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Merlin's Mauowsss

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Hi Brother

September 30th 2010 2:03 am
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Today we are very excited mommy saw a picture on the birthday stroll of a beautiful egyptian mau called Ramesus who shared his birthday with me. She sent a friend request and turns out Ramesus is my brother. We haven't seen each other since last Christmas when we went to live in our new homes. I have to say he is a very handsome boy so good looks obviously run in the family mol . Glad we found you Ramesus keep in touch lots of purrs and love Merlin your brother xxxxx


Happy 1st Birthday to MEaowwwwwwww

September 29th 2010 12:09 pm
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Its my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Im a big boy now 1 today Mommy been trying take pics of me with my cake but i dont like the candle mol she going shopping tomorrow for extra special presents horrayyyyyy

Happy Birthday Merlin I Love You Mini Mau my little babycakes xx


Ticked Off

September 28th 2010 12:15 pm
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hi my lovely catster friends. As you know i decided to go on another adventure and went missing for almost 6 days. Mommy is so glad im home safe although she wasnt so happy about the ticks i brought back with me. Im now all de- ticked and my fur is back to its beautiful condition. Mommy has been spoiling me since i came home its purrrfect but im being quite naughty wanting to go out, im exhausting mommy , she plays with me for an hour before she goes to work and as soon as she gets in from work( she feels guilty that im unhappy as now i have had a little taste of freedom outside i have an awful case of wanderlust). We have been out for a litle wander in the garden on my harness tonight but i was a bad kitty i decided the garden just wasnt good enough and kept trying to jump the fence and run out into the street. Im sitting here on mommy's lap purring like a tractor at moment she loves my cuddles and she loves it when im content. We are trying to persuade dad a companion would be a great idea for me to keep me company and play with me. Its my birthday tomorrow im 1 year old. If only i could be a happy indoor kitty and not so adventerous life would be so much easier. Its a big bad world out there with so many dangers but i so want to explore it ahhhh well winter is coming and its getting cold and dark and rainy maybe i can get used to being inside soon love and kisses Merlin x


Prayers Answered

September 18th 2010 3:31 pm
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Merlin is home, power of the paw prayers and purrs does it again. I have prayed and prayed for 6 days and at last a prayer was answered, Merlin was placed in exactly the same place at exactly the same time as my partner John , a pub car park being chased by a big cat near a main road and what was the pub called THE MERLIN yes im not kidding you catster friends as soon as john saw him he shouted his name and merlin came running and leaped into his arms i was at home feeling miserable and praying merlin would be found soon when in walks john with my baby i cant tell you how overjoyed i was. i really believe this was not pure chance. merlin was starving and he has followed me around all night purring like a little tractor when i cuddle him but i cant leave a room without him crying and following me and boy it feels great. i think his 6 days away have been a little traumatic for him he has been lost scared and hungry but he survived it im so proud of him and so relieved i dread to think what could have happened had john not been there to bring our baby home i feel truly blessed tonight i want to thank everyone who supported me through this difficult time and i also want to send my love to everyone missing their beloved cat tonight keep praying keep purring and dont give up prayers are answered and they can survive out there for a while there is hope ;c; im so happy merlin will be having the best birthday and christmas ever at home with his family xxxx


Prayer For Merlin My Missing Cat

September 17th 2010 2:34 am
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Prayer for a Lost Pet

St. Francis and St. Anthony,
please come promptly to the aid of this
precious pet,Merlin
and those who love him so,
and enable him to find his
way back home,
having suffered no ill effects
from his separation
from his family.
Thank you sweet Jesus
for your mercy on this family
and their dearly
loved pet,
and for restoring him to them.
It is in your name we pray,


some positive feedback

September 16th 2010 11:22 am
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good news just had a phone call from someone in next street he thinks he saw merlin on monday night at 10pm hanging round with a few strays he said the description and picture fits the cat he saw and recommended i take a walk round that way to see if he is still hanging out. im really excited he said the cat he saw you could tell it was not a stray in very good condition fingers crossed its my baby i have hope now he is alive x


thankyou for the support my friends

September 16th 2010 5:46 am
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i am writing this with an ache in my heart my baby has been missing over 3 days now and i cant eat or sleep with worry. The thought that he may be out there somewhere afraid , hungry, trapped, injured or dead is more than i can bear. We had such an exciting few months planned with his first birthday and first christmas with us as a family. i do not know how i will cope if my baby does not come home. Its getting cold outside and the wind and rain torments me. i feel so helpless i cant stop crying this sadness dominates my every waking moment and my sleep is restless and filled with nightmares that he is in trouble.Im exhausted.Im experiencing all the pain i did the first time he went missing. I keep telling myself he is 5 mnths older now and microchipped and neutered the chances of him coming home are greater than last time but still i fear i will not be so lucky as to get him back a second time.I want to thank everyone for their support it means so much. It was catster that got me through this last time Merlin disappeared and such a comfort to read messages of hope and that you are praying for his safe return thankyou please continue to pray for Merlin and his return home where he belongs safe and sound xxx


Sad times Worrying times I want them back......

September 15th 2010 7:39 am
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Merlin came to me on 29th December a belated christmas present. I have been his Mommy now for 9 mnths. In that 9 months we have had many incidents firstly he had ear mites which caused him to walk lopsided with his head to one side and as a new mommy i was frantic thinking he had brain damage (first vet visit) then he got a terrible rash on his neck which he scratched till it bled and made his beautiful fur scabby n a mess(second vet visit) then he decided to go on a little adventure and went missing for 5 days.200 leaflets 25 posters a mention in 2 local newspapers and postings on countless missing pet sites i had lost hope and booked an animal search team. Merlin returned home the evening before the search team were due to descend onto the streets of billingham in excellent condition and wondering what all the fuss was about.In summer he decided it would be a good idea to catch a bee and promptly got a lovely sting on his eyelid which swelled up so badly i frantically had to pay a visit to an emergency vet miles away (it was a sunday) with a very unhappy kitty in my lap looking pitiful winking at me with an eye the size of a golfball,luckily the sting just missed his eye by a fraction. I thought that must be our share of incidents for the rest of the year i was wrong merlin ran out the back door on monday morning at 6am he has not been back since i cant eat sleep or stop crying. TERRIBLE THOUGHTS KEEP GOING ROUND MY HEAD every horrible scenario. Its his 1st birthday 2 weeks today and this year is our first proper christmas together so Merlin please come home your a little bundle of mischief who puts me through more worry that i have ever known but i wouldnt want to be without those mad times cos in between those crazy frantic upsetting worried times is all the other funny happy amazing times you bring to my life every day. I miss you I miss you meaowing for the watering can to be filled up so u can dip your paws in it n paddle I miss you waking us up at ridiculous hours of the morning and zig zagging down the stairs so we cant overtake you I miss you turning your nose up at your food when your holding out for something more tasty I miss you purring like a little tractor come home babycakes please mommy needs to know your safe sitting on your blanket in between me n daddy our little king of the castle. We love n miss you n want to hear your im home meaow real soon xxxxx


I Have Been On A Big Adventure

May 1st 2010 3:09 am
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Hello my lovely catster friends apparantely a BIG DRAMA has happened . What all the fuss is about i do not know??? I went off on a little wander on Monday 26 April. I CANT tell you where i been or what i did shhhhhhhh its my secret but Mommy was soooo worried about me. She was crying and looking for me and knocking on peoples doors and posting leaflets and putting up posters. Im famous hell there was a bounty on my head big reward for my safe return home , my pic has been everywhere including a lovely little mention in the evening gazette. A big search began with dawn and dusk outings calling my name and a fishy smelly trail left up the streets but it was all to no avail as unknown to mommy i was streets further away than she has searched being adopted by a family with 3 lovely children and answering to the name tiny timmy mol. Sorry for laughing Mommy but i did not know you were worried i was fine and dandy. Anyways Mommy had all but giving up on ever seeing me again so she booked a search team called Animal Search UK to come and search for me all over the neighbourhood. They were due today Sat 1st May but last night in desperation that even a pet detective would find me Mommy busied herself making me a safe haven in the shed at bottom of garden with my favourite pyramid bed some food and water and her snuggly cardigan i love so much so if i ever returned i had somewhere to wait and hide when she got a shout from my Daddy. A lady was at the door i had been found she recognised my picture from the leaflets and thank our lucky stars knew the lady whose garden i had visited every morning since i went missing. Apparently Mommy burst into tears and hugged the lady and they both cried silly women mol. Then Mommy picked up my cat box and came to collect me she was hugging me and crying n i was like OH WHATEVER mol. So after a 4 night adventure Im home now i was so hungry i ate my favourite food right up n had a bowl of my cat milk then i sat at the computer desk gazing at mommy and purring like a little tractor while she told everybody the good news. I was so tired i slept and slept but i still remembered to give Mommy n Daddy their 6am alarm wake up meaowwww mol. Im getting chipped on Tue i dunno what it is but im not sure i like sound of it and im grounded Mommy said i must never ever do that to her again ;( Love n kisses Merlin Back Home safe n sound X


202 Dalmations!

March 3rd 2010 7:53 am
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I Have One Thing To Say Cats Rule Dogs Drool . Can we watch a cat film next time mom please ? How About Catwoman I dig Midnight she may be a little older than me but hey i wouldnt kick her outta my cat tree you know what i mean mol xx

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