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Teddy's Tidbits

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January 29th 2011 2:35 pm
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Here is what I am supposed to do.

Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends. Here's a few of my Human Pet Peeves....

1. She got Pepper, a dog!!! DO I look like I want to play chase with a dog????

2. Won't let me live under the bed where no one can see me.

3. Won't let me pee on the floor.

4. Won't let me chew wires and purse straps.

5. Doesn't give me unlimited food and treats.

Now I am going to tag 5 friends and hope they haven't played this yet.

Teddy (not me, my pal with the same name. MOL!!)


The big house.

May 23rd 2010 9:14 am
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Well, I'm in trouble now. I was a baaaad cat. I chewed the cord on the vacuum cleaner, I chewed the cord on mom's good sewing machine, I chewed the cord on mom's new serger, I chewed the handles on the suitcase, I chewed the strap on mom's favorite dressy purse. Well, you get the idea. But my biggest crime was peeing on the carpet two mornings in a row, even though my litter was clean. That was the last straw, so now I am in kitty jail where I can't do any more damage. At least I have a large cell and the dog can't get me.

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