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Home:Cleveland Heights, OH  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 9 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 20 lbs.

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Wit Burr, Heap Chief Poo Poo Pants, Schnickle Fritz,Purrkay,Silly Butter, Purrquoi Pas(Why not, in French)Mr. Innocent, Mr. Smarty Panties

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-purebred-cat rescue

April 5th 2007

Blue Point

walks on his leash, walks in his kitty stroller, killing Little Bunny Foo Foo/ DA WABBITT,eating ALL da field mousies he wants now that he can get to them before a 'hoppy thing ' does, his fishing pole ...

Having a meowmie that doesn't know how to use a fishing pole to catch anything other than a blue point mitted catfish,being ignored,Having "Purr -quoi pas?" always answerred with, "I'm DA MEOWMY ,dat's why!!!"

Favorite Toy:
Even though I have pictures of Whispurr in his earlier days( his former owner gave me pictures of him throughout his life ) with Santa, I think he's in love with the Hannukah Bear my sister sent me a few months ago...His fishing pole ,Meowmy

Favorite Nap Spot:
He likes to be near enough to me to know EXACTLY what I am doing EVERY second!!! He lays next to me with his head on my lap, but he doesn't try to lay in my lap (Probably since he's too big to fit all of himself into my lap..LOL)

Favorite Food:
Iams Indoor Weight and Hairball Control Dry food ..He won't eat any wet /canned food or 'people food'...

Killing Little Bunny Foo Foo/DA WABBITT teaching me how to catch a catfish,eating all the field mousies once he bashes em on da head, Openning doors I tell him NOT to with just a flip of his paw while he is looking right at me


Arrival Story:
I had been patiently waiting to get a place of my own again for several months and I knew that , once I did, I WOULD most definintely HAVE t0 get a pet of my own...I need animals around me like people need air and they've always played a HUGE part of my life....I love all animals but I have to admit that I am especially drawn to siamese and any of the oriental varieties of cats ....Still, it was really odd when I started dreaming about a blue point ragdoll cat about a week before I moved into my own place last summer...I even rold my best friend about the dreams, too... I had never had a ragdoll cat of my own , but I had fallen in love with them in a round about way.....My 'second mother' (no real relation to me ,just someone I would have felt very honored to have truly been able to call my mother.) had bred ragdolls many years ago and, though she no longer had any ragdolls by the time I had met her, I fell in love with the breed because of the pictures and stories I heard about all of raggies...So, when the first(random) call I made asking if they knew of any cat (s) that needed a good home, the woman at the vet's office seemed ready to fall out of her chair...Whispurr's former owner had just left the vet's office after coming in to see if she could post a notice in search of a new home for him...(Whispurr's former owner was basically looking for a way out of being responsible for him ,too be honest...I thi nk he was basically a 'trophy cat ' ---like some men had 'trophy wives'-and she had not realuzed what she was getting into when she had to care for him day after day, etc)....That was the first and only place she posted the notice,by the way...Before I got the question out of my mouth, I knew the answer to my question was that Whispurr HAD to be a blue point mitted ragdoll... That was how I had seen Whispurr in my dreams and I knew before I saw him in person that he WOULD come to live with me...So of course I called Whispurr's former and made arrangements to meet her and Whispurr as soon as possible...I honestly feel my first and second moms (who both have their hands and laps full now with all kinds of 'critters ' -mine and theirs-waiting at the Rainbow Bridge 'till we can all walk over that wonderful bridge together one day in the future) got into a huddle with all of the precious souls there and said, "Esther and Whispurr need each other.Let's make this happen" Even when Whispurr's former owner called me up right before we were supposed to meet to tell me she wanted to give Whispurr to some distant relative of one of her aquaintances... I still kept thinking,"No, Whispurr's supposed to be here with me" Outwardly I had to tell his former owner the decision was her's to make, because she had to be comfortable,etc....His former owner said she still wanted to meet me before she made her final decision , but she told me she was leaning towards giving Whispurr to the other person...She wanted to meet me before she made her final decision,though...The rest is history, as they say... Whispurr made himself comfortable right away when he and his former owner came to meet me and had to use the litter box I'd set up for him...Then he jumped up on my bed to stretch out foor a minute before he got up and checked out the whole place ....LOL...As I had expected,I was a goner the minute I saw his big gorgeous blue eyes...Whispurr did not leave my place with his former owner and callls it ' home' now,too... More than one person has joked that we have the same kind of eyes ...LOL Whispurr's and my eyes will range in color from robin's egg blue to deep ,royal blue depending on mood,etc...

Whispurr is my little shadow...I can't go into the bathroom without him having to follow me in there to make sure I know what I am doing...I have some health problems that leave me in a great deal of pain all the time....Whispurr instinctively knows where I am hurting and will lay on top of that part of me or at least right next it as if he is a little fur coverred heating pad...As soon as I begin to open my eyes, Whispurr is right at my face, head bonking me as if to say, "It's ok...I'm right here and I love you ." So, no matter how crummy I may feel, I have this incredibly handsome little boy who obviously adores me right here.... The ways Whispurr can make me laugh!!! I've had LOTS of cats, dogs and other pets throughout my life and he has to be at least tied with one or two others in the race for the smartest animal I've shared my life with so far...He is so comical in the way he shows that he 'gets' whatever it might be I'm telling him,etc. ...He doesn't miss ANYTHING and he'll make sure to let me know that...LOL Whispurr's got a sense of humor that lets him poke fun of himself ,too...He doesn't just try to make me the butt of his jokes all the time ...He laughs at himself ,too, I think...When he does his adorable 'ragdoll flop' I think he 's actually saying, "I CAN'T HELP IT!!!! I'M A RAGDOLL CAT , FOR MEOWING OUT LOUD!!!!!"Our newest 'trick ' that Whispurr is working on is getting used to my new power wheelchair so that he can take walks with me more often ....So far, he's completely relaxed with sitting in my lap when we go around the apartment complex ,etc... But he gets scared when I want him to trot along next to it as I roll around with it ...Thqt won't last too long since I just got the chair this week, though .... By next week , Whispurr won't even notice the chair and won't care HOW he gets to go for a walk just as long as I respond when he puts his little paws up on the front door and meows at me to take him for his walk...LOL..As social of a creature as he is , Whispurr LOVES going for walks so he can look for other people who will stop long enough to talk to him and pet him...A lot of the people in my complex have no idea what my name is , but they sure know who Whispurr is ...They just know me as the lady with the gorgeous , big cat... But they SURE know Whispurr's name ,even those people here that know very little English ... (I live in an area that's composed of a lot of Russian immigrants and even they see me out wiht Whispurr and almost break into a run to get over to us so they can talk to Whispurr....Whispurr seems to understand them perfectly even if I can't all the time...I know for a fact that Whispurr has learned the Russian word for 'cat' ,etc., because he DOES respomd to some words in Russian.... LOL

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
Head of Homeland Security,I'm DA RAGDOLL

Whispurr 'sits' on command for his kitty treats ...IT's really funny to watch because he does this little 'butt wiggle' as he is sitting ---as if he's saying"Watch me now !!! See? I'm putting my tush on the floor just like you want me to do.... Now can you PLEASE give me my treat???" (In Elmer Fudd's singing voice) Kill Da Wabbit !!! Kill Da Wabbitt !!! Kill Da Wabbitt!!!... Oh!!! I killed Da Wabbitt!!!(take it to meowmy and she'll resurrect it and have DA WABBITT hopping around here again in no time flat ...DA WABBITT's (AND his alter ego, the meanie old Little Bunny Foo Foo's) days are numberred if Whispurr keeps catching them messing with his field mousies at all ...DA WABBITT' /Little Bunny Foo Foo better watch it ... NOTHING OR NO ONE GETS PAST HIM WHEN IT COMES TO WHISPURR"S HOME OR MEOWMY ...However, as soon as he has made reasonably sure someone doesn't pose any kind of a threat,he thinks it's GREAT they are here to visit HIM...And he makes sure they know he feels that way, too .... LOL ....Whispurr likes to watch out the window-- not to see other animals, though .. Whispurr waits to see people outside and watches carefully to see if they might possibly come to see him ...LOL ...GOTTS TA LUB ME is one of Whispurr's mantras... I have had Whispurr since last summer and and I want to get him certified as a therapy cat since he is so people oriented....So I am working with him to tone down a few of his 'bad habits' (like playing pretty rough since he is still young ,etc...Let's face it-- he is a big cat,so he is powerful when he wants to be ...As a rule , Whispurr is VERY gentle about everything ....But since his former owner had him declawed-- a VERY cruel act as far as I am concerned--he uses his teeth and his back legs too forcefully as his defenses and when he plays ,etc.....) But once Whispurr gets a few 'quirks' out of his system, I think he will make a wonderful therapy cat as much as he loves people...I've seen how intuitive he is where my own medical problems are concerned and he would do very well around people who are willing to see the magic an animal can work for them...

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What's A Village ? I Need One To Help Me Raise My Meowmy

Hey !!! I Beez An Awthur !!!

February 27th 2010 10:03 pm
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Wowee!!! I guess I'm reealy gettin' gud at figgerin' owt dis here 'pooter ....Meowmy doent no I'm usin' it now.... PWEEZ doent tell her....I mite get in twouble if she finez out I'm usin' it...I dunno whut she'd do if she got mad at me cuz she'd catch me usin' da 'pooter , but she mite put my crinkly tunnul up for a while or hyde Little Bunny Foo Foo to 'teech me a lessun'....GEEZ!!!

If she wuntz to teech me sumpin, why iz she makin' me sneek aroun' to lurn all dis 'pooter stuff on my own...She kood be showin' me awl kinz of stuff on dis hear thing....She'z pretty smart and duz all kinz of stuff on dis an I hab just watched hur playin' wiff dis mouse --da won she duzzent like me to mess wiff at all - an diss key bored dat I hab issues wiff..DATZ why I wawk on da keybored az offen az I kanwyle Meowmy i 'on line'...I kant stand(or lay down wiff ) da fakt dat dis 'pooter keepz my Meowmy SO bizzie sumtimez dat she duzzent play wiff me or pet me like shez 'spozed to....Arrnt Meowmiez 'spozed two play wiff us ENNY tyme we wunt too ???? Sumtimez she makez me wate ten hole sekkundz fur hur to skritch my chin or pet me !!!Kan ewe beleebe dat? I meen, get reel!!! Y wood ENNYBUDDIE waist eben WON sekkund wen he oar she kood be skritchin dis positibly magniffisent chin ub myne ? My furr iz SO soft dat she shoodnt be abel to keep hur hanz off ub me!!!!

What line do I kneed to get on and how will I no if I'm on da rite line wen I can get to da pooter? Dis shure iz a LOT ob stuff to lurn fur a yung kitty like me .... Affur awl, I'm knot ebun fwee yeerz ole yet!!! I have too wayt til April 5th to tern 3 ...I wundur if Meowmy iz gonna frow a birddday party fur liddel ole me ....I beddur get a 'wish list ' twogedder so she and all ub my fryendz will hab an ideeuh of ut to bwing me ....Tell me tho --- MUST I get only birds on my birrdday ? Whut if Meowmy wantz to get me a toy just like Little Bunny Foo Foo fur my birdday ? Wood that be a problum ? Meowmy tellz me I wowen't stop gwoin' 'til I'm about yeerz oweled cuz Ragdollz like me doent gwow up fast at awl...I'm in noe huwwy to get oweled enny way... I whunt to hab a LONG time wiff Meowmy -speshully since I didn't get to libb wiff her 'till I wuz s littel past my sekkund burffday.It makez me an Meowmy verry sad to think of all da time we didn't get to spend wiff eech udder....Affer awl, shez MY MEOWMY and I''M hur Heep CHEEF POOPIE PANTZ...( I now , I noe ...I gotsta get to stop kallin me dat ...It'z embarasin an I'm tyred ub it ....

So now I'm workin' on tryin' to unnerstan whut dis innernet an 'pooter bizznez iz all about....Ennybuddy feel like tooterin' me? (I don't know how or why ennybuddy wood wunt to get tooted on, but if it will help me unnerstan how to bee a bedder awthur, I'm awl fur it!!!!)I'm jus a kittie who haz awlwayz dreameded ub ritin' a reallie grate buk an dere'z no tyme like da pwesund...(Dat reminez me ....Meowmy buyded me sum nice presentz a few dayz ago ....She brungeded me some of my faborite kitty treetz !!!! SEE? I toll you she wuz smart !!! Smart enuff to noe I wuz plannin' on not lettin' her back in at awl if she haddn't brungeded me sum ub dem ...MOL)

Speekin ub burffdaze, my Meowmy'z iz commin up WAY two fast and I doent know what to get her.... Any ideaz frum all you kittys and two leggers hoo oar reedin dis PWEEZE let me heer them ... Her burffday iz March 9th and I don't hab da slitest ideah ub wut to gey hur ..Enne an alwl suggestshunz fur a nice burffday pwesent fur hur will be gwaytellee appwesheated ...

Wel, I guezz I shud get off ub here fur now an go sit in da baffruum ...Meowmy'z in da bafftub an I awlwayz keep her cumpknee wen she takez a baff ....I wawlk up an dowen da side oub da tub whyle she Datz cuz I hab to make shure she duzzen take it too fur away ... Oar, the wattur in da tub myte jus try to swallow her up and throw her down the drane ..If dat wud happen my pore Meowmy wud haff to go lib wiff awl da ellagaterz dat lib in da suewer...Eben doe I'b nevur seen enny ellagaterz an I kant tell ewe wut a suewer iz I doen' fink it wud nake a grate place to cawl hoam, I haff too mayk shure Meowmy iz oakay ..I'll meow at y'all later....Be gud to eech udder and dowent get in no trubbel.... In udder words , jus mayk shure ewe doent get kawt....MOW .... Whispurr ,the awthur .....not too shabby fur a furst entrey in my diary , if I do say so myself...MOL

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