggest time of need (or the week after) but I was ok cause I'm a fighter. Plus, I had my bear which has been almost as good as Ducky for quite some time now.

Other than that I've just been getting settled and it takes a long time cause the pawrents still have boxes everywhere. Mama did set up perches for me the first day though so I could see and feel more comfortable

I'm such a tough guy that my crystals didn't even come back after the loong, loooong car ride and mama wonders if I can even remember the ride cause I was doped up. I told her I remember it but I don't care anymore cause now we're at our new house MOL.

I want to send a huge thank mew to Tate for my gift, Newman for the thoughtful birdie (until I get my screen door) and Autumn, Tate et al for the pretty flowers and thinking of me.



My Crazy House

May 6th 2013 2:22 pm
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Well I'm still in one piece but it's been crazy here! These moving guys came and there was a tragedy. My beloved duckie couldn't be found anywhere. In a stressful time of need and mama couldn't find him! So she said to the movers "I know this sounds insane, but please be on the lookout for a small duck that's gone missing." The guys were furry nice but ducky wasn't found.

The pawrents catnapped me, catnapped me! It was like when I came home from the shelter but even more pawful because it was 4 times, 4 times as long!

For some reason I felt really woozy and mama kept telling me it was ok. I said "yeah right lady, I don't think so. I feel like crap and I'm stuck in this box for 4 hours. Get real."

Even though I felt woozy I tried to get out of my carrier and mama says I'm smart cause I was doing it right by the lock. I'm no dummy.

Anyway I was awake the whole ride cause I'm a fighter and my crying got quieter the more the wooziness kicked in. When we finally got to the new house I still felt funny but wanted to go explore. Mama wouldn't let me (mothers) and so I was in their bedroom for a whole day. Then the mover guys came back again and moved stuff. Once they were gone I was allowed to come out and explore the new smells. There's very good bird watching here but no screen in the backdoor which stinks. Mama said she'd ask the landlord if they could get me one so I can properly bird hunt.

Anyway, it's been good here and mama works from home now so I have a buddy all day long. I even have a desk perch and papa calls me the CEO - cat executive officer. Don't know why it's taken them that long to figure out geez.



Why am I in my carrier?

April 8th 2013 6:51 pm
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Strange, strange things have been happening which is why I haven't been pawing lately. I've been trying to figure out what's going on. First the cardboard boxes started coming out of the woodwork.

THEN, Grandmaw comes over about once a week and starts doing stuff with the boxes. She's furry good cause I have her trained to sit there and be a nice, warm lap without talking or moving. She falls asleep too which is a bonus cause then I can do the same - meow!!

I noticed Papa hasn't been home either which is odd.

But then tonight the weirdest happened. Mama took out my carrier and brought me into the car. We drove around for a little while and I was furry scared cause I thought we was going to the V-E-T! for sure (clutch your udders in fright). But instead, the carrier came outta the car and back inside where I got my morsels and gravy. I was looking around like I lost my mind cause the carrier always means we're going to the V-E-T.

Anyone know what's going on cause I sure don't. I don't care but I'm just more curious.



Oh my!

March 1st 2013 4:45 pm
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My oh my I haven't posted a diary in a long time. Thank mew so much fur all the gifties in the last month, so much fun!

I've been playing around including in my obstacle course which is lots of fun. The tupperware thing is the hardest cause I see the treat in it but have to bust it open.

Nothing new here really, I've been staying near the stove to keep warm but all's quiet.


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