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Kitten Tales

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Thank You All SO Much!

December 28th 2016 3:48 pm
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Hey, thanks to all the kitties and doggies who wished me and the Peekster and Angel Mups a Merry Kissmouse. Peekie has her birfday right before Kissmousem,so she gotted mousies for her birfday. I got to play with em, though, and she could not stop me.

For Kissmouse, Santa Paws brought me a blue mousie and Peekie a Peekaboo pink bunny. They gots catnip inside and some stickery stuff so mama can put more nip inside. Mama throwed the yucky old nip that comed with em away and put our good nip that mama grows just for us inside. Yum! They smell lishus!

We hope all our friends on Catster and all their mamas and daddies had a wonnerfullerest Kissmouse.

Happy New Year, everbuddy!


WOWEE WOW! Thanks a bunch!

September 3rd 2015 7:56 pm
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Jeepers, it has been ages and ages since I have written a diary entry. I just wanna thank all the wunnerful friends who sent me birthday prezunts. Now I am gonna tattle on my mama, well on daddy too. Mama stopped by Catster to see if anythin was goin on, and she saw all the prezunts for me. She started thinkin. Was it a hollerday? Nope. Hmmmmm. OMC!!!! Then she reelized that it was my birthday. She ran out and told daddy they forgotted my birthday. They should both be shamed of themselves. It was just a good thing a little sample of Fancy Feast comed in the mail the day before my birthday, and mama opened it to see if Peekie and I would eet it. The Peekster wouldn't get anywhere near that yummy fishy stuff, but I loved it. In fact, I loved it SO much that mama would not let me eet it all for fear of upsettenin my tummy. I got the second part on my birthday, so I did sorta get a treet. What kinda mama and daddy forget their purrfect little boy's sixth birthday?

I guess I gotta love em anyway cuz they are the only parents I got. Mama did tell me how sorry she was and how amazed she is that I am six already. Peekie is only fives, so I feel reel sperior.

Last week we got to go to Butte, America with mama and daddy. They went to see Our Lady of the Rockies. Mama sed she is huge, 90 feet tall and up on the top of Saddle Mountain. We could see her out the campster window up on the mountain.

Our house sitter will be here again next week when we get to go to Alder, Montana, for an autumn vacashun. It is gold country, and mama and daddy will take rides up into the mountains and see old buildins and stuff. I think they are goin to Crystal Park to dig for crystals too. Oh,and they are gonna go to Bannack, Montana, too. They may get to pan for gold and garnets too. Mama sed we can even take the stroller so Peekie and I can take rides at the campsterground. We might even have to take our kitty coats!

Thanks again to all the kitties who are still hangin on at Catster and rememberin their friends' birthdays. We come once in awhile but not much anymore, partly cuz Catster is broked but also because mama and daddy have had a crazy summer.


Rocky Swans

December 16th 2014 3:09 pm
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Earlier this month mama and daddy went to the real country Christmas at Virgelle. The anteek store and the old bank were open with lotsa stuff to buy. Mama looked at stuff and enjoyed lookin but did not need to bring any stuff home. Well, until mama and daddy went down into the baser-munt. It is a kinda do-it-yurself place. Up on top of some trunks there was this thing mama calls the rocky swans. She has been lookin at the rocky swans for bout four years, but they were too spensive. See, the first thing mama thought when she seed the rocky swans was that she could take pictures of me and the Peekster sittin in the rocky swans, but she would not pay much for what she calls "cat props." So, every year when we went to Virgelle for our vacashun, mama looked at the rocky swans but left em there. This time mama asked daddy to read the price tag cuz some stuff was on sale. When daddy said $10, mama squeeled and told daddy not to let go of em. Mama and daddy thought the rocky swans used to cost $40, but when mama cut the tag off when they got home, the rocky swans were $48, but mama onliest paid $10.

Well, about the rocky swans. See, they are a homemade baby rocker thingie. Mama sez the swans are plywood. There is a little seat and a place for the babies (me and the Peekster) to put their feet and a little bar they can hold onto. Well, me and the Peekster don't need no bar or the little footrest.

When mama paid Uncle Don for the rocky swans, mama told him she was gonna take pictures of me and the Peekster in the rocky swans even if she had to glue our butts to the seat. OK, don't get all eksitered. She was just kiddin. Anyway, Uncle Don told her to send a him one of the pictures, speshly if our butts were glued to the seat.

Mama put the rocky swans in front of the Kissymouse tree, and Peekie and I sniffed all the new smells on em. Then I climbed right in! Even when the swans tried to rock, I stayed on the seat. After awhile I got bored and left, but later mama used treets to lure me back in. I will climb right in the rocky swans now and let mama rock em back and forth. Sumtimes I even climb in and sit there hopin mama will run for the treets. So far, my plan is not workin, but I am not givin up. The Peekster is not as thrilled with the rocky swans, but mama is gonna work with both of us so we get comfy with sittin in the rocky swans so she can take lotsa pictures. Peekie and I feel pretty speshl cuz we do not know no other kitties who have rocky swans.


I Got Crazy!

December 12th 2014 9:48 am
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For awhile now I have been gettin times when I upchuck. Sumtimes I only do it once, and sumtimes I do it several times, and mama can tell I feel bad. The last time it happened, I had to go to Best Friends Animal Hos-pitl and get fixed. I spended several hours there. They took x-rays, gived me some no-more throw-up medsins, and gived me fluids. I was fine when I got home.

When mama took the Peekster to her wellness pointment, she asked Unkl Mike bout me. He has spected I have what he calls a "motility" problem. He and mama talked bout medsins that might help me. The least spensive was metachlopramide. Unkl says it is a "front end motility modifier," whatever that is. He gived mama the medsins and told her it makes some kitties kinda crazy.

Well, guess what? I am one of the crazy kitties. Last night I felt so wild I started chasin Peekie round the house, jumpin on her, and bangin her into the walls. She did not like it much, and she told me so, but I did not listen. Finally mama got up and put me in the bathroom for a few hours cuz she had to pertect Peekie, and she thought maybe I would calm down.

This mornin I am more my normal self. I was nice to the Peekster and gaved her a bath. We only ressled a little bit, and Peekie did not mind. Mama sed she is never givin me anymore of that stuff, and she called Best Friends so Unkl can find diffrunt medsins for me. Course the nuther medsin is more spensive...

Hi to everkitty we have not seened for awhile. I am wavin even if you catnot see me.


Is It Safe?

October 11th 2014 2:51 pm
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*Opens door to Catsterland and peeks in.* Is it safe to come in now? Jeepers, it has been months and months since Peekie and I spendened any time in Catsterland. It just did not seem safe, and nuthin was workin anywho.

We have had a super fun summer. First of all, we got a new furnus and air condishunerin. Now we are cool kitties, speshly Peekie with her poofy furs.

Later in the summer, our auntie comed from Nevada, and we all went on a trip. Me, Peekie, mama, daddy, and auntie Lori hooked up the big campsterer and went on vacashun. Peekie and I rode with mama and auntie Lori while daddy pulled the campsterer with his big, noisy truck. We did not get to take our pet stroller cuz mama and daddy and auntie mostly only comed home to sleep, but we had fun anywho.

We got to stay in Missoula at the KOA. Then we went to Butte and had a snack in the Wallermart parkin lot with our lady of the Rockies watchin over us. Then we stayed in Alder for a few days while daddy did livin history in Nevada City. Mama and auntie watched the livin history which was the hangin of Jack Slade cuz daddy was in it. Daddy did not get hanged; he played Bill Fairweather. Mama sed she would not like it if daddy got hanged even though they use somethin called a parashoot harness. Jack Slade still gots a rope round his neck, and somethin bad could happen. After mama and auntie watched daddy actin, they went on ventures. They even rode the Virginia City stagecoach. They were gonna ride horsies, but a big storm comed up and it hailed until the ground was white like snow.

Only bout a week after we got homed from that vacashun, the Peekster and I went to Virgelle with mama and daddy. We got to stay in the Big Mosier cabin and mama and daddy let us play, play, play in the cabin. I play in my favrit rocky chair, and Peekie loves to jump from one bed to the nuther. We stayed there for two whole nights.

Now we are all doned with vacashuns, but we do not mind cuz mama is home with us almost every single day, and we are gonna do somethin mama calls "craftin" all winter long and read books. I love readin books with mama cuz I curl up on the bed next to mama's leg and sleep the day away. It is reel educashunal.

Peekie and I hope all our friends are doin OK. Feel free to comment or p-mail us with any cool news ya got.


Buggy and Not Much Fun Anymore

May 7th 2014 11:18 am
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Well, I gotta tell ya, this is the first time we have been to Catster for awhile, and mama is gettin reel tired of havin to click on everthing at least two times to get it to work. Yeah, we know; there have been problems, but they don't seem to be gettin any better, just a diffrunt one each time. We use Firefox, and mama keeps it up to date, and even that does not work very good anymore. I just wanna give all the Catster fleas a great big raspberry!


Sad, Sad, Sad

May 7th 2014 11:15 am
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Peekie and Missy Mups and I are all so sad to lose our dear friend, Smiley. He was the sunshine of Catster, always runnin round makin kitties and pups happy. He never sed a bad word bout any kitty or pup, and he was always makin us happy with prezunts and kind words. Our hearts and mama's too go out to Smiley's mom. Smiley will be much missed here.


When Will She Ever Learn?

March 31st 2014 2:53 pm
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Well, my mama is kinda slow, and daddy too for that matter. OK, so everbuddy probly knows I love plastik. I love plastik so much I catnot stop myself from tryin to eat it. Mama and daddy know, or they should know, that they catnot leave anything plastik out where I can reach it.

The nuther day when daddy was here durin art week, grampster gived mama a box of snack baggies. The box was open, but both mama and daddy forgot to putten the box up high in the cupboard. The next mornin when daddy was cookin breakerfust, mama comed out and foundened the box askew. That darned askew; he was always gettin me in trubl when I was a kitten, and he is still doin it. Anywhoo, mama took a closer look and founded a buncha baggies with teef marks all over, and some had the bottoms chewed out. Oops... I shoulda hid the everdense.

On Saturday mama went to that Wallermart place and buyed food. She buyed bread flour for makin bread. She putted most of the stuff away, but she left the bag of flour on the counter. Sunday mornin mama went to the get the newsypaper. When she comed back, there was some kitty upchuck on the floor. Mama camed to find us and try to see who did the upchuck. I was in the middler of the livin room, and mama saw somethin by me. She picked it up, and it was all slimy with kitty spit. She went to the kitchen to look at the "thing" better. As soon as she got in the kitchen, she knewed what it was. The corner of the flour bag was all chewed up.

I gotta say, mama only gived us our mornin snack before she left, and Peekie and I were REAL hungry, so I thought maybee I would get my own breakerfust. The flour didn't smell real good, but it did smell like foodies, so I tried tastin it. BLECH!!! Really terbl.

That's what mama gets for not puttin stuff away where it belongs and for bein slow bout being trained. That's my story, and I'm stickin to it.


My Sister is BAD!

February 26th 2014 3:44 pm
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I gotta tell ya all how bad my sister cat is. When mama comed home from gettin her eye fixed at the hos-pitl, she was wearin what she and daddy called a medical alert bracerlet. It was bright green plastik. Peekie thought it might taste good, so in the mornin when she was gettin luvs from mama and daddy, she bitened mama's arm and made her skream. Peekie sed she was just tryin to taste the bracerlet and her toofies slipped. Yeah, right.

The first night when mama and daddy were sleepin, Peekie went to the kitchen and stole one of the little eyedropper thingie bottlers off the counter. It had a cool taggie on it, and Peekie wanted to play with it. She carried the eyedropper thingie bottler through the livin room and started battin it round in the hall. Mama woked up and asked daddy to see what was goin on. When daddy turned on the light there was the Peekster with the bottler lookin guilty. I catnot bleeve she did not even get in trubl. Daddy just tooked the eyedropper thingie bottler and put it WAY high in the cupboard where Peekie could not reach.

The very worsterest thing is the Peekster tried to get me to help her steal the bottler again to play with it. She akshly thought I would let her stand on my shoulders to reach in the cupboard and get the eyedropper thingie. Well, I gotta tell ya, I am the GOOD kitty, and I would not help her. Mama calls me her little "heart healer," and I take that sponsibility real serius. Yeah, I do. I think I will let the Peekster get into her own trubl; I am not helpin.


New Job

February 1st 2014 1:58 pm
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The Peekster and I got a new job, so we may not be here much for awhile. Mama gots to get her eye fixed at the hos-pitl. When she gets home, me and the Peekster gotta take cares of her. We been thinkin of all the things we can do to help mama like sleepin on her to keep her warm and tryin to get our own kitty chow and stuff. Daddy will be here for a few days, and mama sez she hopes she will be all finerer when daddy has to leave for Bozermun. Akshly, Peekie and I hope mama will be finerer real quick too, cuz we would rather play than take cares of her. We do always stay on the bed all day with mama if she is sick, so I guess we can at least take turns makin sure mama is OK if she is not finerer.

I just hope Peekie doesn't gobbl up all the chow if I am watchin over mama.

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