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Kitten Tales


September 14th 2012 8:42 pm
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The Peekster and I have started a nuther adventure here in beeeeeutiful Virgelle, Montana. We got to cross the Missouri River on the Virgelle ferry. The Peekster thought mama and daddy were lettin us ride a fairy, but they are not real. After we got here, the Peekster hided under one of the beds for awhile, but then she got too kurius and started eksplorin.

After dinner, Garfy showed up, but mama and daddy could not let him stay. Mama always feels bad cuz she sez he is very cute, but he probly does not got no shots, and he probly does got fleas. Anyway, Peekie and I do not get to play with Garfy.

Later just bout dark, mama and daddy were sittin on the porch relaxin. They heard a terbl kitty cat noise. Mama thought it was a strange sound to be comin from me. Mama got up and found Garfy right at the screen door all mad and wantin to hurt the Peekster. Peekie was just sittin there lookin at Garfy and wonderin why he was bein so mean. Mama and daddy made a buncha loud noise so Garfy would go home, and then they comed inside and closed the door.

Now we are relaxin inside and waitin to see if the coyotes will sing for us tonight.

Tomorrow mama and daddy promise we can go strollin round Virgelle.

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September 15th 2012 at 12:01 am

That ferry thing sounds fun, even if it are not a fairy.


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