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Pound Kitties make good friends!

My Pound Kitty

December 28th 2009 12:24 pm
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My best friend is a Pound Kitty!
Yes, this is me Bandit speaking and the pound kitty didn't come from a shelter it came from my closet. My Best Friend is a Stuffed Pound Kitty...well two of them actually. I have a pair of them - one white and one tan.

Okay, you may find it odd being almost 13 years old and still playing with stuffed animals but if you knew my pound kitties like I do you wouldn't find it odd at all.

My Auntie Meeko found me when I was a few days old. Meeko was one of Patch's littermates. She was the only Grey one out of a litter of six kittens. That’s enough about her though. It was a dark and stormy night the night Meeko found me. She was prowling the neighborhood when she came across a black, soaking wet, male kitten -namely me. Meeko picked me up by the scruff and brought me to her home. Meeko lived with my family's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Frankie. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Frankie didn't know what to do with a kitten only few days old so they called my human mother. My mother called the vet and learned about the formula and the stimulating that was needed to keep me alive and she related it to Aunt Debbie. Aunt Debbie told her she was just going to give me regular cat food and see what happens. My Mother wouldn't stand for this. She drove over and picked me up from Aunt Debbie's house. When my human Father and Sister's got home from their vacation. Mom told them there was a surprise for them.

I was that surprise. I could fit in a child size hand with ease. I had to be fed every 2 hours. The family all took turns feeding and stimulating me until I was old enough to eat and use the bathroom on my own. From that day on I was no longer a stray. I had a family.

The only problem was I didn't have any littermates or a Cat Momma to teach me the ropes. I had to learn from a species that didn't understand my language. It was all very much like Helen Keller.

I became a Bitter during my young months. My Human Mother tried every trick the Veterinarian told her with no avail. Some of the techniques actually made me madder and more aggressive. For example the Vet told them to put hot pepper in my mouth when I was biting and to hold their large human thumbs on the top of my mouth until I stopped biting. These were Epic Failures. So, my Human Mother came up with her own solution. She and the girls took a child's Pound Kitty toy with them and whenever I would bite them they would tell me "No!" and then make me rough house with my Pound Kitty. It only took a few times before I would take my anger out on the Pound Kitty and not on the people's hands, feet, or other body parts.

The Veterinarian couldn’t believe that worked. Every time we would visit the Veterinarian she would always bragged about how she told her clients about the Pound Kitty success. She probably got rich off that advice…it really worked miracles.

As I got older whenever I was angry or frustrated they would say, "Bandit, Where's your Pound Kitty?" or “Get your Kitty!” and I would run and find my Pound Kitty and wrestle and bite him until I felt more relaxed.

When I got over my angry at the world years, my Pound Kitties and I became best of friends. I still will carry my best buds around the house and give them prominent places to rest. We still wrestle but not as often as when I was a kitten.

As soon as I get Kathleen, my Catster favoring human sister, to get off her lazy behind and learn how to use a scanner we can get some desirable pictures up. You'll be able to see my childhood and my Pound Kitty buddies. Until can do a google search to see some imposters if you don't know what Pound Kitties look like. These are my best friends' twins. But don't be fooled these are not my buddies only look-a-likes. My friends are much more competent than any lazy lumps of fluff you may find on the Internet.



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Purred by: Serik (Catster Member)

December 28th 2009 at 3:58 pm

That's a very cool story, Bandit

We can't wait to see your new pictures!

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