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Looking for my Fur Daddy!!!

September 27th 2010 8:17 am
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Hi all of you I`m looking for my daddy if you think you are him please pawmail me I so very much to get to know you So please let me know if you are my DADDY!!


I`m A Potato Cat

August 15th 2010 1:31 pm
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Mom left the back room open where she keep her potatoes and she came back in the hall there I was playing with a Potato she call me her potato cat now i`m special to have a name like that I`m Special and Callie look on please i`m special.


Going Higher !!

July 13th 2010 7:05 am
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I`m going Higher in life these days .Those mom don`t like the idea of the fact i`m going high she walk in to the kitchen and she had to look twice to made sure what she was seeing me laying on top of the fridge like I belong there She yell HERBIE and call Dad to tell him what I been up to dad just laugh and said that Herbie for you going higher.I love my new home.



April 28th 2010 3:12 am
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Wow pick again can`t beleive it I`m honour Ladies at the the CQ I`m so honours Thank you again for picking me I love all of You to death if you was here I would give you a Love bite Thank you again for picking me.


Oh Boy!!!

April 24th 2010 11:19 am
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My day been great to go outside with my harness on first time what a big world out there so many places to look at and I try to chase my first bumble bee but mom said they will hurt me if I caught one so I ate grass instead but mom though it will made me sick so she brought me inside again it was fun while it lasted Now Callie sooking and she won`t let mom put her harness on her so she have to stay inside .


What a noise!!

April 13th 2010 5:13 am
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Humans come to my house and I get lock in the bedroom and Callie i`m not sure where she is right now These Humans came and remove the door it cold mom all she say is get back in the room and close that door .Well they are madeing some pile of noise and they are keeping me from my naps I`m trying to see what going on Mom say I can`t come out so relax a little Callie is in the back room she OK she told me .I got to go and see what going on how am i`m going to do it ! I`m thinking !

PS. I want to be corral a 100 times my friends please corral me



It Me again Herbie

March 16th 2010 9:48 am
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HQ it me Herbie I really want the honour of COTD,or DDP or COTW Callie going around here like she own the world news sis you don`t own nothing .
I been a good boy i`m not biting like I was mom think i may grow out of that .That what she hopeing anyway she said to dad last night he only a year got to give him time to grow up some.I promise her I will be good I will try honest I will try .It March break here so there lots of kids to watch out of the window some even talk to me hehe some have these things call Dogs I beleive i haven`t met one Callie have any way must go get my nap in .
Oh one more thing I want to be corral a 100th times like Callie
Let see who can reach a 100th first Callie or I!



February 17th 2010 2:37 am
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We got up this morning I look out the window white every where I turn and look at mom she said it was snow Dad brought some in and oh boy it cold so I went back to the windows and try to catch some with my paws mom call me silly this really my first winter .
Everything cancel Mom Women to Women Bible study ,dad says he not going to work in this. cause he can`t get out of the drive let alone up the hill and out of the park school is cancel wow everyone staying home today . Daisy it still coming down we might get as much as you hehehe hope not who knows. Mom & Dad soon got to go out and shovel wish I could I will watch them from inside that be help right.


Its My Birthday

February 14th 2010 4:40 am
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I`m so excited it my birthday my very first can`t wait still mom go to church and come home again then I get my present .Callie even happy for me she said now maybe you will grow up a little who want to grow up not me I want to be mom sook foever yes I do Life is good I got this great home many wonderful great friends on catster .The lady coming to day to cut my claws where I have that extra toe have to take care of it she said .Don`t forget it my First Birthday to day and sign my guest book while you on my page .


When on a adventure

January 30th 2010 10:27 am
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I went on a adventurer last night Mom seek in the backroom to have a cookie hopeing dad won`t catch her Well I caught her in the act trouble was she didn`t know I was in there and went out and close the door Close the door i`m in the dark no mommy to cruddle tonight I catch listen at the door they have gone to bed what am I to do I was hungry there was a bag of catfood so i tore it open and had something to eat well dad got up he didn`t hear me I don`t have a loud meow at all and Callie sleeping wasn`t bothering to tell them until 6AM when mom got up and she miss me being unfoot so she started to look for me then she notice Callie sitting by the spare room door so she open the door there I was so happy to see her that was a close call i`m staying away from all spare room from now on .

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