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HEY! Where's My Background?

February 1st 2010 2:24 pm
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Mama says today sure is Monday. This morning we came to Catster for a quick look around. My beautiful red heart background was gone. I did not even have the pea-green Catster background left. She told me we would have to investigate that later; it was time to go to work.

Then mama started her usual morning virus scan on the computer. She sat down and started working, but she heard a noise. When she looked at our computer, it said in scary red letters "Infiltrations 1." Mama thought, oh, boy. Here we go. She started thinking about the epidemic of computer viruses that have infected our Catster friends' computers in the last few days.

Mama decided to sit down and work and try to stay calm until the scan was finished. About that time I decided to act up. That did not make mama a happy camper. I was leaping on things and getting into stuff. I was still trying to look cute so she wouldn't get too mad, but it did not work. I went into time-out so mama could concentrate on work and the "maybe" virus we had on our own computer. but a "Monday" kind of thing happened when mama was trying to move my potty. Her hand slipped, and about half of my kitty litter went in a big pile on the carpet in the office. Poor mama; the only way to get it up was to scoop with her hands. I bet she was real glad she changed my potty just this weekend. Anyway, mama scooped double handfuls of kitty litter up off the carpet. I was locked up after that, but I could hear the big sucking machine. Later all the kitty litter was gone, so I guess the sucker took it away.

When the virus scanner quit, it told mama it had cleaned the file. Mama didn't believe it, so she ran another scan and then ran Windows Defender. Everything came out OK, so mama breathed a sign of relief.

Awhile later mama was missing me, so she came in to get me and let me try to help her. She made a face when she noticed I had dumped my big heavy water dishy out of his wooden holder and into my kitten chow. The tray my dishes were on was full of water, and my little chows were swimming! Mama said they were stinky too, but I thought they tasted pretty good, especially after they soaked up all the water. They were fat and mushy and smelly. YUM...

I came into the office and was pretty good for awhile. I found my sunbeam and took a nap. Then I got all excited and leaped up on one of mama's saddles. I started crying for something that mama could not see. She came over and peered intently where I was looking. Then she said to me, "Gunnie, I think you're hallucinating. There's nothing there." I do not know what that means. I only know I saw something there. I kept crying and reaching for something. Mama decided to ignore me and see if I would stop. It wasn't long before she heard a little noise and looked over to see me launch myself straight up like a rocket. Up, up, up I went. There was nothing to hang onto, so I skidded all the way down the wall and into a corner behind all the horsey gear. Mama leaped up from her desk and came over to make sure I was OK.

I guess I shoulda thought more about the landing part; it was a long way down. I ended up in the middle of some old branding irons and several walking sticks mama and daddy use when they go hiking. That was just too much for mama. I went into time-out again, and now mama is calling me Maniac Kitten. I still swear there was something there, but I will never tell what it was...

P.S. More than just my background was missing, and mama didn't even notice until now. My little gray kitty cursor is MIA too. We tried to go to, but the site is down. The plot thickens. ;)

Purred by: Teebo - Angel Dreamboat #66 (Catster Member)

February 1st 2010 at 3:25 pm

Hi Gunnar,
We ran into this when using for our backgrounds. If their site is down, your background is down as well.

If you want to learn how to do all sorts of neat stuff to your page, check out the Pawsome Pages group. Mom's still learning, but there are lots of neat ideas on how to spiff up your page and lots of people willing to help if you get stuck!
Purred by: Edgar ~ Precious Angel (Catster Member)

February 1st 2010 at 4:19 pm

Two words: "rubber gloves." Mommy keeps a pair by our litter box. MOL!

Sorry your and your mommy's day was such a Monday!


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