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Get me out of this jumpsuit!

February 19th 2010 3:59 pm
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For ten endless days, I have been wearing a straight-jacket. Mom calls it a jumpsuit, and said I wouldn't have to wear it if I would just leave my stitches alone. But REALLY, is it so wrong to want to lick them with my raspy little tongue? I just wanted to CLEAN THEM, for god's sake. And they itched so badly. For some crazy reason every time I licked them she would leap at me and stop me. I mean, Doctor sent me home naked, without one of those humiliating cones (thank god), so OBVIOUSLY that means I can lick my stitches. Anyway, my silly mom went and sewed me a "jumpsuit" (straight-jacket) and I've been sadly unable to lick through it. At least I can still run and jump and pounce, even though I look RIDICULOUS.
Today mom's boyfriend drove us to Doctor to get my stitches out. I like the boyfriend, he knows what's up. The first time I met him, he introduced me to the gourmet delicacy: Popeyes Chicken. DELICIOUS! My mom doesn't eat chicken or beef, can you believe it? crazy. When I tasted that yummy fried chicken, I knew that this guy eats the good stuff. I sniffed at mom's meal with curious disdain, and immediately dismissed it. I mean, I will try to eat her fish, her cheese, her yogurt, her ice cream... but not if there's Popeyes around. Anyway, I got off track- so I got my stitches out. Everything went great; Doctor said my incision has sealed. We arrived home and I was in high spirits, running around naked and free. I decided to go in for some innocent licking, and WHAT DO YOU THINK: mom puts the straight jacket back on. :/ Sigh. Oh well. I'm told it's only for a couple more days.


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