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Oh No.....Tagged Again & Again!!

November 18th 2008 7:57 am
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I have been tagged by two furry cool cats!! Nekko & Tigger have tagged me and I have to tell 5 things about me........only 5.....MOL!!!!
Here they are:

1. I was the runt of the litter and am very small, only about 4 or 5 pounds.

2. I am not a very loud purrer like my sisfur Chloe, you can barely hear me.

3. My favorite time of the day is first thing in the morning when meowmie goes downstairs and feeds me.

4. When the door is open (storm door still closed though) I love to go and stand up on the door and look ourside and hear the birds and see the squirrels run on the porch.

5. I love my furever home and am glad that I am not outside anymore and have a nice warm place to eat and sleep!!

Now I have to tag 5 furs.......they know who they are!!!



May 12th 2008 9:34 am
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Taggy Wag!
Oh Oh Oh! I've Been Taggy Wagged By Humphrey Lee Haunted!

The rules for this game:

. Name 4 Jobs that you have
. Name Places that you have lived
. Name Places You would rather be
. Name 4 friends to tag and send them pawmail directing them
to your diary

The first job I had was to use my charm to win my meowmie over so I could stay in her home and have it be my furever home.

My second job was to get in good with my new brofur and sisfur and win them over.

My third job I have is to make sure no buggies or mice or other crawly things come in the house.

My fourth job is to make sure my meowmie feels loved by me all the time.

The only places I have live was the home where I was born and I was outside there......and now my furever home where I am inside all the time

Hmmmmmm places I would rather be........
With my meowmie when she goes to work.
Tuna fish factory......before they seal the lid.....MOL
Hiding in the bushes spying on the bunnies
Sitting on top of the gerbil cage

The 4 friends I'm going to tag are:

Forrest Grump
Itty Bitty


Thanksgiving 2007

November 14th 2007 10:10 am
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Hummmmmm......what I am thankful for......lets see.......oh yea, I am thankful for my forever home!!! I almost didn't get to stay here, my meowmie thought 2 cats and a dog were enough so she tried to find a new forever home for me. I did leave for a couple of days but it didn't work out and she said to bring me back to her..........she named me Oreo and that was it.....I was in my forever home. I love it here. I am safe and sound and I love my brofur and sisfur too! Three different color cats under the same roof. Sometimes I like to pick on my brofur and chase him around the house......but I love him. Shhhhhh don't tell him that MOL!!

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