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Sweetpea's Mewsings

I am a BIG girl now!!!

April 12th 2012 1:42 pm
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Yesterday was my burfday--I am now 3 whole years old!!! I had a GREEAAATTTT day--Mommy and Grandmaw kept wishing me "Happy Burfday!" AND I got lots of special treats, esp. my favorite, Fancy Feast Appetizers (for puddies of course!) in my very favoritest flavor, "Steamed Wild Alaskan Salmon" in the bestest broth EVER!! On special days--like burfdays!--Mommy and Grandmaw give me my beloved Fancy Feast Appetizer and I gets to eat the WHOLE THING--YAY ME!!!!! My tummy was singing!!! N jest when I thinks things cannot get better--I got ANOTHER present!! A pack of my favoritest toy of ALL TIME--3 mouse-mousies!!! (Mommy said she gets them from CVS, the only place they're sold--they're called "Fuzzy Mice Cat Toys" by Pet Central and they come in a pack of THREE--one orange, one purple and one green like my eyes! But to me they are just "Mouse-Mouse" MOL!!!) I am having soooo much fun playing with them--in fact my burfday left me so tired I am still sleeping it off haha!

Hugz, purrz n lots of headbonks to everyone from a very happy grown-up girl who is now THREE YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)



My Birthday!!!

April 11th 2011 9:13 pm
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Yes, today is my birthday (for another 3 minutes MOL!) and I am now 2 years old! I LOOVVEEEE birthdays!! First Mommy and Grandmaw kept kissing on me and hugging me (ugh haha) and telling me "Happy Birthday Little Girl" only now that I am 2 I am NOT a "little girl" I am a big grown-up LADY thank you very much!!! (Silly hoomans but I love them anyway)!

Okay, now to the important stuff. I got my all-time most favorite food in the whole wide world--Fancy Feast Appetizer in Alaskan Salmon. YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I noshed on it all day long--total bliss! My tummy is soooo full--Mommy said if she stuck a pin into my tummy I would pop--what a silly Mommy haha! But she smiled when she said it so I didn't have to smack her with my awesome paw!!!

Then when I thought all the birthday goodies were over, Mommy starts rummaging thru the closet--hint: this is ALWAYS a good sign! She brought out TWO BAGS of BRAND-NEW TOYS. I have been exploring that closet and I never knew all those goodies were in there--what a sneaky Mommy I have!!

I already have enough toys to open my own shop (well that's what Mommy and Grandmaw say when they trip over one of my toys MOL), but oh joy!!!!!!!!!! I now must have at least a GAZILLION toys!!! Mousies and jingle balls and my brand new favorite, a mousie that actually RACES ALONG THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my cats I have had so much fun chasing him...and after I catch him I pick him up in my mouth and carry him around! (Mommy caught me doing that THREE TIMES tonite and she started yelling like a lunatic for Grandmaw to come see how clever I am...hmm, on second thought maybe Mommy isn't such a lunatic after all since I AM an extremely clever girl--I mean GROWN-UP LADY!!!)

Anyway I have had a FANTASTIC birthday and I would write more but my tummy is so full and I have played so hard that zzzzzzzzz............

[Hi everyone this is Sweetpea's mommy. Sorry the entry ended so suddenly but I think my baby cat just fell asleep--she snores when she sleeps lol but don't tell her I said so, okay? ;-) Love to all from Sweetpea, Mommy, and Grandmaw!]


I Am Sick

July 24th 2010 6:59 am
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My mommy is crying...she found out yesterday that I have heartworms. My vet referred me to a specialist and I will have to go see him on Monday (I hate doctors!!).

Mommy asks will everyone please pray for me?? She is so scared of losing me...I am just a very young girl and my Mommy and Grandmaw love me very, very much. Mommy just cries and cries, and I am confused why she is so upset all of a sudden, she is usually so much fun to play with. But maybe if people (and kitties!) pray for me, I will get all better and Mommy will stop crying and start playing with me again.



I am happy to be here!

January 31st 2010 10:25 pm
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Hi everyone, I am new here, but my older sisfur Amber has been here awhile! As you may know, my sisfur died of cardiomyopathy in May of 2008, way before I was even born! Mommy and Grandmaw were so very very sad, they missed Amber a lot, and it took them THIS LONG to find a little sisfur for her!!

But here I am!! Mommy and Grandmaw found me at a shelter and when they discovered that kitties and doggies there are kept for only a month, they got worried. A lady there told Mommy that I had been there for a whole month. She and Mommy exchanged a strange look and Mommy asked, "Does that mean what I'm afraid it does?" and the lady looked very sad and nodded yes. I don't know what all that was about (??), but Mommy said very firmly, "I think this is the one we want!" (Yes, she meant ME, MOL--I was already in her arms and purring with great charm!!)

The lady gave a very big smile and she and Grandmaw went off somewhere--Mommy said later it was to fill out my adoption papers (!!) and pay to get me microchipped and spayed and everything. But I didn't go home that day. Oh no--a couple of days later they were AWFUL to me, those doctors!!! Shaved my tummy and gave me lots of stuff to knock me out (I mean, REALLY!!!)--they had to give me extra cause I fought so hard! I might be just a little girl, but I can fight! It took me a long time to wake up so a lady at the shelter took me home with her and nursed me so well I felt much better in no time!

A couple of days later Mommy and Grandmaw came back, this time with something they call a "carrier", and put me inside and drove me home. And oh my goodness--I have a WHOLE HOUSE just for me! Lots of beds, sofas, and cosy places to sleep--more toys than I ever dreamed of (including late presents from Santa Paws who did not forget me after all!!), and yummy food and treats. I even drink filtered water!!! I can sleep with Mommy or Grandmaw as I please, I have a padded bench in front of the window to look out and chatter at the birds (Mommy and Grandmaw seem to think it's funny to see me chatter my teeth like that!)--I am not sure, but I think I am in heaven!!!! :-)

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