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A Tail of Twentyfour Toes by OzzyCat

So, how are you doing, ----

December 27th 2012 11:32 pm
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So tonight, in FaceBooks every increasing nosiness about their users, the status boxed prompted "So, how are you doing, ----".

Let me tell you how I'm doing. After going through roughly $4,000 start to finish over the past 8 weeks of Dixie, our 9 yr old Flat Coated Retriever's life (urine & blood work, ultrasound, xrays, 3 appts. with 3 different Eye vets, meds, removal of the eye, biopsy of the eye & typing of the cancer at Univ of Wisc-Madison, post-surgery follow-up visits, cancer meds, special food & treats to try to get her to eat, and finally 2-stage euth & private cremation), about a week before Dixie went to the Bridge, OzzyCat's vet said she heard a heart murmur and wanted to do xrays/ultrasound/blood work to diagnose/begin treating his heart problems--a 12 yr old cat with heart problems. So, how do you THINK I'm feeling?


I am a Toy

January 2nd 2011 3:35 pm
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I am a Toy. For the furballs. The dogs treat me just like another dog. We lay around together on the daybed and in the dogbeds. We all gather in the kitchen to beg for cheese. This could be because I act like a dog. HoneyBunny, a Golden Retriever with a very big heart, raised me as a kitten.

But, all bets are off if I run.

Then, bang, slam, boom, smash, crash! The furballs bounce off of each other and off of the walls and off of the furniture trying to keep up with me. Trying to catch me. And, if they do, they hover over me and bop me with their muzzles, trying to get me to run again. Great fun for them. Not so much for me. (but, it IS funny watching them bounce their heads off of each other's noggin)

Not to worry, though. I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!


Can't a cat sit, relax and watch some tv?

May 1st 2009 1:46 am
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So, I was lazin' away, kickin' back on my Dad's chest. It's warm, and one of my favorite places to lay (it drives him NUTS... heehee). Dad has this habit of flexin' and wigglin' his toes (just like us cats do) while he's watchin' tv (that drives Mom NUTS... heehee). So, in order to flex and wiggle, Dad kicked off his size 13 slippers. Thump. KaThump.

Hmmmmmm... so I figure I'd check them out. I jumped down and slipped my front paws in. One paw. Then the other. They were still warm. And I had plenty of room to stretch and flex my 12 toes and claws inside of them. A purrrrrrfect fit, if you ask me..

Right away Mom has to pull a William Wegman. Out comes the camera. Flash. FlashFlash. FLASH! Geez Louise, can't a cat sit,relax and enjoy some tv?


whap! Whap! WHAP! What's a cat to do?

October 25th 2008 8:07 pm
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I was having a nice relaxing sleep on DixieDog's blanket on Mum's bed. Dixie was also on the bed, but I had the soft blankie, so that's ok. Then Mum came in and DixieDog acted like a dog... wagging her tail and getting all excited and everything... and Mum didn't even have a treat with her. DixieDog was all worked up about Mum! Silly dogs...

So, she starts wagging her big gianormous tail... and it's whap! Whap! WHAP! right in my face!! I tell ya, what's a cat to do? So, I start grabbing at this cat-beater with all 12 claws and Mum says "Ozzy, No!". So I stop, but the whap! Whap! WHAP! keeps going so I grab the tail again and this time I BITE it! Not hard, but if the DixieDog is going to bat me in the face with her tail like it's a CAT TOY, I'm gonna take advantage! It's only right... a least by my reckoning...


That Stinkin' Dog is gone...

October 19th 2008 10:17 am
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Well, the last member of the Chicago Crew, the bulldog WINston, left for the Rainbow Bridge Sept. 19th. All three of my doggy roommates left--Remo in July, Lucy in August and now WINston. I am still here.

After Lucy left, Mum and Dad adopted a Flat-coated Retriever/Border Collie mix that had been in a shelter for six months. She's called Dixie. (personally, I thought one dog was MORE than enough--and now we're back to one dog with WINston leaving...)

Dixie thinks I'm a fun thing to chase. She's almost all black so even though I've got superior eyesight, she can still sneak up on me in the dark. Makes for some interesting times here. But, I have to say, I do miss that Bulldog. He was fun the tease. And to jump over. And to startle. And Remo, well, he was like my pawrent. I miss them both. Lots.

P.S. a medical update: Crystals are gone from the urine now that I'm strictly on Royal Canine Feline Urinary SO. I get the dry kibble in my auto-feeder, and one can of the wet every morning. It's pretty good. Now Mum just has to find a way to stop me from pulling out my back hair. (I started it after Remo left, then let it grow back, and now I'm at it again after WINston left... the vet is talkin' kitty prozac...)


In Need of POP

August 19th 2008 6:00 pm
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Well, a lot has changed around here since I wrote my last diary entry. The two big hairy ones have gone to the Bridge. Remo left on July18th and Lucy left on August 9th.

A week before Lucy left, Mum took me to the vet because I had blood in my urine. Doc took some xrays and did a bunch of tests, as I also had hair loss and weight loss. Well, xrays look fine, bloodwork all in the normal ranges, but urine has white blood cells in it, as well as blood and CRYSTALS!!

Crystals in urine---BAD! I had a UT blockage about three years ago, and boy, did THAT hurt!!!

Mum had been feeding me over-the-counter cat food for urinary track health. Guess THAT hasn't worked... so Doc gave Mum some prescription UT food. And some antibiotics. Question: why do they flavor antibiotics for cats with banana? Have you ever seen or heard of a cat eating banana? Cheese, yes. Fish, yes. Banana? NO!

Fast forward two weeks. Lucy has gone to the Bridge, and I STILL have blood in my urine, losing chunks of hair and have crystals and a high concentration white blood cells in my urine. Thyroid test came back in normal range... so what's up with the blood and crystals? Can't catch a break around here, I tell ya...


So now I'm a DOG TOY????????

March 2nd 2007 1:00 pm
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Ok, I've lived here for over 7 years now, and just recently a couple of the canines have decided I'm the newest DOG TOY!!!!!!

It all started last week with the big girl, Lucy. We've gotten along ok since she came here in July as a foster pup. But last week she saw me out of the corner of her eye and WHAM--she chased me lickedy-split into the front hall. I dove behind the snow shovel and broom and Lucy bopped her head on the shovel edge trying to nab me! That knocked her dingy for a second and I took OFF. Whew!!! That was enough to get the ol' ticker beating! Maybe she thought I was a rabbit?

Then yesterday--boy, I wish I had THIS on video tape! Winston, the fat ol' Bulldog, decide to CHASE me! Or, should I say, HIS version of a chase--hee hee! He saw me walking by and he snorts, barks, chokes, heaves himself up on his stubby, chubby paws, takes two or three "pounce-like" steps in my direction, then TRIPS over the edge of the dog pillow and BOOM--down on his chin he goes! And, with a swish and flick of my tail, I WALK away!!

Now THAT was FUN!!!!


Whadda ya mean, I can't eat 'em?

February 19th 2005 8:59 pm
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It's boring during the winter for an inside cat. There are fewer birds and squirrels to watch out the window--I rarely see any of the outdoor cats anymore. But I discovered the neatest thing when I snuck down into the basement the other day...TREES! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The dogs were going outside & Mom didn't get the kitchen door shut in time, so I snuck downstairs. I saw this glow of sunlight coming from the front of the basement. I investigated, thinking I could nap in a sunbeam. Whooooaa! What's this? Little, itty, bitty evergreens? Little ponds, little rocks? Did I suddenly become a GIANT? Nibble, nibble, nibble....hmmmm....pretty good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OZZY GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!!!!! YOU'RE IN TROUBLE!!!!!!! GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How was I suppose to know that these were "Bonsai" trees, very slow growing, very, very expen$ive and a lot of time and effort by My Boy's brother? Hey, hey, ok, ok, don't pick me up like I'm a kitten...hey, hey, I'll come quietly...ya know, ya really shouldn't blame a guy for takin' advantage of a free buffet....

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