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Saber Tails

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Thank You!

January 25th 2013 4:58 pm
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I just wanted to say thank you to my pawsome friends who sent gifts and concats on my being picked for a Diary Of The Day kitty.

It is such an honor and I`m furry happy I got to share my day with all my friends.

I also got a really nice picture made for me just like KitKats but mom can`t get either to post on our pages she`s not sure if it is her or if Catster has a flea.



Saber Tales

January 21st 2013 3:28 pm
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My turn now...

I`m Happy we are staying home again, I really don`t like the moving house, it scares me until it stops.

Mom didn`t make me go on any of the trips last summer. I got to stay home with Simon & Kit and our cat sitter took care of us. Kit was being naughty to her and kept hissing at her, he`s such a brat if he doesn't get his way! But I made sure I greeted her at the door.

This summer we had mom`s human girls dogs for 2 months and they sure are big and poor mannered and I was happy to see them go home. Now I hear they have to stay with us for a long time, none of us furs are happy about that.

We have to help mom make a page for a doggie brofur Bart. He`s lived with us over a year and no page yet!


I`m a DDP!!

September 16th 2012 3:19 pm
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Wow, I can`t believe it Mom showed me that I was a Daily Diary Pick for today which is really pawsome! my sisfurs & brofurs have all been a DDP but I don`t think I was. I told mom she really needs to start helping us furkids with our diaries because so much has been happening since our last updates and we have lots of stories to tell!

I`ll keep purring at mom & get her to help us soon, we have some rainy days coming so that might be a good time for all us furs to make her sit & type for us!

Luv & purrs,


My cat mom went to the Bridge

September 12th 2012 6:01 am
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Yesterday was a sad day. My mom cat Mrs.Fortuna went to the bridge. She had a very long life of 24 years. Her human mom & all of us will miss her.
R.I.P. Mrs. Fortuna 1988- Sept 11 2012.



May 31st 2011 10:55 am
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The other day mommy opened the door in the extra room so we could lay on our blanket and feel the breezes and hear all the outdoor sounds. Well, Jewel decided to stretch out and roll (she`s such a chub!) and all of a sudden bang! the door popped open and we were outside! no sign of mommy or dad either so me and Jewel decided to explore the deck and check out the stairs that went to the stuff KitKat called grass we went down and checked out the grass stuff and it was pretty neat and there were so many new smells and we had such a good time when all of a sudden mom came around the corner and yelled our names...ooppps busted! She grabbed me and tried to get Jewel but had a hard time trying to carry both of us so she stuck me back in the big house and caught Jewel so now she has the door tied closed so Jewel can`t push it open with her chubby body..Oh well it was nice while it lasted..Kit and Simon are so lucky they are allowed to go outside!



Well that was not fun!!

October 20th 2010 6:00 pm
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Yesterday mommy put me in my cat carrier so I figured we were going for a ride in the moving house but nope me and Sterling were taking a trip to the vet...I was supposed to get some kind of thing put under my skin so if I got lost I would find my home, well that thing hurt but I was good and didn`t make a sound On the way home mom petted me and found that thing she called a chip worked its way out and was on my fur so now I have to do the whole thing over! The worst part was Sterling gave us all fleas so we all have to have stuff put on us to get rid of them, Sterling has to take all kinds of meds because he had a bad reaction to them. Mom also got some stuff for us cats to take before our next chip so hopefully we won`t get sick on our next trip! I`ll see how that goes..


My first Birthday

October 14th 2010 5:37 am
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Today is my first Birthday!! I already got some special treats from mommy:) Of course Cassie kept butting in, she always thinks she something special but today is My day! I`m going to find some sunny spots and roll in them:)


I didn`t like this trip..

September 17th 2010 7:20 pm
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We went on a trip in the moving house but this time I hid under the bed, mom tried to get me to come out but I didn`t want to, she said I had fun last winter but I don`t remember that. I did come out for her after awhile but I really didn`t like it and it made me sick just like Simon. Mom said she is going to ask Dr Desiree if we can get some kind of medicine so we don`t get sick before our next trip. It was ok after we stopped moving abnd there was lots to see out the windows. I saw horses like Tuffy but they were pulling things behind them with people in them. There was also a moving house next to us and the people had two kitties that were black like me and they got to sit outside in a thing mom called a cage, it was fun watching them, they saw us in the window and said Hi to us. I hope I get used to the moving again.



Napping with Jewel can be risky!

June 7th 2010 2:14 pm
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Yesterday I took my regular nap spot on the window ledge with Jewel like we always do and I was just getting comfortable when all of a sudden Bam! we were outside in the bushes! It would have been fun if it wasn`t so cold and wet, this was my first time out without my harness and it was a little different. Jewel hid under the deck but I went around to the front of the house and checked out what was there then I heard mom calling me and Jewel and saw mom pick up Jewel and put her back inside(it was her first time ever outdoors) Then mom came out to look for me and when she called me I ran up to her and she picked me up and we went inside, it was fun being out but would have been nicer if it was sunny! Mom told Jewel she needs to trim down LOL!


Harness training continued

April 21st 2010 5:29 am
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I got to go out again in m harness and it was alot of fun! Mom put me on a longer leash and I was able to run and chase bugs! I didn`t want to come in because I was having so much fun but mom said I had to go in because she had some things to do but said I could go out again tomorrow..Of course I meowed constantly when I came in tring to get mom to let me out again but she wouldn`t..I think she created a monster or at least that`s what she said!!

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