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Sometimes I'm Good, Sometimes I'm BAD!

January 28th 2010 2:38 pm
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After two whole days of being good, I decided to change my ways. I spent a good part of today in time-out. Last night I jumped up on a shelf while mama was sending friend requests to the kitties of Friendship Circle. I did my first REAL damage since I came to live with mama. I knocked down one of her hand-carved birdies and broke a teeny-tiny piece off his beak. Mama didn't notice the piece laying there until this morning. She was NOT happy with me. Things went from bad to worse as I repeatedly jumped where, according to mama, I do not belong and did things, according to mama, that I should not do. She chased me with the blue squirt monster, but I just kept doing the bad stuff over and over. She told me several times that it was my "one last chance," but I did not believe her. Was I surprised when she scooped me up and put me in time-out? Well, yes, of course. Precious, adorable, playful little me in jail? Mama says we do not call it jail, but jail it was. Mama said it sounded like somebody was being murdered when I started to wail and leap at the door. I had my food, water, potty, and toys. Mama said that was everything I needed, but I wanted my FREEDOM! I have a blankie that belonged to my big sister that says "Freedom is not Free." Believe me, kitties, it is NOT! I would waaaaaiiiiilll for awhile. Then I would stop and play or nap or snack. Then awhile later I would waaaaaaiiiiiil some more hoping that mama would feel sorry for me and come and give me another chance. It did not happen. At least it did not happen until mama was done working, and she said she lost so much time chasing me with the blue squirt monster earlier that she didn't get two breaks today. Too catgone bad...I was not happy either. Now that mama is finished working and I have my freedom, I am being a perfect angel. Keep those human peoples guessing; that's what it's all about.

Purred by: Molly Angel (Catster Member)

January 28th 2010 at 4:59 pm

Aww Gunnarr,
It's not about being good or bad it's just about being a kitten. And you are a super cute one too. Just try not to break anything and don't scratch your momma too much and you should be ok. Tee Hee.Kitten power!
Purred by: Laura H

January 28th 2010 at 7:55 pm

These are the reesons I chose to follow the Princess Path, couzin Gun-Gun. If you was the Prince at your house, maybe you kould kontrol your Mommie better. Our Mom sezs that Auntie won't never let that happen, but I have to say this Princess thing is alright. Of course, Mom does still tell me I'm not allowed to scratch the furnitures even if it IS my furnitures. Can you imagine that? If I was there, Gun-Gun, I would help ya break out of kitty jail and we could play togethre. With both of us tearin' around the house your Mommie wouldn't know who to use the blue monster on first. Ha ha.


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