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Reason why I am Abby Normal.

About time.

March 21st 2011 9:22 pm
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Okay so I just figured out this whole computer thing. With help of Monty and Missy I am going to write my first entry. I knew if I acted like a dog long enough they would help me out. Who am I kidding I am kinda bully with them but, I think it is because I am misunderstood.

So a little bit about me first of all I came into my lovely dysfunctional family when Mom's co-workers son found my sister in I buried in a dirt field and he dug us back up. Mom is a sucker so I found a new home with her. (I know Mom is a sucker because she got Missy and let's face it that one is nothing but, trouble.) Well when Mom got me I wasn't able to eat hard food so she made mush for me and she also taught Dad how to care for me. I have a funky tail which is how I got my name too. It actually has a kink in it that I cannot undo. It has been x-rayed cause vets are curious animals and it is not broken. They know thing I am part Japanese Bobtail.

So cause of my tail I wag it like a dog would which Mom says cute and Dad just shakes his head at. I also act like a dog. I come when called and kinda do tricks. Mom calls me her orange and white Hershey Kisses with Hugs. I guess that is what I look like when I sit down, don't ask me.

I have lots of family as you can tell. As far as the dogs go I love Monty. He and I got off to a rough start (I smacked him in the face and left a scar on his nose.) but, I have definitely formed a bond with him. Now Missy is another story, I think she is a big troll. I don't know why Mom got her but, I guess she is sticking around. Missy and I aren't BFF's that is for sure, mostly because she doesn't look where she steps and stepped on my tail one too many times.

As for the cats I love them all...though Hammy is pushing it with his liking Missy.

That sums me up. Happy tails.

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