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Nip Harvest

September 11th 2012 6:51 pm
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Jeepers, where did summer go? It was here just a minut ago. We are ekspectin freezy temperatures in Big Sky Country tonight.

Yesterday mama moved the huge mater plants to the shed until the maters are done ripenin. Every day when it is nice mama can open the double shed doors and let the mater plants have some sunshine for finishin the maters. Mama gives em just enuff water to keep em goin for awhile longer.

Today mama was out diggin hugerest plants outta the garden so she could plant her new plants. They are called coneflowers, but I do not know what is so coney bout em. They just looked like little green plants to me and the Peekster. Mama is more determined than intellergunt cuz she broked another shovel tryin to pry a huge lily out. She digged lilies, sage, fennel, and lavender plants outta the garden. Mama sez this time next year maybee we will have more flowers instead of what she calls a "sea of green."

Cuz it might freeze tonight, mama harvested Peekie's and my nip. She cutted it pretty short with some sissers. Then she brought it in in a tray and started fixin it while she was watchin the evenin news. Peekie and I are spoiled cuz mama is real particular bout our nip. She cuts the leaves off and spreads em out to dry, but they can onliest be the nice leaves. Crinkly brown yucky stuff does not make the cut. Peekie got pretty stranj cuz mama was cuttin the good leaves off, and then she let us play with the stems. The livin room carpet smelled pretty nippy by the time mama finished, and the Peekster was worned out from rollin around in the nip. I think she ate some too. Then she crashed. I like the nip pretty much too, but I would NEVER get all silly like my baby sister. After all, I am a mancat and a pirate to boot...

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September 12th 2012 at 2:02 am

Hmmm, all that nip sounds like fun!


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