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Sprinkle's Secret Diary

Update 2/11/13

February 11th 2013 6:27 pm
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Hello Everyfur!
I'm here to update you on my life. I'm doing well. It's been a brutal winter- lots of snow and wind. I love to watch the snow fall from my favorite window. Mama got me a new bed, so that I can stay nice and warm. It's brown and has high furry sides. It fits me purrfectly.
I have a bit of a kitty cold going on. I've been sneezing a lot. I'm going to visit the vet sometime this month. Mama has to set up an appointment once she knows her work schedule. I'm not too worried. I have the best vet in town! She cares so much about me and my fur family. :)
Remember my previous post about my mama fostering cookie? About a month ago she was adopted! She was adopted to an older women who was looking for a TLC cat! I'm kinda sad I never got to meet her. She was adopted before mama could foster her!
My brofur Donut is healthy. I've been getting in some fights with him. He just doesn't know how to treat me with the respect I deserve. I'm sure you girl kitties can relate. :D
My guinea pig brofur and sisfur are doing well. Skylar is not the smartest pig I know. He poked his eye with a piece of hay and had to get it removed. He looks so funny. Other than that mishap he's doing well.
I had such a good Christmas!! Mama got me some new toys and I helped her decorate. She put up lights and a pretty tree. I was a very good girl and didn't play with the shiny balls on the tree. I wish Christmas was every day of the year.
Mama is trying to update my pictures on my profile. All the current photos are so old! I'm much prettier now. Mama is going to get me some claw caps. They are black and white. I'm going to be so purrty. It's about time I get a nice pawdicure. :D I'll make sure she posts pictures of my nails when they are done. :)
Are you furrs looking forward to Valentine's Day? I'm happy to be single, but I hope you all find your true love.


It's a rough life

September 20th 2012 3:23 pm
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Hey Catster Friends!
I thought I should update everyone on my life. I'm still alive and happy. Mama has me on a new food called Innova Low Fat. I get 1/4 cup at night. My mama is giving me a half can of my favorite Fancy Feast (elegant medleys) in the morning. I'm loosing a lot of weight!! I've been so energetic and playful.
Mama got a new job, so she's gone a lot. I've been very lonely. I make sure to run up to her when she gets home. That way she knows I missed her. Mama was thinking of fostering a kitty from the shelter. Her name is Cookie and she is really shy. Mamas afraid they will "put her down", because she's so afraid of people. I don't know how I would feel about another kitty coming in and stealing my toys, beds, and mama's attention.
Donut is doing okay. He isn't loosing as much weight as I am. He loves the new food. I think it tastes weird. Donut has been such a good brofur lately. He sleeps next to me during the day when I'm lonely. Mama keeps the TV on for us to watch. I'm sorry I haven't been on very often. My family is going through a lot of problems. I hope everyone on Catster is going good. :)


I'm sick.

October 14th 2010 9:20 am
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Oh Catster! I'm not doing so good. I've got a cold. I've been sneezing and I just don't feel like eating. I will nibble on a little wet food, but that's it. I've been sleeping so much. Mama says I've been a sweetheart. I've been curling up on her lap so much. She hasn't went to the shelter, cuz she wants to spend time with me. Mommy has been opening the living room windows all day! It's so nice to smell the outside before it gets so cold. Today mama made some people food. It smells so icky! Mama has been giving us dry food at night! It's so nummy!! She's also changed our litter to half scoop, half clay. It's weird feeling on my paws. I've been really worried about my fuuurrend Adam Dylan. He's so sick. He reminds my mama of a cat at the shelter named Bitty. Bitty is 12 years old and really skinny. Mama wishes someone would adopt Bitty. I wonder if mama is going to dress me up for Halloween. I don't like wearing clothes! I am a GIRL cat for gods sake! I don't wanna look scary. Mama wants to buy me a pumpkin. My brofur loves raw pumpkin. Anyways! I gotta go to sleep now! Good Night!


Lots of news!

September 15th 2010 5:32 pm
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Meow! I haven't been on Catster in a looong time! Mama's can be SO mean holding computers hostage. I feel like I should update my diary page. I know I haven't been feeling real good. I wouldn't drink any liquid. Mama checks my mouth everyday to see if it's dry. Some days it is really dry and sometimes it isn't. The days my mouth is dry she squirts a dropper down my throat. Other than that i've been a very good girl.
My mama has been cheating on us! She disappears for two hours and then comes home reeking of other kitties! She tells us she is working with "shelter kitties". It's not fair! Aren't we good enough for her? She could at least bring home a young hansom boy for me to be friends with!
TODAY mama bought ME and DONUT NEW TOYS!! She got us this long stick thing she calls a "peacock feather"! That thing is so much fun! She's been playing with us for hours! Too bad it's missing 90% of its feathers. MOL! We can destroy cool toys in minutes. Then mama got us this weird stuffed thing that almost looks like a spider. Donut is obsessed with that toy! Then she got us a pink mouse that has some weird filling in it. It doesn't smell like catnip at all. We haven't played with that toy yet.
YOU WONT BELIEVE THIS!!! My mama got us a $2 can of Innova Evo DUCK food!! It says it has 95% duck! Yummm! She gave it to us and we ate it all up! It was so goood! Mama wants to find a can of venison for us to try. I hope she does. I think it'd be yummy. :) She's tried giving us cooked eggs, but yuck. We didn't touch it. Who would expect a regal girl to eat EGGS? She should know better.
I hope mama can get on the computer soon and update you on our lives! :)


I got a new toy!

July 14th 2010 10:00 am
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Yesterday mama went to the store and she brought me back a TOY. Okay... okay... so she bought Donut a toy. But, I stole it cuz I like it. It smells like cat nip and it's a pretty pink color! It's perfect for a princess. ;) It has a really long tail. I like to chew on it's head. :D Mama took some pictures of me sleeping with it. :) She's going to post them right away. I wont even let mama touch the toy! I love it that much! I fought with Donut for it. Of course, I won! I love getting presents. :)


Mom's over-reacting again...

July 12th 2010 9:16 am
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Within the last month I went from wolfing down any and every piece of food I could find and not gaining an ounce to becoming painfully bloated where it looks like I weigh a ton! Mom doesn't know what to do. I'm still eating a lot, but not as much as when I first developed such an appetite. Today mama made me eat some laxatone. (Yuck!) This made me furious. How dare she smear that sticky stuff on my cheek! She is unable to get to the vet right away, because of money problems. (Thank God!) My belly feels like a balloon. I'm no longer interested in toys. I prefer to sleep all day. I still play with the birds, though! Mama is worried. I'm not my normal self. There is no way I am pregnant. I'm spayed and my brofur is neutered and I am not aloud outside. Mama is a little concerned with worms. Although she doesn't know how I would get them. Today I layed down on the floor and randomly meowed. And when mama picks me up I meow real loud. I don't like people touching my tummy. I used to not mind it so much, but now... I can't stand it! Does anyone have some advice for mama? She's going crazy.


Obsession to Straws.

January 23rd 2010 5:46 pm
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Sprinkles can be summarized with two words. Straw Lover! Every night we noticed that Sprinkles spent hours meowing. We didn't know why. But, I had to put my human emotions to the situation. I felt so bad for her. She sounded so sad. Sprinkles would continue to meow until I woke up. She would even crawl onto my side and meow in my ear! So, I'd wake up every night and pet her until she calmed down. She would sit on my side and enjoy me petting her until she or I fell asleep. But one day I was sitting on my bed and I saw her bring a straw under my bed. I thought nothing of this until I saw her with a straw in the living room. This was it. This was what made her meow. She was protecting her straw. I sat there and watched her. She held the straw in her mouth and meowed. It's that simple. She would just sit there. Donut would come near her and she would fight him. Or maybe play with him. But, she loves that straw. She will take any straw from your hand and keep it as her own. I have no idea how many straws she has kept under my bed, but it must be a lot!


On the way home!

January 23rd 2010 5:28 pm
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My brother and his friend wanted to get an apartment, so they signed the papers and went to the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. I helped pick out Sprinkles and Donut. The first time I saw Sprinkles, she fell asleep in my arms. Who wouldn't take such a sweetheart home? We signed the papers and my brother and his friend set the date to pick them up! I brought along a carrier and I was the one to carry Sprinkles home. Things did not work out between my brother and Olivia. My brother returned home and along with him was Sprinkles and Donut. I was ecstatic. I loved the cats! I would go to their apartment everyday and feed them, clean the litter box, and change over the water. I spent many hours bonding with the new pets. They were immediately accepted into our home... except for the birds. They are still uneasy about them. :) It took a little bit for the kitties to warm up. We invested in many toys, scratching posts, and treats. About a month ago they started to show their true colors. And they are sweeties. They have their problems. Sprinkles LOVES to bite/scratch open bags of food when everyone else is asleep. And plastic? Oh man! That is her love! Well, besides for Donut. They are true friends. They pass each other and bump heads. They sleep next to each other. They just love to groom one another. This was the best choice i've ever made. I could never give them up. ;) Sprinkles is a little rebellious. But who isn't? They love poultry. Not a big fan of fish or liver. Sprinkles will only play with a toy if you dangle it in front of her. She really has no feeling about noisy balls. She would do anything for a good treat. She will occasionally sit on your lap for hours. She loves to sleep on my bed at night. She is just a complicated, beautiful sweetheart.

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