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Summer is Over

October 1st 2012 11:56 am
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Ummmmmmm, I think summer in Big Sky Country is over. Mama sez there are some cold fronts comin down from Canada, and they will be here in the next coupla days. Thanks, Canadian friends, for makin today probly the last time mama has to mow the lawn. Anyway, today it is bout 80, tomorrow it will be bout 60, and Wednesday mama sez the high will be 40! The weatherman is sayin rain and even some snow. We do not want snow at our house, but it would be real nice if it snowed in the mountains and helped put out the forest fires. The nuther night mama akshly thought our neighbors had a fire in their fire pit in the back yard, but it smelled like a giant campsterfire everywhere round here. It was smoke from all the fires. The clouds came rollin in and trapped all the smoke, and it still smelled like a giant campsterfire the next mornin.

Peekie and I might get a few more stroller rides, but are glad we got our blueberry bed to snuggle in. The last few nights I have been pawin at mama in the middler of the night so she will let me under the covers. See, sumtimes Peekie steals the blueberry bed in the middler of the night, and I get kinda chilly. If I paw hard enuff, mama lifts up the covers. Then I go underneath, turn around, and snuggle right next to mama. She pets me under the covers for awhile until I get too warm, and then I slink up and outta the top of the covers. Course, if I get chilly again, I do the same thing however many times I need to each night. Sumtimes I think mama does not fully preshiate my snugglin, but she lets me back under the covers anyway.

Peekie and I supervised mama and grampster yesterday when they put the air condishuner to bed for the season, and then we helped mama when she harvested our catnipshun plant again. Mama sez we got enuff nip for an army now, but she hates to waste it. Peekie and I got nipped on the reject stems and the not-so-perfect leaves that mama did not put in the thingie to dry.

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October 1st 2012 at 8:11 pm

I'm not ready for winter Gunnie! Maybe Canada can keep its cold front?


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