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It is with great sadness......

November 1st 2012 10:21 am
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This is Pam, Flicka and Lucas's Mum.........(

It is with great sadness I need to pass on the news that Elizabeth passed away on Saturday 27th October.

She will have a Mass said and a Cremation on 10th November.

Her husband Mark who was her wonderful soul-mate and friend phoned me this morning with this sad news.

Elizabeth had the most amazing Love and Faith. Both kept her steadfast to the very end.

Her dogs , Troy her Guiding Dog and Hudson and her cat Angel Soleil were her passions and her loves as was her music.

She and a friend as singers brought beauty and light to many with their wonderful voices.

Mark.... Elizabeth's husband will carry on loving and caring for Troy , Hudson and Angel Soleil.

There is nothing that makes it easy for those who continue to love her except perhaps the knowledge that she is secure in her Faith that they will meet again in the fullness of time.

Mark.... many will hold you close and be there for you as well.... and Troy and Hudson and Angel Soleil will help you with their Love.

Sail on Fair Winds and Calm Seas Elizabeth . You were and always will be much loved.

I(Pam) will continue to look in to these Diaries and pass on your love and words...


Thank You Friends!

August 18th 2012 8:36 am
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Meow! Thank you catster for making me DDP on August 15th 2012. Mom and I want to thank all catster friends who e-mailed and sent gifts to us. Thanks for your special purrs spice.
Princess Angel still purring with mom.


Thank You All So Much!!

August 6th 2012 8:47 am
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Meow! First thank you everyone for all the gifts sent to me! I salute you all!
Some changes in my world. Mom is very ill with cancer. Radiation and chemo have not been successful so now only prayer will provide a healing miracle. Mom has a strong faith in God and knows that if she still has work to do here on earth God will provide the healing. But if He wants her home with Him then that's what will occur. I thank you for your prayers for my mom. Mom has great love and respect for all the people, dogs and kitties she has met on catster and dogster. So many beautiful fine human and animal companions travel our wonderful planet together. It is hard for me seeing mom ill but my purrs help and we're in this thing together, dad is there for all of us and of course my 2 dog brothers. Life has many very difficult moments but also such precious moments of beauty and joy. So mom and I treasure the every day miracles that come our way. Thanks again for everything and mom and I salute and honor each of you and hope you will live long, happy lives filled with many many blessings and much fun! God bless!
Princess Angel sharing my kitty healing magic and loving the every days of life!


New Cat in Town

June 12th 2012 3:37 pm
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Meow! Hope all of you have been having a purr-fect day! A friend of mine, Callalilly, joined Catster today. It is good to have her here. If you would like to welcome Callalilly and get to know a very sweet kitty here is her Catster id number: 1253591.
I just finished my supper and played with my little jingle ball. All is right with my world. Wishing you all a great evening and pleasant kitty dreams!
Princess Angel, welcoming a new friend!


The Kitty Days of Summer

June 9th 2012 9:28 am
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Hi Cats and Kittens! Just wanted to wish all of you a very happy summer! Well, technically, it isn't officially summer yet, but it sure is hot enough for summer around here, in the 90s this weekend. Summer is a fun time! Picnics, visits to lakes, watching all the summer creatures scurrying about, just spending time with family and friends! I am lying under the computer desk at the moment dictating this message. I mmulti-task. As I dictate I am trying to lick mom's toes and grab her foot between my paws. Ah, the games we cats love to play!
The other day I got closed in the basement by accident. I crept down the basement stairs on stealthy paws, and mom didn't even know I was there. She went back up, after getting the dry laundry and closed the door. I waited patiently, (for a few minutes) then decided patience is over-rated. When faced with a situation---meow! That brought mom and the door opened. I just can't resist that basement, somehow, even though I know it's no place for me.
Wherever you are, enjoy this wonderful day! Have lots of fun doing the things we cats love to do---naps, play time, observing the world, being loved!
purring you a wish for happy days, Princess Angel Soleil


Thank You!

May 16th 2011 10:55 am
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Meow! So many cats write such wonderful diaries, I consider it an honor to be one of the diary picks today. Thank you Catster! Also, a big "thank you" to all my kitty friends who have remembered me with diary comments, gifts and paw mails! Catster is such a nice experience because of all the great cats and their families who share their life experiences---the joys and the sorrows! Wishing all a beautiful day! For those of you having a happy time enjoy every moment! For those of you having some sorrow today I hope you will find comfort and peace.
Princess Angel, thankful for all cats!


Every Princess Should Have Their Throne!

May 14th 2011 1:14 pm
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Meow! I bet every cat (princess or prince) has their own special throne in their home. I have several of them scattered throughout my house. Mom and dad just think they're my perches, but I consider each of these spots as my very own throne!
Many centuries ago, as all cats know, we were revered as royalty in Egypt. Do many people think of us that way these days? Not so much. So I feel it doesn't hurt to remind our humans of our royal descent!
I am very flexible. Many places can become my throne. This morning I seized upon the opportunity of a big basket filled with clean towels mom was going to fold. As soon as mom put the basket on the table I hopped right on top of the towels. my plan was to delay mom from folding my soft throne for as long as possible. It worked. She and dad had to hurry off with Hudson (one of my dog brothers) to his tracking class.
They went off with a wagging Hudson and a bag filled with small pieces of turkey hot dogs. Hudson is in the very early beginning stage of learning about following a track for search and rescue eventually. Mom put on her winter coat, scarf, hood, and gloves as it was very cold, raining, and a sharp wind blowing. You'd think she was dressed for the Arctic. Can this really be May in Wisconsin today? I just yawned and shook my head. What cat would choose going out into a cold rainy day following bits of hot dog on the ground? Not me! I like mom to serve all my food to me in the comfort of my nice home. There's no figuring humans and dogs sometimes.
Before they left the house dad said I looked like "frosting on a cake" the way I was all luxuriously spread over the towels. While they were gone I just listened to the wind whipping the rain against the windows and purred in thankfulness that I could have a delicious cat-nap on my throne!
Fast forward and they all come home cold and wet, but Hudson is still wagging his tail so I guess he had a pretty good time. Mom and dad had a cup of coffee to warm up.
I was just in the middle of a delightful dream, seeing myself in centuries past on a jeweled throne surrounded by a multitude of loving admirers, when I was rudely awakened by mom starting to dismantle my throne. Yes, can you believe it? She had started pulling towels out to fold! I gave a mew of displeasure and grumpily jumped out of the basket. Guess I'll have to go and find another of my thrones and see if I can finish my lovely interrupted dream! Have a wonderful weekend all kittens and cats!
Princess Angel reluctantly surrendering my impromptu towel throne!


So Surprised!

May 13th 2011 7:31 am
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Meow! Imagine my and mom's surprise when we woke up today to find that I was one of the diary picks for today. Congrats to all other diary picks today as well! I couldn't believe I was chosen. I am going into full princess mode today and expecting the royal treatment from mom, dad, and of course my 2 dog brothers. Sometimes those dogs try to forget I am the princess, but I have my ways of reminding them. A piercing look, an arched back, and once in a while I do have to give a little hiss if I'm poked too much by dog noses. Mostly though, the dogs are good with me, and I actually kind of like them.
Thank you Catster for choosing me as a diary pick today. Wishing all cats and kittens a purrfectly wonderful day!
Princess Angel enjoying some treats!


Belated "Thank You!"

May 8th 2011 2:33 pm
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Meow! Mom apologized to me today because she didn't get online yesterday so I totally missed knowing I was one of the DDPs of the day. Sigh! But mom is making up for missing it by giving me lots of head rubs and treats and cuddles today. Needless to say I am delighting in the attention!
We princesses know when we have it good!
Thank you so much Catster for having my diary be one of the DDPs for May 7th. I was totally surprised, so kind of you!
A very big "thank you" to all the kitties who gave me gifts and wrote nice things in my diary. All of you are special and treasured! Friends are everything!
Happy Mother's Day to all moms in this world and across the Rainbow Bridge!
Princess Angel chasing sunbeams!


Where Did the Kitty Go?

May 6th 2011 2:47 pm
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Meow! I am an extremely curious kitty. I love to explore all parts of my kingdom, otherwise known as our house. Mom has to be very careful when closing closets or drawers to make sure I am not closed in somewhere. I even like to check out the refrigerator when mom is getting my food out of it. I try to push past her and poke my head in there. But mom is very quick and that door is closed before I can get any paw in there. Wow, it feels like it would be pretty cold in the fridge. I consider it is a great sacrifice that I am closed out of some places, but mom says it is for my own good. Sigh!
?Where is the kitty?" is the question mom asked yesterday.. She had gone down into the basement with a basket of laundry for the washer. She tries to close the door at the top of the basement stairs when she is going done there to do laundry, but this time her hands were too full so she didn't close the door. Mom got the wash started and came back upstairs to make breakfast. She had just poured the cranberry juice and begun toasting the bread when her ears heard a very insistent "meooow." She called out to me, thinking that I was in the living room where she had last seen me perched upon a cabinet peacefully surveying my home. I do like to talk so I frequently let her know I'm around with a meow. I have also learned that it is good to make sounds when living with a blind person, it avoids my being stepped on accidentally and I can let mom know where I am. Of course if I'm up to tricks I have learned to be quite silent.
Back to yesterday morning. Mom kept hearing me mew and it was very insistent and imperious. Mom walked into the living room and began looking around for me. I wasn't on the cabinet, not on the banister post going to the 2nd floor. I wasn't on the chairs or on the couch. Mom said I sounded so close, yet I couldn't be found!
Suddenly, it came to her and she opened the basement door that is in a little hall between the kitchen and living room. As soon as the door opened I raced out of the basement with a final meow of disgust. Honestly! Humans can be so slow. I was certainly meowing loudly, telling her right where I was. Mom hadn't realized that while she was busy with the laundry, I had crept down the basement stairs on silent paws. I do like exploring but only on my terms. Well, to be fair, I do have to admit that cats' senses are extremely keen so I guess I have to give humans a break because they don't seem to figure a lot of things out that cats just know.
I have only been the basement a couple of times and each time put up a fuss till mom or dad discover I'm accidentally closed in there. mom can't understand why I keep trying to sneak down to the basement since I don't seem to like it much. How can I explain it's the irresistible temptation of a place that is usually closed to me, I just have to check out every corner of my kingdom!
Time for this princess kitty to get my supper. Have to keep my energy up for further explorations. Wishing all of you a beautiful weekend! On Saturday afternoon I will be curled up on mom's lap watching the running of the kentucky Derby! May all horses and riders have a safe race! Happy purrs to my kitty friends!
Princess Angel, intrepid explorer!

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