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Kitten Tales

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HEY! Where's My Background?

February 1st 2010 2:24 pm
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Mama says today sure is Monday. This morning we came to Catster for a quick look around. My beautiful red heart background was gone. I did not even have the pea-green Catster background left. She told me we would have to investigate that later; it was time to go to work.

Then mama started her usual morning virus scan on the computer. She sat down and started working, but she heard a noise. When she looked at our computer, it said in scary red letters "Infiltrations 1." Mama thought, oh, boy. Here we go. She started thinking about the epidemic of computer viruses that have infected our Catster friends' computers in the last few days.

Mama decided to sit down and work and try to stay calm until the scan was finished. About that time I decided to act up. That did not make mama a happy camper. I was leaping on things and getting into stuff. I was still trying to look cute so she wouldn't get too mad, but it did not work. I went into time-out so mama could concentrate on work and the "maybe" virus we had on our own computer. but a "Monday" kind of thing happened when mama was trying to move my potty. Her hand slipped, and about half of my kitty litter went in a big pile on the carpet in the office. Poor mama; the only way to get it up was to scoop with her hands. I bet she was real glad she changed my potty just this weekend. Anyway, mama scooped double handfuls of kitty litter up off the carpet. I was locked up after that, but I could hear the big sucking machine. Later all the kitty litter was gone, so I guess the sucker took it away.

When the virus scanner quit, it told mama it had cleaned the file. Mama didn't believe it, so she ran another scan and then ran Windows Defender. Everything came out OK, so mama breathed a sign of relief.

Awhile later mama was missing me, so she came in to get me and let me try to help her. She made a face when she noticed I had dumped my big heavy water dishy out of his wooden holder and into my kitten chow. The tray my dishes were on was full of water, and my little chows were swimming! Mama said they were stinky too, but I thought they tasted pretty good, especially after they soaked up all the water. They were fat and mushy and smelly. YUM...

I came into the office and was pretty good for awhile. I found my sunbeam and took a nap. Then I got all excited and leaped up on one of mama's saddles. I started crying for something that mama could not see. She came over and peered intently where I was looking. Then she said to me, "Gunnie, I think you're hallucinating. There's nothing there." I do not know what that means. I only know I saw something there. I kept crying and reaching for something. Mama decided to ignore me and see if I would stop. It wasn't long before she heard a little noise and looked over to see me launch myself straight up like a rocket. Up, up, up I went. There was nothing to hang onto, so I skidded all the way down the wall and into a corner behind all the horsey gear. Mama leaped up from her desk and came over to make sure I was OK.

I guess I shoulda thought more about the landing part; it was a long way down. I ended up in the middle of some old branding irons and several walking sticks mama and daddy use when they go hiking. That was just too much for mama. I went into time-out again, and now mama is calling me Maniac Kitten. I still swear there was something there, but I will never tell what it was...

P.S. More than just my background was missing, and mama didn't even notice until now. My little gray kitty cursor is MIA too. We tried to go to, but the site is down. The plot thickens. ;)


Daily Diary Pick...and Shots!

January 31st 2010 11:00 am
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Woohoo! Thank you Catster, for making me one of the daily diary picks of the day. Thanks to my friends for the beyootiful rosettes you have bestowed on me, and thanks to the kitties who have told me they enjoy reading my diary. A very special thanks to my auntie Eva, who made me a lovely kimi for my page.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Mike for my last set of kitten shots. I was wearing my big-boy harness, and mama hooked a leash to me for the first time. Mama says I am getting so big and strong and FAST that if I dashed out an open door, no human could catch me.

We were Dr. Mike's last appointment of the day. My doctor is very smart, and he is real good at multitasking, so he has several patients at a time, and he is running back and forth. We waited, and waited, and waited. I loved it. I came right out of my carrier when mama opened the door. The nice lady came in with the scale, and they weighed me. I am 5 1/4 pounds! Mama says I look long and lean, but I am just growing really fast. Mama says I have the "gangles."

Anyway, after the nice lady left with her scale, I wandered around the exam room. I leaped on the chairs, went under the chairs, leaped from the chairs onto the exam counter, got on my carrier, tried to work the TV mounted on the wall (mama would not let me), wanted to work the computer (mama wouldn't let me), strolled all around the exam room, pawed at the storage cabinets (hmmmmm...wonder what's in there?), and even flopped on the floor and rolled around and stretched.

Then Serena came in and told mama I did not need any more shots. There was a discussion about the shots, and Serena went off to ask Dr. Mike. I was hoping, hoping, hoping. Dr. Mike said oh, boy did I ever need more shots, so after about 100 hours of waiting, Dr. Mike came in to say hi. He washed his hands and started talking to mama about some dog that ate sugarless gum. There is some stuff in it that is poison, and the doggies can die from it. Anyway, Dr. Mike was standing next to the chair. I hopped on the chair and stood up on my hind legs and started pawing at his hand. "Hey, remember me, Gunnarr? I don't wanna hear about dogs, I want my attention now. It is my turn." Mama started laughing, and Dr. Mike scooped me up like a baby. I was so cute he forgot all about the dogs and their gum eating. Unfortunately, Dr. Mike found the shotter and gave it to me. I didn't like it much, but the bad part did not last for long. Afterwards Dr. Mike looked in my ears and eyes. Then he felt my tummy. I was pretty squirmy; I did not wanna be restrained. Dr. Mike said I am "perfect," but mama said he was talking about my physicalness, not my behavioralness. My weight is perfect for my age, and my coat is beyootiful and shiny. Dr. Mike also said I have a "dog heart." I am not afraid of my carrier, the car, the animal hospital, or any of the nice people who work there, so my heart just keeps plugging along like when I am at home. Dr. Mike says I am a very well socialized kitty.

I am so lucky; I went from a tiny kitten that nobody wanted to a very lucky boy who has a mama, daddy, grampster, doctor, vet techs, auntie, and cousins who all love me, and I have lots of great friends on Catster.


My Very First Catster Game

January 30th 2010 10:14 am
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Oh, my gosh! I've been tagged by the sweet and byootiful Athena to play the Valentine game.

1. do you have a valentine?... if so... who?

Nope. Girls are OK, but I'm just a kitten.

2. if not... do you wish you did? ... is there anyone particular?... or would you rather be single? ...why?

I'm too young to even THINK about that stuff.

3.What's your favorite love song?... who sings it?

Love songs? What are those?

4.what would be a perfect valentines day for you?

The perfect Valentine's Day for me would be mommy and daddy here with me, not working, and paying me ALL their attention. I would snuggle with mama and play wild games with daddy. Then they would eat something that smells REAL good and let me have some. After that we would watch a movie, and I would get to nap on BOTH their laps.

Now I am tagging:

Klemy Q-Tip
Punkin Pooh
Callie Rose
Oliver Pippin


Sometimes I'm Good, Sometimes I'm BAD!

January 28th 2010 2:38 pm
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After two whole days of being good, I decided to change my ways. I spent a good part of today in time-out. Last night I jumped up on a shelf while mama was sending friend requests to the kitties of Friendship Circle. I did my first REAL damage since I came to live with mama. I knocked down one of her hand-carved birdies and broke a teeny-tiny piece off his beak. Mama didn't notice the piece laying there until this morning. She was NOT happy with me. Things went from bad to worse as I repeatedly jumped where, according to mama, I do not belong and did things, according to mama, that I should not do. She chased me with the blue squirt monster, but I just kept doing the bad stuff over and over. She told me several times that it was my "one last chance," but I did not believe her. Was I surprised when she scooped me up and put me in time-out? Well, yes, of course. Precious, adorable, playful little me in jail? Mama says we do not call it jail, but jail it was. Mama said it sounded like somebody was being murdered when I started to wail and leap at the door. I had my food, water, potty, and toys. Mama said that was everything I needed, but I wanted my FREEDOM! I have a blankie that belonged to my big sister that says "Freedom is not Free." Believe me, kitties, it is NOT! I would waaaaaiiiiilll for awhile. Then I would stop and play or nap or snack. Then awhile later I would waaaaaaiiiiiil some more hoping that mama would feel sorry for me and come and give me another chance. It did not happen. At least it did not happen until mama was done working, and she said she lost so much time chasing me with the blue squirt monster earlier that she didn't get two breaks today. Too catgone bad...I was not happy either. Now that mama is finished working and I have my freedom, I am being a perfect angel. Keep those human peoples guessing; that's what it's all about.


Almost Perfect!

January 27th 2010 4:28 pm
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Jeepers, I went two whole days without getting a time-out. I was not perfect, but I was as perfect as Gunnarr T can be.

Yesterday I did a couple of naughty things. OK, maybe several. It's hard to keep count. I beat up on the stuffed platypus until mama made me stop. Then I decided to chew up Mr. Kangaroo's tail. I couldn't help it; mama says maybe I'm still teething. Anyway, the leather tasted real good, and it felt good on my teeth. Mama made me stop that, but then I discovered Calvin Coyote's whiskers. I decided I would chew them off. Mama screamed for me to stop because Calvin can't grow his whiskers back cuz he is...dead. Mama said I was trying to assert my dominance over the stuffed and the dead. Whatever, mama.

Today I was even better. I admit I jumped on some things I wasn't supposed to. I batted some artwork and made it make a funny noise as it moved back and forth against the wall. I even leaped up and knocked some cowgirl gloves down behind one of mama's saddles. She found one; the other one is still MIA, but I know where he is. Pssst...he is between the saddle and the wall. Mama will have fun getting him out. I wanted into my carrier, so mama opened the door. I went in and sat there and purred and purred. Then I came out and decided to fight with the door. Bang, clang went the door as I batted him back and forth. Then I decided to pull my special cushy bed out. I worked and worked until I pulled him about halfway out of the carrier. Then I lost interest and decided to play jump on the wicker picnic basket game. That's the one where I leap onto the picnic basket and make a noise to make sure mama knows I'm there. Then mama yells and tells me "Gunnarr, down!" I pretend not to hear her. Then she gets up with the blue squirt monster and tries to squirt me. I run past, and she squirts and sometimes gets my tail, but mostly she misses completely. I let mama rest for awhile, and then we play the game again, over and over.

I was getting pretty wild, and mama was considering giving me time-out when a magical thing happened. Mama saw how blue the sky was, and she said "Gunnarr, would you like to look out the window?" Well, sure; I'll try anything to keep from being SOOO bored. Mama opened the curtain, and the sun was shining down onto the beautiful white snow, and the sky was very blue. Mama stood me up so I could look out the window. No, I don't wanna. I jumped down and stalked off, but then I walked into Mr. Sunbeam. This is where the magic happened. All of a sudden I chilled out. I wasn't psycho kitty anymore. I smiled and laid down in the sunbeam and let him warm me. I napped in him. Ooh, sweet sunshine, warm and sweet as honey. I turned my face to Mr. Sunbeam and let him kiss my fur with his warmth. I sat and let Mr. Sunbeam turn my fur all silvery and make my whiskers glisten. I turned to mama and smiled. Then mama said "who are you, sweet kitten, and where is my Gunnarr T?"


Monster in the House!

January 25th 2010 6:54 pm
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This afternoon mama brought out a monster. It didn't look that scary when it was quiet in our office, but then she brought it to the dining room. She took a string and hooked it to the wall. Then she pushed a button, and the monster started to growl real loud. Then mama took papers and started feeding the growling monster. He eats PAPER! Oh, my gosh; he is a very scary monster. He eats big papers and little papers and even old checks. Every so often, mama would stop feeding the monster. He would be quiet while she took the shredded paper out of his tummy, but then she would start feeding him again, and he would growl real loud and eat more paper.

That was bad enough, but then when the monster had eaten all our paper, mama got out the big sucking machine. I do not like the sucking machine. He is big and scary, and I am pretty sure he will suck up kittens if he gets the chance. Mama said I was very brave today because I didn't run away and hide. I sat on a dining room chair and watched the big noisy sucking machine. I was ready for a quick escape if he got too close. Finally everything was quiet. The sucking machine and the monster were both locked away, so now I feel safe again.


Why Am I So Naughty?

January 23rd 2010 4:32 pm
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That's what mama keeps asking me: "Gunnarr, why are you SO naughty?" I don't know. I simply do not know. I don't set out to be naughty; it just happens. I guess I have a rare talent for doing things that mama considers "naughty."

This morning we started working at 6:30. By 7:08 I was headed for time-out. I had been leaping on everything, swatting at artwork on the wall, chewing on saddles, and the prize naughtiness, trying to shinny underneath mama's flat screen computer monitor to check out the router sitting behind it (where mama thought it would be safer from me - HA!!). I spent an hour or two in my room, napping and playing with toys. Then mama felt sorry for me being all alone. I secretly think she was missing my wonderful company. She came and got all my things and took me back into the office with her. It was only about five minutes before I started acting up again. This time she thought she could outsmart me. She remembered something she had before for kitties who like to leap up where she thinks they don't belong. It is a battery operated squealer called a Tattle Tail. Mama put the Tattle Tail on an office chair because that's where I start most of my naughtiest adventures. From the chair I can go to the saddles, artwork, or computer. Maybe a whole minute passed before I jumped on the chair. The Tattle Tail screamed at the top of his lungs. Mama turned around to see me sniffing and pawing at the Tattle Tail. It screamed again, and I batted at it. What a fun new toy!

Mama thought, OH NO! Maybe Gunnarr is deaf! She ran to pick me up and cuddle me. Then she did a spearmint. She waited until I was interested in something else and not looking at her. She said my name very softly. My ear twitched, and I turned around and looked right away. She was relieved that I am not deaf, but she figured I would be if the Tattle Tail kept screaming in my ear, so she turned it off and put it away.

After work mama was real bizzy working on our computer. She heard a crashing sound and went to investigate. I had dumped an expensive pottery vase with all the dried and silk flower things in it. Mama said she didn't know how it missed a big piece of Roseville when it fell, but nothing was broken. You guessed it; I went to my room for awhile. After mama let me out, I disappeared for awhile. Later I came into the office with something in my mouth. When mama looked to see what it was I had carried in, it was a willow rose from the arrangement I dumped over. Here, mama; I brought you a flower. Game over. I win...


Terrible Two's

January 22nd 2010 3:47 pm
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Mama thought I was going through the terrible two's awhile ago. Nope; I was just getting ready to be the kitten from hell. I am still sweet and lovable, but in between snuggles I'm very bizzy doing mostly naughty things. I have become infatuated with the bay window and the antique leaded glass hanging window. I race into the dining room and leap into the window. During my landing, I give the hanging window a good shove so it swings back and forth wildly. Mama screams "Gunnarr, NO!!!," but it doesn't really faze me. I sit in the window and look up at some peacock feather decorations and waaaaiiilllll. Mama, I want those! Waaaaaaillllll! I WANT those! Then I stand up on my hind legs and paw at the hanging leaded glass window. When I put my weight against it, it moves, and I think that's fun. When I get bored with that I stand up in the window and cry and paw at things that mama says aren't there. Today they were there; snowflakes, and I was gonna get every one. I could have caught them all except they wouldn't come in where I could touch them. I had to settle for playing games with mama while she was cleaning house. She felt sorry for me because I was so unhappy about the snowflakes, so we played with my kitty teasers, foam balls, and some mousies. After all the running, pawing, and wailing today, I'm worn out. I'd better take a nap so I can be refreshed and wild at bedtime. Mama has to work tomorrow, so my job is to keep her awake late with my kitty hijinks.


A New Trick

January 20th 2010 4:29 pm
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Mama said I was a much better boy today; I didn't get a single time-out. I did learn a new trick, though, and it is a REALLY good one. Mama has the answering machine on while she is working so she doesn't have to stop when the phone rings. Today the phone rang and rang. Mama wondered why the machine did not pick up. When she checked, the machine was "askew" AND turned off! To tell the truth, I am not sure how I did it, but do not tell mama. She thinks I am REALLY smart! The world is my oyster and every day a new adventure.


Do Not Leave Me...

January 19th 2010 5:24 pm
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Today mama got up earlier than usual. She said she had a "meeting," whatever that is. She worked for awhile and then took all my things to my room. I thought "hmmmm, wonder what this is all about." I didn't get to wonder for very long. Mama scooped me up, deposited me in my room, and shut the door before I could run out. Waaaaaaiiiiiiilllll! Mama, don't leave me. I only wailed until I heard the door shut, and it was quiet. No sense wearing out my wailer; I might need it later. After a couple of hours, I heard mama come home, so I tuned up again. She let me out, got all my things out, and we went back to the office. Mama said it was precisely 15 minutes before I was sent to my room again. This time I was being too naughty and distracting. Mama only had one more hour to work, and she wanted to be productive, whatever that means. When mama was finished working, she opened the door, and I streaked out. Now for some fun. I will run and run and run up and down the hall. I only ran a time or two before mama scooped me again. Jeepers, I think I should get smart enough to run away. Back into my room I went. I waaaaaaiiiiiiillllled some more until it was quiet. Mama come back! Silence. I decided to take a nap so I could be really wild when mama came home. I did a most excellent job of being naughty when mama came home again. I chased a fly. I played in the curtains. I ran full speed into the dining room and leaped into the bay window. I stood on my hind legs and put my front paws on the hanging leaded glass and stretched and leaned against it until it swung back and forth. I leaped on the furniture. I made things tipple. Nothing fell over and broke; I just made sure the things danced around a bit to scare mama. I was being so wild that finally mama got up from her supper and started throwing my little foam balls up and down the hall. I love to chase them; mama says she wishes I would learn to fetch, but it is good exercise for her, and she needs exercise WAY more than me. Sorry, mama, but it is true. I chased the balls back and forth until I finally flopped in a heap on the living room carpet. My work was done for awhile at least. Tomorrow is another day and another adventure...

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