My second chance

I got my angel wings!

January 12th 2010 2:41 pm
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Yay! Smudge made me my very own pair of angel wings. They are so nice and soft! And they keep me warm, Is this what having hair feels like? Well, I just love my new wings!


We send our love to the bridge

December 31st 2009 3:25 am
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We miss Tiny Tim. Its too hard to make sense of it all, but I know there was a reason for him to come into our lives. I'm so very glad he got to be part of our family for even just a few days. It made me so happy to hold him; he just purred and purred away. Sometimes he would crawl up to nuzzle right under your chin so he could be that much closer to you. I know it must have meant alot to him to have a family and a home where he was loved. We wanted so badly for him to get better. He never got well enough to eat a treat or play with the toys I got him, but I'm sure he gets to do those things now. Ava, Lilah, Ellie, and Lola were there to welcome him and show him around rainbow bridge. Many of them spending their first Christmas away from home. No doubt, Tiny Tim's cute smile will attract even more friends to play with.


Angel Wings

December 23rd 2009 10:18 pm
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My sweet Tiny Tim, I'm sorry I couldn't make you better. Its hurts that I wasn't able to give you the long healthy life you deserved to enjoy. You were so courageous to battle your illness and disabilities with a steady purr. You were a true fighter. I hope you will remember the love and tender care we gave you and not the food fights or needle pokes. You were only with us a short time but I hope it comforts you to know that you did have a family and were loved by us all.

There is more I would like to say, but for now I'm going to lay down


Food fight!

December 21st 2009 3:02 pm
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I don't like when my mommy makes me eat. She calls it a food fight because by the time we are done we both have food all over us. Mommy has been forcing me to eat for a few days now. Last night I weighed the same as the day before, 2 lbs 2 oz. I haven't gained any weight but atleast I didn't loose more. Mommy is hoping I gain weight soon to show some sort of improvement. I'm on antibiotics, Clindamycin. I don't mind taking the medicine so much. But since I haven't been drinking either, mommy has to poke me with a needle and gives me fluids under my skin. I still purr and give head bonks so mommy keeps fighting to keep me here. I did have a set back this morning though, mommy found I had peed in my bed where I was laying. I just didn't feel good enough to get up and use the litter box. I have good days and bad days that seem to go back and forth. Mommy has had me 5 whole days and was hoping I would be eating on my own now or showing some sign that I'm getting better. But I'm still here, hanging on and putting up a fight.


Pep in my step

December 19th 2009 10:49 am
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Mommy has still been forcing me to eat with a syringe, even at night when she gets up with the baby. I don't like it when she does, but its better than an empty tummy and I guess its been making me feel a little better. Yesterday my meow sounded like a breeze, only a small gust of air. But last night it started to get some squeak to it. I'm also doing a little better getting around. Yesterday, mommy watched as i tried to use the litter box... I slowly wobbled over to it and didn't have the balance to climb inside so I just squatted next to it to pee. But this morning, I left three different presents IN the litter box for mommy to show her I'm on the mend. I'm still purring and giving lots of head bonks, so my mommy will know I want to stay with my new family


Do I have to?

December 18th 2009 4:29 pm
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Mommy has been forcing me to eat all last night and today. I don't want to but she squirts it in my mouth with a syringe and makes me. I don't like it! I gag and try to spit it out. The doctor said I should like it. Its called AD and is supposed to be really yummy to us kitties that won't eat on our own. Mommy tried giving me boiled chicken but I didn't want it either. She also tried giving me KMR kitten milk and other kinds of canned food, but I wasn't interested. Mommy weighed me today and I still lost weight. I am 2 lbs 2 oz. So even though Mommy has been making me eat as much as she can, I still lost 1.5 oz since yesterday. I've lost a total of 3.5 oz over the last two days since mommy brought me home. I'm not doing any better neurologically, I still walk funny and have trouble with my balance. I still purr and rub on mommy because she tells me she loves me.


Just got home from the E.R.

December 17th 2009 9:23 pm
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I only been in mah new home for a day and I already had to go to da doctors. I didn't eat much of anything today, I just stirred mah food around to make it look like I did so mah new mommy wouldn't get worried or mad. I'm so happy that she rescued me and gives me a new home that I don't want to mess it up and give her any trouble. I don't feel very good but I try to not let it show. She found out though because she has been weighing me and saw I lost weight since yesterday. Yesterday I weighed 2 lbs 5.5 oz. Today I was 2 lbs 3.5 oz. Mah new mommy also new something was wrong because yesterday I climbed right up her leg (see in the video), but today I tried and just don't have the energy. So she took me to the doctors and they did tests. I was squirmy so I have bruises on my neck where they poked me to get blood. The doctor says the tests don't pinpoint anything. They said it could be FIP, but its not likely since I have survived this long. It could be a liver shunt, but the blood tests didn't really match that theory, same thing with renal failure. Mommy said its a mystery. She pointed out that we are looking at solving two separate health problems A)why i am so small and not growing, B)why I had a seizure and have neurological problems. The doctor gave mommy antibiotics and a special food. The doctor told me that I better be good and eat it, otherwise mommy will make me! After we got home I ate a little. Mommy said it wasn't enough though so she squirted a bunch in my mouth to make me eat it. I don't like it when she does that. I am more wobbily than yesterday and fell down when I tried going from the night stand to the bed. Mommy has been holding me in a blanket the rest of the night. She doesn't care so much about me being wobbily because I will fit right in with Charlie. Mommy is mostly worried that I didn't eat today and lost weight. She said she loves me and hopes I get better.

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