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By Golly, Miss Molly

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Thank you furrends

September 18th 2012 3:41 pm
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for all the good wishes and rosies on my Rainbow Bridge Day. It is hard to believe it is two years since I left for the Bridge.

My sissfur Schooby is still living mainly in the bedroom. She seems happy there although those young boys still annoy her. But she gets on the bed with Mum for cuddles everynight, and I am keeping an eye on her. She likes to sit in front of the window in one of the cat beds and watch the world go by :)

I'm having a big pawty at the Bridge today. Alex and my Bridge family and furrends are throwing it for me. I am quite excited. So if you hear rumblings in the sky you will know it is us Angels kicking up our heels and having a great time.


Thank you from Schooby and me

January 31st 2011 12:08 pm
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Thank you everyone for the wishes on our Gotcha Day. Goodness, a year has gone by so quickly.

I had a lovely day at the Bridge, and of course Allie was there to help me celebrate. We had become furrends before I left for the Bridge, and he introduced me to family I didn't know, and lots of Catster furrends too.

Mum was sad, of course, that I wasn't there but Schooby gave her lots of cuddles. She still lives mainly in the bedroom, but is now spending time in Allie's catbed at the window of the rumpus room, where she can watch the world, and keep an eye on next door's dogs and the birds. She also comes out to the lounge room to tell Mum is is time for her food, MOL.

I guess she has food, water, kitty litter and lots of beds in the bedroom, so why leave. And if Smokey and Marmie are pains (as only young boy cats can be) she can retreat to under the bed. Also, Mum leaves the ceiling fan on, which is nice in this hot weather.


A month has past

October 19th 2010 10:26 pm
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It is hard to believe that a whole month has gone by since I went to the Bridge. Although I had only been with Mum since January, I had made my presence felt, and she misses my presence. I know this because sometimes she forgets and calls me for my dinner.

Schooby is coping well. Alex is a very loving cat, and he has been helping her with purrs and licks. He is very good at ignoring hisses and getting you to curl up with him.

Marmie and Smokey are still being little s***s to her, but she is well able to stand up for herself and give them a clip around the ears.

I am getting an Angel from Calvin's Mum. When it arrives I will get Mum to take a photo and put it on my page.

Whiskerkisses to all my furrends from the Bridge.


Molly has gone to the Bridge

September 19th 2010 6:49 pm
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Molly had a seizure at the vet's on Saturday night. He could not save her, and she is now at the Bridge where I am sure she was met by our large furmily.

Mum is very upset. Molly was at the vet's because either Smokey or Marmie had a fight with her, and bit her on Wednesday while Mum was at work. So Mum took her to the vet's Thursday morning to make sure she didn't get an abscess. He kept her in because there was some bleeding under her skin. Mum went down on Saturday with food because she was refusing to eat the Vet's food. They took the pressure bandage off her chest, and Mum cuddled her and she purred, and ate a little from Mum's fingers. She was hoping she would be home early this week. She seemed brighter.

Then the vet phoned on Sunday to tell her Molly had taken a seizure near midnight on Saturday, and had died.

If Mum hadn't taken Molly and Schooby in, she would still be alive. She was only at the vet because of the fight. Sweet girl, we will miss her. She was so quiet and gentle. Our little brothers are in disgrace, even though we know they could not know the consequences of their actions, and perhaps the two were not even related. Even so .... 14 is too young to go to the bridge.

Vale dear Molly.



Allie Update

August 23rd 2010 8:44 pm
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Mum phoned the vet. Allie has had 600+ ml of fluid with the IV, and piddled most of it out, which isn't helping the dehydration.

He ate his dinner last night though - first food in nearly three days. His PH is acid which, evidently, is good. Usually with cystitis it is alkaline. But he is on the special food, so that may be keeping his urine acidic.

Paws crossed that it is not his kidneys, and he can come home soon. Looks like he will be at the vet today again.

He usually sleeps curled up in Mum's arms, so she really notices him not being there.


Allie's at the Vet

August 23rd 2010 5:43 pm
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Allie hasn't been eating, and has been throwing up, so Mum took him to the vet.

The vet said he is dehydrated and has cystitis again, so he has kept him in, and put him on a drip.

We are hoping his kidneys are not failing, but because he has blood in his urine, a kidney test would not work.

Mum is praying like crazy. She is silly superstitious, and the night before she took Allie to the vet, Dad photographed Allie and me lying on Mum's tummy in bed. It is the first time I have let one of the boy cats anywhere near me, let alone curl up next to me. Mum is hoping I don't know something she doesn't, but I am sure Allie will be fine and come home soon so us "mature" cats can get to know each other better.

Mum was joking when Allie joined me about Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat together at last. MOL. She will upload the photo when she gets a chance.


WOW - Daily Diary Pick

August 14th 2010 11:27 pm
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I can't believe it. Wow. And I am better now too. I've been busy playing with my mousies again. Meant to write and let every one know I was better, but, well, the mousies hadn't been played with for a while, and so, I knew you would understand.

Thank you to everyone for the rosies, and pmail and everything. It's the icing on the cake - a new forever home, lots of toys (and brofurs, unfortunately) and now DDP.

Now, if we only knew my birthday, sigh. Mum says we will just have to celebate my gotcha day instead. I likes BBQ chicken :) The nice thing about birthday celebrations is that this is such a big family we get to have celebration dinners quite regularly. Would be more regular except that Ra, Utu and Schooby have the same birthday, as does Smokey and Marmalade. Maybe Mum should celebrate both birthdays AND gotcha days for everyone. That would double the fun :)


Eating Again

August 4th 2010 6:33 pm
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Not brilliantly, but at least I am eating. Mum woke up in the wee hours to hear me having some more of my dinner. She put on the light to check it was me and not Smokey eating it (something about black cats and grey cats and the dark). And I had a reasonable amount of my breakfast.

She is wondering if she gives me too much, and that is why I don't finish the plate. She is used to feeding mancats, and they do have good appetites.

I am getting around better, but still not playing with my mousies.


Not feeling the best

August 2nd 2010 9:56 pm
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The vet thinks I have hurt my shoulder so I am on anti-inflammatory medicine. But I'm not eating very well either. Mum was worried I had had a stroke cos I was walking wobbly. But the vet said I was favouring one of my front paws, and compensating with the back legs. When he examined me I only protested when he moved my shoulder, so he thinks that is the problem. He said if it is not improved in a week or so, he will do an X-Ray just to make sure there is no serious problem.

Two nights in a row I actually slept on the bed snuggled into Mum, so she is worried, cos I have never done that before.

I did eat a few pieces of cheese last night (after not eating dinner), and this morning I ate a little bit of my breakfast.

The vet says I am old - pish - 14 is NOT old. Allie is 18 1/2 and he jumps up onto things, and eats reasonably well - he can be picky.

But I went back to my cube last night, so Mum is hoping I am getting over it, because I would have had to jump up to reach the cube. She put one on the floor for me, but I went for the higher one.

If anyone has any suggestions on treat foods to tempt me, Mum would love to hear. I wasn't interested in Allie's BBQ chicken, turned my nose up a yoghurt. The cheese was the only thing I could be tempted to eat, and Mum doesn't think I should have too much of it.


Out and About

June 4th 2010 10:44 pm
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I left the bedroom for the first time today - ventured out into the rumpus room, and lounge room. Almost made the verandah, then I saw Valkyrie and decided to return to the bedroom.

Mum wonders if I am coming out when she is at work, because the dogs are outside then. She thinks it would be neat to have web cams all over the house so she can see what we get up to when she is at work. I'd call that an invasion of our privacy. How can we wreck the joint if we are being watched? Cyber-kitty-spying.

I tried a second time, and Mum grabbed the camera, but I saw Valkyrie again and high-tailed it back to safety.

She did get some photos of me playing with one of our Christmas toys this morning, though. I love playing with toys, but when we came we only had our food and water bowls. No beds, no toys. Mum is surprised that I play so much at 14, but she thinks maybe if I didn't have toys before then they are a novelty. I have my favourites - the mousie RT sent, and a tinkle ball that Snoopy and his brofurs sent. I wasn't here yet at Christmas, but I have claimed them now.

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