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Booby Traps

February 17th 2010 5:03 pm
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Mama has booby-trapped the armoire! I never would have thought my mama could be so mean. I have only been on the armoire three times, and she is already trying to stop me. Last night she moved the little phone table that I was using for a springboard. She moved it way back and thought I couldn't jump that far. Later she heard a noise and then a big thump as she was walking into the room. Yeppers, I dived off the top again before she could catch me. Mama did not say much. She kind of shook her finger and told me I was naughty. Then she went and ate some dinner. Later she was very bizzy finding cardboard. She went to her little toolbox and got a big roll of silver stuff. Then she started unrolling the silver stuff and putting pieces onto the cardboard. When she finished, she put a piece on top of the phone table and laid one on the seat. I waited until she was not watching, and then I went over and sniffed at them. It is TAPE! STICKY, STICKY TAPE! I thought my mama loved me, but she has booby-trapped my phone table springboard with yucky, sticky tape. I do not know if I can ever trust her again.

Purred by: Eva V

February 18th 2010 at 5:04 am

Little dude, my advice is overcome your aversion to sticky tape. I have.
I think I just may be actually worse than you...Hmmm...
Purred by: Eva V

February 18th 2010 at 5:05 am

Oh Gunnar, Please trust your mom. She just wants you to be safe cause she loves you sooooo much.
Purred by: Klemy Q-Tip (Catster Member)

February 20th 2010 at 6:03 am

Sticky Tape! No! NO! I can't believe your Mommy who loves you would be so mean! I bet a dog made her do it...yep, that has to be what happened. Beware, watch your surroundings, somewhere around you is a dog.


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