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Kitten Tales

Kissmouse Joy

December 25th 2012 5:01 pm
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It has beened pretty quiet round our house today, and I have been thinkin bout how lucky I am. See, my bruthers and I were not wanted. I can't say the first human I met was real bad, but she did threaten to take us to the shelter if sumbuddy did not take us away. Auntie Leslie from the Pet Paw-See found us a real cool foster mom, and we went to live with our foster mom and her son and daughter and lotsa nuther foster kittens and even two dawgs. We had lotsa luvs from all threes of the peeple who lived at our foster house, and we had nuther kitties and dawgs to play with and plenty of food and stuff, but we did not have furrever homes.

One day a lady came to see me. I was pretty bizzy playin with some bigger kittens, so the lady played with my bruthers almost as much as she played with me. She even almost tooked my bruther, Solomon, cuz he was such a fraidy cat, and he cried a lot, and she feeled sorry for him. In the end the lady gave her heart to me. She is my mama now.

I am a very lucky boy. I have my mama and daddy who luv me, and they let me know how much every single day. I get yummy chow with roasted deers and slammen and all the cold fresh water I wanna drink. I got a potty that is always clean and never stinky. I got more toys than I can even count. I got speshl kitty beds and nuther places that mama and daddy let me sleep like in my stroller or a speshl chair. I get to sleep on the big bed at night with mama every single night. If I get sick, mama takes me to my doktor, and he makes me weller.

The best thing I got besides mama and daddy is my sister. Her name is Peekaboo, but I got lotsa nicknames for her. Peekie is my very best friend. We bathe each nuther, and we wrestle and chase each nuther and ride together in our stroller. We guard the campster trailer together when we go on vacashun with mama and daddy, and we guard the whole house when mama and daddy are not here. My favorite thing to do with the Peekster is snuggle. I feel all warm and safe and happy when Peekie and I snuggle up with each nuther. Yeppers, I am a very lucky boy.

Kissmouse Joy to you all.

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December 26th 2012 at 1:33 pm

I sure do wish that more persons realized that there are many things that are much more of a blessing and bring more happiness than any material items. I am so glad you got your awesome home and that you have Peekie to share it with. Each one of us 4 were lucky to find Momma - even though we don't always all get along, we try. There is nothing better than a full belly, a warm nappin spot & a good scritching, and being told that you are loved & the bestest kitty


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