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Notes from Under the Bed

I'm an Angel now

April 28th 2013 7:51 pm
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Mum thought she'd better let you know what has happened as I have been given Angel Wings by the sweet RT and his furmily.

I was diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, but had been doing quite well with my twice daily insulin injections.

Then last Thursday (Anzac Day) I had a seizure and ending up spending the night at the emergency vet. My usually vet checked me on Friday, and everything seemed fine.

My blood glucose levels were good on Friday and Saturday. Then late Saturday night I had another seizure - I woke Mum, the dogs and the other cats up. I tried attacking Mum but she eventually got me wrapped in a towel to try and calm me and give me maple syrup. It didn't do any good. I went to the Bridge - less than half an hour after I woke everyone.

Mum is still in a state of shock. She and Dad took me to Pets in Peace to be cremated this morning, and I will be home on Friday.


The life and times of me, Diva Schooby

April 30th 2011 2:00 am
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I am no longer spending all my days in the bedroom. I have taken over a cat bed in the window of the rumpus room where I spend most of the day watching the world go by.

And the other day, Mum saw me walking in from the verandah, so she is wondering how far I move around the house when she is not here. Well, I'm not telling.

The little boys have been mean and scratched my nose, but I still think I look like a Diva in my beautiful mauve Calvin Collar. It even has a mauve kitty cat on it.

I've also taken to sleeping in the bed with Mum at night. The dogs don't bother me, but Smokey makes me nervous. Mum thinks he is responsible for the nose scratches. But twice now, I have let him curl up between me and Mum. I'm a lady even if he is no gentleman.

Well, off to remind Mum it is past our tea time. She gets slack when she is on holidays.

Purrs to all, Schooby the Diva


I don't believe it

July 11th 2010 1:45 am
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Diary of the Day yesterday, and Daily Diary Pick today.

Mum says I should pick the numbers for the next Lotto entry MOL.

Methinks the Random Diary Picker Generator is not so random.

Either that, or it is a cunning ploy to get us to write more diary entries.

Anyway - it is Sunday and teatime here - gotta go eat.


Ahhh ... morning snuggles

July 10th 2010 7:28 pm
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Mum woke to find me snuggled up against her again. But the surprise was when Allie came up and curled up between us. I just let him. So we both lay there with Mum's arm around us, getting a cuddle and a stroke, and the two of us purring.

Mum is back at work tomorrow - holidays over, and no time for morning snuggles :( Well, maybe just a quicky.


Wow - I'm overawed

July 10th 2010 3:10 am
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Diary of the Day - and I haven't been on Catster or writing my diary for very long.

Won't those boys be jealous when they find out, MOL.

I'm venturing out a lot more too - all the way into the lounge room to see where my breakfast or dinner is. Now if those terrible twos will just leave me in peace, I would be ecstatic.


More Snuggles

July 6th 2010 7:23 pm
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I came to bed with Mum again this morning for snuggles.

But I have a scratch on my nose - Mum thinks it was one of those terrible two year olds (Smokey and Marmalde) cos they are the only ones I hiss at. And I was content to curl up on the bed with Alex curled up on the other side of Mum.

Smokey came up and when he saw me cuddling with Mum, he bopped me on the head - so she bopped him. He went and gave the turbo scratcher a real working out, MOL.

He's just jealous, cos he is Mummy's Boy - but Mum says the nice thing about love is that it is endless, MOL. And the more you give, the more you get.


On the Move

July 5th 2010 6:28 pm
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Yesterday, I ventured all the way up to the end of the corridor. I may have done this before but Mum wasn't home to see.

And this morning, when she woke up I hopped up onto the bed for a cuddle. This is the first time I have done this. She woke a couple of weeks ago to find me sitting next to her, but I hopped off the bed when she opened her eyes.

So we had a lie in, with pats and cuddles, while I purred. I like it when Mum is on holidays. There was even a dog on either side of me, but I wasn't bothered.

I still think I am braver than Molly - she will only cuddle if the dogs are in the yard.


Such bravery ...

May 1st 2010 4:49 pm
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Well, Mum says I am brave because I ventured all the way out onto the verandah when she was feeding the boys to see where my breakfast was. Molly and I eat in the bedroom. And I had to go pasgt Seany to get there. Lucikly the Rottie girls were downstairs playing, cos Freya always wants to try and lick me, and flea me. I'm not THAT comfortable with her yet. Valkyrie is not as bouncy, but she still slobbers.

It is the first time I have left the room of my own accord. Molly still spends a lot of time under the bed, but she likes Alex's snuggle bed, so during the day when Mum is at work and the dogs are outside, she sleeps in there. Alex usually sleeps with Mum or on his Hazel Lucy tranquility blanket. Molly has taken some of the boys toys and put them in the bed, so they are now hers. MOL. She is 14 and not as confident as me - did I say i was confident? I'm a quiet little thing, actually.

It's been a big change for us, from just the two of us, to moving to a house with five boy cats (Quinn C - if girl cat germs are cooties, what are boy cat germs?) and three dogs, but we are settling in slowly. I have cuddles with my new Mum on the bed and sometimes I let the dogs sniff me. I've seen the way Freya rolls Ra and Smokey over and fleas their tummies. No thank you, I'll pass.

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