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Hilda at Large

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Cat of the Week!

June 18th 2013 12:19 pm
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Thank you for all of the rosettes and kind words. I can’t believe I’m Cat of the Week AND that the female human hasn’t updated my diary since 2011. Like many of our Catster friends, she has the tendency to post our updated photos on Facebook.

As Cat of the Week, I instructed my humans to wipe the word “diet” permanently from their minds and free feed me. They pretended not to understand what I was saying. You’d think they’d be happy that I’ve gone from 13.5 pounds to 10.2 pounds in the last couple of years, but apparently my vet wants me to lose more weight so I’ll be more “comfortable” without the “extra Hilda.” As if there could ever be enough me! “Extra Hilda,” indeed. Even the female human was a bit put off by that.

The humans are determined to make me stick to my diet, though. During my annual check-up, I was diagnosed with a heart murmur. My male human insisted they get a second opinion. The second opinion also agreed I have a heart murmur (grade 3). Originally, my humans decided to wait until my 6 month check-up to get the echocardiogram done, but my female human is obsessed with every little thing I do (whether snoring, sleeping in a cat bed that I haven’t shown interest in for months, or the tone of my meow). And it all seems to worry her! She has decided they won’t wait for 6 months.

My brother Garp died from his heart murmur (heart failure) several years ago, and the vet suspects that Elvin had heart problems too (that prevented him from waking up from the anesthesia during dental surgery earlier this year). My female human is kind of freaked out by all of the heart problems and is hoping mine will be something that can be easily managed so that I have many more years with my family.


Monster Cleaner

November 18th 2011 12:04 pm
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Artie just doesn’t get it. The kittens are the only ones who will let him clean them anymore. The rest of us realize that after Artie finishes cleaning a sibling, he tries to fit the sibling’s head in his mouth or likes to bite the sibling’s neck. I guess he wants us to be clean before he tries to eat us. If the sibling tries to run away, Artie takes it as an invitation to cape the sibling.

I let him cuddle with me sometimes, but I growl at him first to let him know that he better stay in line!

*whispers* I like those kittens, though.



October 11th 2011 7:32 pm
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*whispers from underneath the bed*

Things are a little scary now. We have two new siblings. That's not the scary part, though. The scary part is Hetty Miep. She alternates between shouting "Code Red!" and mumbling "Make them pay; make them pay."


Birthday Surprises

October 8th 2011 9:53 am
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Thank you Catster friends for all the wonderful birthday wishes and rosettes. I had a wonderful birthday: I claimed my favorite bed and slept for a good 6 hours without Artie bugging me, got my favorite salmon treats, and was brushed by my humans. They were supposed to brush me for a couple of hundred hours but fifteen minutes in, my male human started whining that his wrist hurt. My female human told him, “It’s Hilda’s birthday. Whatever Hilda wants, Hilda gets. Keep brushing.” But I was so put off by my male human’s attitude that I decided he didn’t deserve to brush me.

Yesterday, my humans rearranged Artie’s old kitten room. Later in the day, I heard strange squeaks coming from the room. Elvin sat by the door all night mumbling, “Kitten food. Kitten food. Got to get me some kitten food.”


Lovebug Tag!

July 20th 2011 2:15 pm
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The handsome lovebug Leo tagged me to play Lovebug Tag.

1. Meow! Are you a noisy kitty or a quiet kitty?
I like to think of myself as “social” rather than noisy but certain bratty brothers would probably call me noisy. Someone has to be the voice of reason around here! I love my humans but let’s face it: they’re not the brightest bulbs in the house. If I didn’t meow they’d never know it was time to feed us, throw the ball for me, brush me, or get out of bed and throw the ball for me again.

2. Litterbox! Cover your business or let some other kitty cover?
I am a lady! I always cover! Not like some other girl cats around here. Not mentioning any names, of course.

3. Happy! Favorite Daily Routine?
I love family time! Either before or after dinner, I get on the coffee table and both humans commence brushing me. I get very upset if one of my other siblings gets brushed during this time. I require BOTH humans’ attention.

4. Hiss! Least Favorite Routine?
Getting a pedicure. Stay away with those clippers, humans!

5. Ding-Dong! What do you think about visitors to your house?
Hide! Help! Intruders! Hide! Help! Intruders!

6. Friends! Do you like other animals?
I love my kitty siblings!

Here are some friends that I am tagging! Please, no one feel left out- if you are reading this and you want to play, consider yourself tagged! Be sure to let your friends know they've been tagged by sending them a message or rosette! Angels can play, too! Tell us about your life at the bridge or your life at home before the bridge!



Scary Smells

July 7th 2011 6:25 pm
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As soon as I smelled my little brother, I knew: he had been visiting the dreaded Uncle Dr. Kraft.

About a month ago, Artie’s bad arm started swelling. So my humans followed Uncle DK’s instructions and iced it as often as Artie would allow (not very often). The swelling would go up and down but was mostly up. Then a small sore/scab developed on the arm and a couple of days ago, the sore started oozing. Throughout it all, Artie has continued to act like a maniac and hasn’t slowed down on any of his crazy kitten antics. Uncle DK said that Artie might already have some nerve loss in that leg, which is why he doesn’t appear to be in pain when he jumps, runs, and walks around on it. Now it has an infection. Uncle DK said we can give Artie meds, but unless he is permanently confined, he will continue to stress that leg, which will continue the inflammation/infection cycle.

On Monday morning, my humans are taking Artie in to have his bad leg amputated. My female human has read many stories about kitties who have lived happy, active lives with only three legs but she is still very scared. She is worried about Artie being in pain or scared/depressed after his surgery and about the adjustment period.


New Brother

April 28th 2011 2:41 pm
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My new brother is here. His name is Art Blakey. I'm not so sure about him yet.



April 23rd 2011 5:10 pm
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My female human told me a secret today: Our family will be adopting a boy kit-teen soon! He is ~6-7 months old and very sweet. He was brought into our local shelter when he was 8 weeks old. He had a broken leg that didn’t set properly, so one of his legs is disabled (it is bent at the joint underneath the paw and he is only able to limp on the side of that paw). The humane society vet said the leg is healthy and he is not in pain, and it doesn’t need to be amputated. We will check with Uncle Dr. Kraft after we adopt him to make sure he isn’t in pain or uncomfortable.

My humans won’t hear about their application until early next week but decided to share the news with me because I’m a good girl. *puffs up chest* Not like some cats I could mention (like Hetty Miep “the Cape” Wainthrop or Elvin and his mean Evil Twin).

My human says this new adoption is bittersweet: she is happy to adopt a new kitty into our family but also sad because she still misses my brother Garp.


Cape Fear

April 5th 2011 12:07 pm
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Last weekend, my female human and I were hanging out downstairs while the male human prepared to vacuum upstairs. Then we heard him yell, “Cape!!”

I looked at my human and she looked at me. We both knew what it meant: Hetty Miep was making one of the males in the house (either the male human or Elvin) wear the HM cape. My female human sighed and said, “Better them than us, huh Hilda?”

Later, the male human said he caught Hetty Miep in the initial stages of “caping” Elvin: she had her paw wrapped around his neck and was getting ready to climb on him like a pony.

I’m glad I’m not a boy.


Daily Diary Pick…Again!!

February 28th 2011 3:19 pm
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Wow—this is the second time this month that I’ve been a Daily Diary Pick! I told my siblings that our household will forever refer to this month as “the month of Hilda” (rather than the month of February). Elvin made rude noises and Hetty Miep said a couple of things, using words that the female human has repeatedly forbidden us (and the male human) from using. I guess they’re staying loyal to February.


Elvin is just grumpy because he caught Hetty Miep’s cold (she no longer has it since tossing it to him). And Hetty Miep is still mad that the female human threw away her catnip mouse “baby” because it was getting too “crusty”. Hetty Miep refuses to accept the new catnip mouse baby (identical to the old one, minus the “crust”).

Thank you, friends, for the rosettes and lovely pawmails!

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