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Pipo's Pawnderings

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I Had A Birthday:)

December 28th 2015 7:08 pm
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Yup, I did!! The Day after Christmas, I turned 11!
Meowmy was working Christmas and my birthday and yesteday too, so...well, I am loved and that is a furry good purrsent that goes on all the year long!

Rory made this for me:

Thanks Rory!!

And this was made fur me by the furs at The Birthday and Gotcha Day Club:
Thanks Birthday and Gotcha Day Club!!

Meowmy made this fur me, since she didn't really have time to make me a pawrty...
Thanks Meowmy!

Thanks, too, fur all those purrsents and pawmails on my page and fur stopping by to make my day more fun:))

Well, I have to go now, its bad weather here, and we are just going to spend the evening relaxing together...I think its called quality time, MOL!


The Day After....

February 15th 2015 11:52 am
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Yesterday was Valentine's Day.
After the clock chimed 3 am...hence it was then Feb 15th...the free gift was no longer there. Sheesh:( Bummer:(
So I was not able to send any to anyone, meowmy will have to apawlogize else I will be in the bad books of my pals in Catsterland, after all it was her fault that this happened. She says she was furry busy doing a lot of so called 'not Catster' things... whatevfur...

Anyways, Thanks so much fur all of them. All who sent them were kind and thoughtfur! I love you all! ♥ There, now I sent you my own heart, MOL!

It was also my Gotcha Day! Cool, huh, to have your Gotcha Day on the day of love:))

Thanks so much, too for the spawsial prezzies sent to me and pawmails too to help the catabration of this day! My gift box is full to the brim! OMC!!

It was not the nicest day outside, so the peeps spent lots of time at home, which meant that I was able to get my share of belly rubs, laser tag games and yummy noms. Um...wait, the peeps stayed home but were too busy to send out free gifts? What the cat is wrong here I ask you? Well, they did have to spend several hours cleaning yet another dump of snow, battling bitter winds, that made the snow clearing hard, cause it kept drifting back in...sigh...then they went out to an early Valentine's dinner so they could get back afur darkness fell...cause the roads were skating rinks, and they didn't want to be out in that, in I did get good lap time in the evening with pawppy.

Meowmy says she had spent a day in the land of Blogville doing things there fur dog-guy, OMC! I shall have to get a bit more catty with that, smacky paws and whacks, MOL!

Tundra did make my day nicer by sending me a lovely memento piccie:

Pipo: 'I got a lovely memento for my Gotcha Day from Tundra and her helpers! Thank mew so much!'

Well, I have to let Minko mew some miaows now too...I think he may have similar oppurnions...


I am an Old Furt Now, MOL!

December 26th 2014 10:06 pm
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Today, Dec 26th, Pipo turned 10! Wow! He belongs to the old furt club now, MOL!!
He began the fun early today with a big upchuck...OMC:(
But after that he was fine...must have had to exit a hairball, eeuuwww! Or steal the pukie show from Minko...( who has been doing a lot of that of late...)
Of course he demanded and received lots of belly rubs, nip and treats...he doesn't play with toys too much, sometimes a mousie or a crinkle ball.
And well, since it was pawrty time, he had to have his piccie taken to mark the oc-cat-sion...but he wasn't about to cooperate a whole lot, even though all he was wearing was a collar...Meowmy doesn't use any flash, only the available light. Her 'flashy box' today was her I-pad, that doesn't make noise like a camera. at least not that meowmy can discern...but Pipo just hangs his head or closes his eyes...even when pawppy came by to perk his attensions, MOL! He just wants to be difficult, MOL!

Pipo, Age 10, Dec 26th, 2014

Pipo, Age 10, Dec 26th, 2014

And it was so bright and sunny, puurfect fur picture taking, but Pipo wasn't having it...his dark visage makes it really challenging esp in a shadow. to see his eyes...oh well, we got a few to show you...

And Rory and his Mom Esther along with the rest of that talented gang, sent us a picture too. How nice of them.

Thank Mew Rory and your helpful gang fur this pawsome picture!

Thanks Rory!

I shared this day of my birth with pawppy's Mom.but I nevfur met her...though some of my angel furblings did.

Then meowmy saw me sitting on the diningroom table...too bad the background wasn't too great...oh well...

Pipo, Age 10, Dec 26th, 2014

Pipo, Age 10, Dec 26th, 2014

Pipo wishes all of you a great weekend...meowmy has to return to her work tomorrow...well, it was nice having her here 4 days in a row!

Minko chucked up once late in the day...then ate a good supper as helped by meowmy...he was trying to help Pipo take the pictures...more about his doings in a few days...MIAOW!

Purrs to all and to all a good night! MIAOW!


I Am A Goody Four-Paws!

May 11th 2014 6:59 pm
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Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!
Be you a Momma, a Mommy, a Meowmy, or a Mom...or purrhaps a Moeder or a Madre. Maybe some of your Mothers are also Grandmas! Or Oma's or Bepe's...
We are honoring all of you today. Even if you're only having're still their Mother! So there!

Anyways, now that I have mewed all about is some more furry mews.

Minko got all busted today, and I was deemed innocent because I had an alibi, MOL! I was napping in a warm sun puddle right in front of the peeps...and Minko was not...Dog-guy was near the peeps too, so even though I like to smacky paw and hiss him, today its not him getting into the bad-books...

Minko chewed up Unfur-the-Elder's power supply, a dedicated spawsial is $55 to replace it, OMC. Must have been him who chewed up that USB cord last week, right? Similar damage seen on this item as that one.

How on earth is he going to find the right kind of work to pay fur those kind of damages...

Glad it wasn't me!
I am a Goody Four-Paws!



April 9th 2014 10:15 pm
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I like to sit and watch the outdoor activity, lots to see right now, being as it is spring break for school kids. There are some chickens next door, OMC!
I chattered and mroepped at them.
Dog guy was sitting under the window, in the grass, catching I did more chattering and chirping…
Then I saw a lot of robins hunting for their meal…in *my* yard. How dare they trespass! So I chattered and chirped some more…
Then…OMC! I had to hiss and MIAOW!
Nevermind a chatter…I saw the neighbors *cat*. Hey how come that kitty can go outside? He better not dare to come over our fence into *my* yard…cause then I will chatter to dog-guy to evict him…MOL!

Meowmy says I am not being polite, but I am only doing my duty as a through the window yard patroller/chatterbox. So there. MIAOW!


Peed And Busted...

March 4th 2014 10:06 pm
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My name should be Pee-po according to meowmy...

Meowmy was straightening up a cupboard nearby the litterbox.
So I sat on top of the box and watched fur a while…but then I had an urge…well, you know, a call from nature to do my duty.

Meowmy realized that I was in the litterbox, and didn’t think much of it…until she heard a strange sound…like a hard stream of liquid in the wrong spot…huh? OMC! She bent over the box, and sure enough…my paws were in there, my back ones were not and my tail was UP. And fur sure I was making a pee and none of it was going in the designated litter. All of it was on the litter mat and the towel under that mat…(Meowmy thought at least she was prepared.) I do have to give her credit…she didn’t spook me or anything like that, she just let me finish, and then she cleaned it up…thank mew, meowmy!
But now she says she knows who is the culprit, because she once in a while has found pee-pee in the wrong place, outside the box, that is why the towel and other protections were already there. Shoot, now I can’t blame ‘not-me’ or Minko…and well dog guy can’t fit into that space…sheesh, I can’t even blame him. But I smacky pawed him a lot today nonetheless...

Busted! And renamed…from Pipo to Pee-po…sigh…

And thank-mew to the HQ of the ‘new’ Catster.
I am so glad that I can mew and MIAOW whenever I need to!
I hope to be doing this fur a long long time!

Here is a funny thought...March is supposed to be green for St Patricks Day, but...I do have a lot of green on my page, Christmas trees, and they are all decorated too, MOL! Oh least I HAVE a page and can mew with you all!


A Ordinary Day In Pipo's Zone

February 22nd 2014 9:01 am
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I am so good at snoopervising and leading my pawppy around our den, why he even deigns to follow me!
And when he rewards me with a chin scritch he has to bend over a bit…so then I hop up on his shoulders/back to get a ride.
Or I might decide its a good warm shelf to curl up on…Hmmpfff, he always stands up so I have to get off…sigh…

And pawppy was lamenting the fact that he had to throw away a nice white usb cord…all chewed up he said…and he glared at me. OMC! I am a good 4-paws. I only beat up dog-guy to protect my kitty brofur Minko…
oh and I hiss at meow my when she tries to brush my teeth...shucks thats so undignified, why should I have to suffer that brush with yucky kitty toothpaste on it, why its not like its catnip flavored or tuna.

Well, I have to go and see if there are any noms…purrs!


My Catness!

February 15th 2014 6:32 pm
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Wow! I haven't mewed here in a long time...shame on the catretary...well no I guess I need to cut her some slack she was evfur so busy copying my pages, running about doing her chores and her work, and shoveling shoveling snow...and did I say shoveling snow!
The snow was higher than the windows at one point, though it has now cmpacted a bit, and the past three days have been sunny, My catness I almost furgot what that was like to enjoy a fine sunpuddle.

What a lot has happened in Catsterland, too since I last miaowed here.
Furst we were all so furry shocked and saddened thinking this unique and wonderfur site was just going to shut the doors furever. YIKES:(
Then a miracle happened and now we are going to be given a new lease to stay here. What a relief!

You know sometimes us kitties grumble about this or that, but once we thought this place was going to be taken away from us, wow, how much more precious to us now that we are going to be able to stay together! Grumbles will have to be stopped befur they leave our thought boxes, MOL!

And you know what? We even made some new furends though all of this. Plus meowmy learned how to back up our profiles! Wow! The good always shines through the darkness!

Well now; It was also my Gotcha Day yesterday...and Minko's too, we were gotted on the same day from different parts of our town.

We were gotted on Valentine's Day of 2005...meowmy had one of us in a carrier box at a party at our unfurs school, MOL!

I thank you all fur the huge overflowing load of purrsents on my page. What love!
Meowmy wasn't feeling to good last few days with a cold...well she didn't get to send out those spawsial rose bouquets or candy hearts...but she did help me & Minko send out some of those big hugs and catster cutie/catster cassanova ones.

Today she mostly just lounged around, trying to restore her energy least she didn't have to shovel anything other than litter boxes, MOL!

Then she and pawppy went to to dinner to catabrate a belated Valentine's Day!

Well, Minko needs a turn I go to a soft warm nest to cat nap!



On This Day Of Mine

December 25th 2013 11:42 pm
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This Day is Mine!
Because I am now NINE!
And of course I am fine!
And like vintage wine,
I get better with time!

I got some nice purrsents for Catmas, and I know that later today I will get some more fur my birthday, because this day is mine!
Yesterday was Catmas, Christmas and all the jolly Santa's day...but today.; well, it really must be mine, because its Boxing Day too, and what kitty worth its salt wouldn't love a box or two?! I sure do.

And we got another purrsent here, fur ALL of us: The Christmas trees got to be all lit up, and our power is back on! How gratefur I am about that. Howevfur some peeps around here still are all dark. Crews are working around the clock, and they even shared their Christmas day with trucks and wires to help the un-powered regain it. Some restaurants were feeding these work crews inn appawsiation fur their efforts. And we ware getting more snow right now, on top of all the icy branches, so more power troubles may be on the way...but I hope not, because its MY day!

Meowmy had to go to work on Christmas...and she has to let me share her with her peeps today, too...well, I know she does that work to be of help to those that need her, so I am willing to share in that case...and my unfurs are here all day to snuggle with. And I am warm!

Happy Day of Mine, being Fine at Nine!


Our Catmas Trees Are Dark...

December 22nd 2013 5:24 pm
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Yup, you heard it, all our Catmas trees...four of them to be exact...are unlit and look so bleak. Meowmy, where are all the purrty bright lights??

We have four small trees here in various pawlaces about the den, no longer does meowmy put up a big one, too much trouble keeping curious kitties from climbing into them...way back, Simba took a nap in her tree and ruined the branches, and since more big trees! MOL! She remembers how he was so young and curious about all those decorations, and he just had to climb into there, it was the purrfect spot to sleep the time away in blissfur peace, MOL!

Anyways, tonight none of our decorations are lit. And only some of the other lights are on...howevfur if we peer through the windows it is so dark, the darkness is intense...nobody around here has lights on, there is no power, thanks to the ice storm we had last night. We DO have power, because we are blessed to have the generator. But we don't want to ovfurtax it then we too would be in the dark and cold.
The power dudes said they hope to get things working again by the 27th, OMC! That is days away!
Well, we will take the semidarkness, if it means we can stay home with our peeps and be warm and cozy, too. At least we didn't have to make use of the warming shelters put up by the Red Cross....they likely wouldn't allow furry critters there anyways.

So...we sure hope the predictions are wrong so we can be all fixed in time for a Merry Christmas!

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