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Age: 6 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 13 lbs.

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Spooky Boy, Sir Spooksalot of Samhaintime, Spookster, Spoo, Spookster, Junior, Shorty

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-purebred-cat rescue

Gotcha Date:
October 31st 2008

October 31st 2007


Running through the house at high speed and also playing "Hide and Pounce" with humans.

Humans who don't speak Cat, Supper being late, snacks being late, dinner being late and folks who don't realize that it's always time to feed The Cat.

Favorite Toy:
Furry mouse - any furry mouse., escept live ones, which are "icky and scary".

Favorite Nap Spot:
His recliner, in his fabric cube.

Favorite Food:

Sonic Meow - disturbs the sleep of all within 5 mile range. He is working on developing the ability to fully utilize his "thumbs". Also, appearing out of nowhere as if transported.


Arrival Story:
Spooky was a living outdoors when he came to us where we lived in Florida, just before Halloween 2008. Because he is a beautiful black kitty, we invited him in for the holiday to keep him safe. Afterwards, we opened the door to set him free, but he informed us in no uncertain terms that not only was he staying, but we should close the door because we were letting HIS air conditioning out! Seems like he was used to being indoors and the vet says he's pure Bombay, and was likely turned out because of an extra toenail he has, making him unsuitable for show. We know he's purrrrfect in every way though!

Spooky now lives with us here in Madison Wisconsin. He has a window perch and a wide windowsill where he enjoys watching squirrels, birds and more.

Lives Remaining:
9 of 9

Forums Motto:
It's always time to feed The Cat!

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I've Been On Catster Since:
December 18th 2009 More than 4 years!

Special Gifts Given In The Past Month:
Mrs. Murphy DG#22

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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Spooky Speaks

Goodbye to my lovely friend, Mrs. Murphy

March 25th 2014 8:01 am
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You know, there has been a whole lot of carrying on about the possible closing of Catster's community features. I don't think the powers in charge fully understood till they made their announcement just how unified and loving a community they had on their hands! I'm not sure I really understood completely until yesterday.

I was one of those who was very upset and tried to facilitate any way possible to keep our little (actually tens of thousands, I've heard!) family together, and one of the most joyous when the decision came down to keep our community open.

Well, there are many good friends I've made on here, and many things I've learned from others as well as the boards and forums. But the one thing Catster has done for me was to make it possible for me to meet the divine Mrs. Murphy.

If not for this site, I would never have come across the profile of a beautiful and grand lady who befriended me after the "Ingen" incident, when I helped search for a lost cat here in Madison, WI. I made many friends because of my involvement, and I am grateful for each and every one. I've made some lifetime attachments and good buddies and yes, some acquaintances and some friends, like the Tabby's of Trout Towne who have left, though we do keep in touch a little.

But the thing is, I found out last night that Mrs. Murphy and her mom were going to the vet, so that her mom could see her off on her journey to the rainbow bridge. Clearly, it was time. Mrs. M's reprieves had been many and we were all grateful for the extended time she could spend with us, but her spirit just got too big for her earthly body. So she needed wings and lots of room to finally run and jump and pounce and play with all the other critters at the bridge until she can once again be with her mom.

I personally never met the Lady Murphy in person. I wanted to, but it never happened. But you know what? I loved her as much as many people whom I HAVE met in person, and her mom too, for making Mrs. M come alive for me in her diary and letters.

I've had my differences with the staff of Catster and frankly have considered leaving more than once due to censorship, etc, but do you know one of the big reasons I have stayed?

Mrs. Murphy. I will always be glad and grateful to Catster for the day I met Mrs. Murphy DG#22

I knew that if I left, things would never be the same and I would miss checking out her diary, or corresponding with her and well, just being buddies. This beautiful kitty, who was my best friend has had a long and very interesting life, and spent the end of it with the most loving family anyone, cat or otherwise could hope for. And when it was her time to graduate from Earth, she had a mom who was selfless and sensitive enough to know when to let her go, and to go through the transition with her, no small act of courage.

My friends, I love you all, and will stay right here, because I know now that here is where we all belong, together, and keeping this little Catster community part of ours and our busy parents lives helps us to always have one place that is simple and happy. I am so grateful for each and every one of you and even though I am not on here nearly as much as I would like to be, I love my time here, spent with you guys.

I am so sad that Mrs. Murphy has left us. Not for her, for she is free at last, of a body no longer able to support her enormous sparkling spirit, but for those of us who have to stay here and who will miss her.
Here is a picture I have in my mind of Mrs. M's passing:

"Goodbye, old friend" said those left behind, as they wished her well and she slipped out of sight on the horizon of this life. "There she goes. We will miss her!"

And at that exact same moment, from the other side:

"Hello, old friend!" Said her joyous greeters, waiting patiently at the rainbow bridge, just as the always have. "Here she comes, over the horizon towards us" they excitedly chatter, "We're so glad to see you! Come and play with us!"

Free and happy and surrounded by those who love her, she feels happy and calm and peace and love. She glides on sparkly golden wings to join her friends from every one of the lives she has led, every home she's ever known and slowly, she shows just a little secret smile, for she knows she is home, again. And when more of her friends and family make that journey, she will be waiting for them too.

That is what I picture for Mrs. Murphy. A warm and friendly greeting just waiting to welcome her to a comfortable happy place where she can thrive until her people come for her. She will miss them, just as we will miss her, but it's OK, it's a natural thing and the wheel of life moves on. Life, death, rebirth. On and on.

I will be back soon to visit you all, and to keep the spirit of this marvelous community alive, for it, in a world of disillusionment and trouble really is Magic. We make it so. But for now, I will sign off. Mom and I are going to take some time in a sun puddle to hold each other tight and savor the memory of our friend, the beautiful, wise, funny and sweet Mrs. Murphy. Wind to thy wings, Mrs. M.
We love you always,
Spooky and mom, Raven


Still alive!

March 6th 2014 9:04 am
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Hello my friends!

Well, we're still here, and still alive. THANK YOU CATSER PEOPLE!
I for one am so grateful that we are all still able to meet here in our little Catster community that I could just meow out loud!

My mom has many times when she just doesn't have time to get on here with me, and I am a terrible typist (Dang those non-opposable thumbs!)so I usually wait for her. But I did want to take a mo to say thanks to all of you who keep sending me goodies, both seasonal and not.

I am very sorry that I usually don't get on here enough to reciprocate, but please know that I DO see them and it makes me happy that YOU send them. So, I like to at least say something on here to let you know I care.

I CARE. A LOT.. About each and every one of you and our little family here on Catster.

It took me thinking that we were going to have to leave here to make me realize just how much this place means to me. It's maybe like a spleen - you don't notice it till it hurts and then you realize that you really don't want to be without it either! So, with that rather gory metaphor floating around in the cosmos, I will leave you as yet again, the voices in my head are calling me to eat and take a nap. I love you all, and hope you are having terrific days and cat-tastic nights, as is only fitting, for We Are Cats.

Your Pal Spooky


Could it be true? Could it really really be??? Let's hope- so, and BTW, don't complain - just be happy and patient.

February 12th 2014 7:14 pm
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OK, so there's a big notice on the site now that says our community will not be shutting down after all! Oh say it's true! I know that things may change, and I think we should ALL be prepared to support our little community by more than just purrs. They may, and in fact, I would, if I were them, start charging a premium to ALL members.

The community section was in peril because it was not cost effective for them to keep it up. We howled and cried in protest, so if they really do keep our community, we have to put our money where our snouts are and pony up the dough!

Also, please, my friends, bear in mind that things will likely be different, and just because they may be keeping our community, we can't get cocky or take it for granted that now, they will fix everything that has been troubling us. Heck that's another reason they were shutting us down - the things originally put in place as far as features on the community side of things, began to break down or become non functional after a while. Not their fault, and not ours either, but we have to be very careful to NOT get mouthy and make them reconsider keeping our family together.

Frankly, little glitches and all, it is still OUR FAMILY and like all families, there are gonna be problems. We will all get through them together. If we can't fix 'em, then by gum, we will just deal with it, and be happy that we can all commiserate with each other, right here on Catster! :)

So anyway, I am puuuraying that things do indeed work out for us and we get to stay here together. So, for the first time in a long while, I can go to sleep tonight, thinking kind, grateful thoughts about Catster and all my wonderful friends on here. Nite nite, to you, I love you all!
~ Your pal Spooky

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