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Chloe's life

A new start

December 11th 2009 3:25 pm
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As you all know by now that our friend and loving house mate Hans passed over to the Rainbow bridge early on Thursday morning. Mom has been real busy answering emails and paw mail from all of his visitors that have stopped by to pay their respects.

It's been real sad around our house for the past couple of days, with good reason. But, we've doing our best to keep up our mom's spirits as best we can.

Mom say's that we not have Christmas at our house this year....I really hope that with time she will change her mind. I really want Santa Claws to come us this year.

I asked Santa to make our mom happy for Christmas. He can bring us toys next year.

Purrs and mews


The sitter

December 2nd 2009 6:10 am
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My daddy says that he is going to ask the sitter "our mom" if she would consider moving in to the spare bedroom so she could be with us all the time. Cause he's only home one or sometimes two day's a week at the most, he says it would be better for us all if she did. Our mom lives with some other people and has to drive over here to be with us every day. Boy...she must really love us a lot to do that! He say's he is gonna ask her about it when he get's home on Saturday. I hope she say's YES!

Dad says that he worries about us being alone at night...he worries about the house catching on fire or, someone breaking in. He says if someone is here with us all the time then, if any of those things should happen he knows that our mom would make sure that we were safe and, it would keep him from worrying about us so much while he's away.

So, I need all my kitty friends to keep your paws crossed.

Purrs and mews to all


It's December

December 1st 2009 8:00 am
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It's the first day of December and mom "my sitter" will be putting up the Christmas tree real soon. I just can't wait to see all those ornaments other fun things that I will be able to play with real soon. I would like to climb up the tree but sense I don't have any front claws that might be a problem...but, if the branches are close enough together I should be able to get to the top. I just hope that mom doesn't tell my daddy....he'll be upset with me especially if I should manage to brake an ornament or two.

But, he's my daddy and he loves me so he want be able to be mad at me for longer then a second or two at the most. My daddy is away most of the time, I do miss him so very much. But, that's how he can buy us our cat food and litter for our boxes and of course the chicken that mom grills up for me everyday.

I'm glad that mom "the sitter" is here with us while daddy is away... it's scary and very lonely when your alone. I know the other cats and that DOG is here but, it just isn't the same as having a human around to make food for you and love and pet you.

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