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"My Rocking Chair in Virgelle"

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Age: 5 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 13 lbs.

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Me and the Peekster on the new Cat Tree

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"Me and the Peekster on the new Cat Tree"

Me and Peekie on the Cat Tree

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"Me and Peekie on the Cat Tree"

Stroller Bums

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"Stroller Bums"

Gunnarr T

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"Gunnarr T's License Plate"

All Grown Up

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"All Grown Up"

Playing in Daddy

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"Playing in Daddy's Jacket"

I am Gunnarr the Warrior

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"I am Gunnarr the Warrior"

Kitty Kat Yoga

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"Kitty Kat Yoga"

Strolling at the Billings, Montana KOA, the oldest KOA in the world, August 2010

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"Strolling at the Billings, Montana KOA, the oldest KOA in the world, August 2010"

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sleepyvery active
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-mixed breed-cat rescue

September 1st 2009

Brown Tabby

He loves sleeping with his humans.

Being separated from his humans. He wails like a banshee if he can't get to you.

Favorite Toy:
He loves the little rabbit fur mice with the rattlers inside.

Favorite Nap Spot:
The pet stroller

Favorite Food:
Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Blend

He's pretty good at getting into trouble, and now he's figured out how to open doors; the glass shower doors and any cupboard door without a lock.


Arrival Story:
I found Gunnarr through a rescue organization. His mom had been left with a lady who didn't like cats. When the cat had kittens, the woman called the rescue organization and told them if they didn't take the kittens, she would take them to the animal shelter. Gunnarr and his two brothers had been fostered by a wonderful woman and her two children. All the kitties were fully socialized with people, other cats of various ages, and dogs. Gunnarr was originally called Truck because he was the largest of the kittens.

GUNNARR IN KITTENHOOD: Gunnarr is a wonderful, if WAY too busy, kitten. He's very typical in his behavior. He loves to play, and his curiosity has gotten him into lots of trouble. He is reckless in his play, throwing himself into the air, crawling into any small space, getting locked in closets, and trying without success to use the computer keyboard. He's also completely without remorse when he does something naughty. When he's not busy getting into trouble, Gunnarr is an extremely affectionate little kitty. He loves to be picked up and held like a baby, but he will tolerate almost any position, even upside down. He is flexible and trusting, always counting on you to keep him safe. His purr is loud and ratchety. He sounds like a muscle car that needs a tuneup. Gunnarr evidently thinks we're dirty creatures. He loves to wash our faces, doing so with great enthusiasm until we have to redirect him or suffer from kitten tongue-burn. Gunnarr's latest accomplishment is learning how to pick up his heavy water dish in his teeth, tug it out of the pet dish holder, and dump the dish completely upside down, ensuring that every drop of water ends up on the floor. Even after I tell him NO! and shake my finger at him, he remains unrepentent. GUNNARR GROWN UP: Gunnarr has grown into a beautiful mancat. He is sleek, strong, and rambunctious but also very loving. We call him our dog in cat fur because he’s very open, trusting, and trainable. Gunnarr isn’t much of a lap cat, but he is usually nearby and likes to be touching me when we’re lying down together. He loves riding in his pet stroller, and he and his sister, Peekaboo, travel with us. Gunnarr is a wonderful traveler, usually riding along half asleep in his carrier. Once we get set up, he’s perfectly at home in the camp trailer. Surprisingly, he is also a very good model. He’s easy to photograph as long as flash isn’t necessary because he has a congenital cataract in one eye and is very sensitive to bright light. Gunnarr came to me as my “little heart healer,” but he has grown into a beautiful, loving, and wonderful companion. CATSTER HONORS: Daily diary pick 01/05/10 and 01/31/10. Diary of the Day 03/12/10. Daily diary picks 05/30/10, 08/23/10, 08/30/10, 12/12/10, 04/20/11, 04/24/11, 06/25/11, 07/15/11, 12/14/11, 01/15/12, 01/19/12, and 02/07/12. Winner of Cat and Dog Plaza's New Year's photo contest 01/08/12. Cat of the Day honors 01/13/12 (Friday the 13th). Gunnarr T was named Dreamboat #62 by the lovely Samoa on 01/26/12. Winner of Cat and Dog Plaza's Valentine's Day Photo Contest 02/23/12. Daily Diary Picks 02/27/12, 04/26/12, 05/27/12, 06/11/12, 06/18/12, 06/24/12, 07/21/12, 08/06/12, 08/20/12, 08/24/12, 12/22/12, 02/03/13, 02/17/13, 05/11/13, and 05/20/13.

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I am Gunnarr the warrior!

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Kitten Tales

Rocky Swans

December 16th 2014 3:09 pm
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Earlier this month mama and daddy went to the real country Christmas at Virgelle. The anteek store and the old bank were open with lotsa stuff to buy. Mama looked at stuff and enjoyed lookin but did not need to bring any stuff home. Well, until mama and daddy went down into the baser-munt. It is a kinda do-it-yurself place. Up on top of some trunks there was this thing mama calls the rocky swans. She has been lookin at the rocky swans for bout four years, but they were too spensive. See, the first thing mama thought when she seed the rocky swans was that she could take pictures of me and the Peekster sittin in the rocky swans, but she would not pay much for what she calls "cat props." So, every year when we went to Virgelle for our vacashun, mama looked at the rocky swans but left em there. This time mama asked daddy to read the price tag cuz some stuff was on sale. When daddy said $10, mama squeeled and told daddy not to let go of em. Mama and daddy thought the rocky swans used to cost $40, but when mama cut the tag off when they got home, the rocky swans were $48, but mama onliest paid $10.

Well, about the rocky swans. See, they are a homemade baby rocker thingie. Mama sez the swans are plywood. There is a little seat and a place for the babies (me and the Peekster) to put their feet and a little bar they can hold onto. Well, me and the Peekster don't need no bar or the little footrest.

When mama paid Uncle Don for the rocky swans, mama told him she was gonna take pictures of me and the Peekster in the rocky swans even if she had to glue our butts to the seat. OK, don't get all eksitered. She was just kiddin. Anyway, Uncle Don told her to send a him one of the pictures, speshly if our butts were glued to the seat.

Mama put the rocky swans in front of the Kissymouse tree, and Peekie and I sniffed all the new smells on em. Then I climbed right in! Even when the swans tried to rock, I stayed on the seat. After awhile I got bored and left, but later mama used treets to lure me back in. I will climb right in the rocky swans now and let mama rock em back and forth. Sumtimes I even climb in and sit there hopin mama will run for the treets. So far, my plan is not workin, but I am not givin up. The Peekster is not as thrilled with the rocky swans, but mama is gonna work with both of us so we get comfy with sittin in the rocky swans so she can take lotsa pictures. Peekie and I feel pretty speshl cuz we do not know no other kitties who have rocky swans.


I Got Crazy!

December 12th 2014 9:48 am
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For awhile now I have been gettin times when I upchuck. Sumtimes I only do it once, and sumtimes I do it several times, and mama can tell I feel bad. The last time it happened, I had to go to Best Friends Animal Hos-pitl and get fixed. I spended several hours there. They took x-rays, gived me some no-more throw-up medsins, and gived me fluids. I was fine when I got home.

When mama took the Peekster to her wellness pointment, she asked Unkl Mike bout me. He has spected I have what he calls a "motility" problem. He and mama talked bout medsins that might help me. The least spensive was metachlopramide. Unkl says it is a "front end motility modifier," whatever that is. He gived mama the medsins and told her it makes some kitties kinda crazy.

Well, guess what? I am one of the crazy kitties. Last night I felt so wild I started chasin Peekie round the house, jumpin on her, and bangin her into the walls. She did not like it much, and she told me so, but I did not listen. Finally mama got up and put me in the bathroom for a few hours cuz she had to pertect Peekie, and she thought maybe I would calm down.

This mornin I am more my normal self. I was nice to the Peekster and gaved her a bath. We only ressled a little bit, and Peekie did not mind. Mama sed she is never givin me anymore of that stuff, and she called Best Friends so Unkl can find diffrunt medsins for me. Course the nuther medsin is more spensive...

Hi to everkitty we have not seened for awhile. I am wavin even if you catnot see me.


Is It Safe?

October 11th 2014 2:51 pm
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*Opens door to Catsterland and peeks in.* Is it safe to come in now? Jeepers, it has been months and months since Peekie and I spendened any time in Catsterland. It just did not seem safe, and nuthin was workin anywho.

We have had a super fun summer. First of all, we got a new furnus and air condishunerin. Now we are cool kitties, speshly Peekie with her poofy furs.

Later in the summer, our auntie comed from Nevada, and we all went on a trip. Me, Peekie, mama, daddy, and auntie Lori hooked up the big campsterer and went on vacashun. Peekie and I rode with mama and auntie Lori while daddy pulled the campsterer with his big, noisy truck. We did not get to take our pet stroller cuz mama and daddy and auntie mostly only comed home to sleep, but we had fun anywho.

We got to stay in Missoula at the KOA. Then we went to Butte and had a snack in the Wallermart parkin lot with our lady of the Rockies watchin over us. Then we stayed in Alder for a few days while daddy did livin history in Nevada City. Mama and auntie watched the livin history which was the hangin of Jack Slade cuz daddy was in it. Daddy did not get hanged; he played Bill Fairweather. Mama sed she would not like it if daddy got hanged even though they use somethin called a parashoot harness. Jack Slade still gots a rope round his neck, and somethin bad could happen. After mama and auntie watched daddy actin, they went on ventures. They even rode the Virginia City stagecoach. They were gonna ride horsies, but a big storm comed up and it hailed until the ground was white like snow.

Only bout a week after we got homed from that vacashun, the Peekster and I went to Virgelle with mama and daddy. We got to stay in the Big Mosier cabin and mama and daddy let us play, play, play in the cabin. I play in my favrit rocky chair, and Peekie loves to jump from one bed to the nuther. We stayed there for two whole nights.

Now we are all doned with vacashuns, but we do not mind cuz mama is home with us almost every single day, and we are gonna do somethin mama calls "craftin" all winter long and read books. I love readin books with mama cuz I curl up on the bed next to mama's leg and sleep the day away. It is reel educashunal.

Peekie and I hope all our friends are doin OK. Feel free to comment or p-mail us with any cool news ya got.

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